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Braid Hairstyles To Test At Your Next Do
Braid Hairstyles To Test At Your Next Do
17 th Apr 2018

It may not seem like summer just yet with the mercury refusing to let up but before you know it, it’s going sun lounging and BBQ season. Summer is definitely an outdoorsy time of the year especially in muggy old England which only gets about 0.5739 seconds of blissful sunshine annually. From backyard day drinking parties to picnics in the park and simple roundabout walking routes to get everywhere, summer is all about finally savouring some great weather. It goes without saying that you’ll gleefully shun those horrid coats for some comfy shorts and tank tops. But everyone knows that the sun beating down on you cause wreck havoc with your makeup and hair.

There is a reason we need to switch up our routines from wardrobe to skincare to food so it’s obvious that the same applies to our beauty and mane regimens too. Nothing screams summer ready more than dewy fresh faced make up with a light base and natural colours. So why should you be wearing your hair in the same voluminous blow out you’ve been sporting through winter? There is absolutely nothing that can be faulted with a truly spectacular blowout but do you really want to deal with all those layers in your face? Not to mention the potential disaster of the increased humidity on the ability of hair to hold any kind of setting or shape.

Yes, ponytails are a super easy rescue designed for days when you just can’t be bothered with anything else. But they can look rather boring at the season’s hottest (literally and figuratively) BBQ or pool party. Let’s not forget that summer is also prime holiday season with everyone jetting off to even warmer climes for a spot of tanning and lots of alfresco fun. So what’s a girl to do when looking cute is seriously important but being cool (again literally and figuratively) is just as imperative as well? Enter braids! And no, we don’t mean those pigtails your mum dressed you in when you were 5.

Braids have come a long long way since the early days of mandatory school uniform hairdos. They are now THE hairstyle choice for IT girls everywhere and have completely transformed into uber chic versions of their former selves. The makeover of braids means every girl can rock a braided hairdo this summer in literally thousands of ways to suit her style. With innumerable Youtube and Pinterest tutorials spanning from the ridiculously easy to the mind numbingly difficult, there is no reason why you can’t find a braided hairstyle to suit your skill and patience levels.

Boho Braids

One of the most popular braid variants is to incorporate them into a hippy happy boho hairstyle. Nothing spells earthy, carefree and rustic like au natural hair textures and a couple of braids to frame the face. An undeniable bonus when working with greasy second or third day hair and trying your best to avoid the scorching heat of hair dryers. Try simple one-sided braids in a pinch or a double braided crown if you’re feeling exploratory. However if you’re headed to a music festival then take the time to create a dramatic hairdo with braids for instant Coachella worthy glamour.

Braids | Boho Braids 1

Side Swept Boho Braids

Braids | Boho Braids 2

Double Back Boho Braids

Braids | Boho Braids 3

Boho Braid Crown

Down Do Braids

Speaking of glamour, summer is also the best time for weddings. Millions of brides want to walk down the aisle in vast grounds against the backdrop of stately homes and manors. And just as many bridesmaids can’t wait to be part of these dreamy summer nuptials. If you fall in either category or are simply a guest then consider down do braids. These aren’t your everyday going-to-bed-braids but much much more luscious. If you don’t have the hairstyling chops yourself it’s well worth the money to pay a professional to recreate a complicated braid. Your photos will be spectacular from every angle as you can adjust the part, volume and direction of the braid to flatter your features.

Braids | Down Do Braids 1

Voluminous Down Do Braid

Braids | Down Do Braids 2

Side Swept Down Do Braid

Braids | Down Do Braids 3

Overlapping Deconstructed Down Do Braid

Braided Updos

Following very close behind on the oomphilicious style stakes of dramatic braids are braided updos. By nature these updos are messy and there is no reason why you can’t rock a messy braided updo at any party. But if you’re headed somewhere a tad more formal then nothing beats the elegance of a finely put together braided updo. It will take longer but you wont regret it one bit when every other girl there is piling up her hair in random heaps while your mane is still looking smoking hot, many hours later. You can even add in a few sprigs of fresh flowers or a hair accessory to really up the style quotient of your hair do.

Braids | Braided Updo 1

Elegant Formal Braided Updo

Braids | Braided Updo 2

Overlapping Braided Updo

Braids | Braided Updo 3

Side Braided Updo With Flowers

Braided Buns

Unless you’re a Comic Con, Cosplay or Fantasy Role Play aficionado, these Princess Leia inspired braided buns may not excite you. But there is no denying the edgy vibe of these hairstyles. Also just because these hair dos are a little out there doesn’t mean you can’t rock them in more conventional settings with some clever styling. With so many celebrities embracing the rebellious look of middle-parting braids and flowing locks, there is definitely potential for these braided buns to become mainstream.

Braids | Braided Buns 1

Fully Braided Bun

Braids | Braided Buns 2

Upside Down Braided Bun

Braids | Braided Buns 3

Sci-Fi Inspired Braided Bun

Braided Ponytails

If you’re totally hair dyslexic and cannot even consider attempting any of the above without leaving your hair in a tangled mess then braided ponytails are the answer to all your hair woes. If you adore the quirky charm of braids but can’t do them to save your life them just add in a few basic three-strand braids in your ponytail. Not only will the braids elevate your boring old ponytail but you’ll have get an instant hairstyle upgrade with minimal effort. These braided ponytails are also fantastic vacation hacks for days when you’re short on time but still want to look awesome in photos.

Braids | Braided Ponytails 1

Fishtail Braid With Ponytail

Braids | Braided Ponytails 2

Upside Down Braid With Ponytail

Braids | Braided Ponytails 3

Multiple Dutch Braids With Ponytail




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