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Bollywood Tots In Designerwear
Bollywood Tots In Designerwear
07 th Feb 2018

While looks and smarts maybe down to getting lucky at the genetic lottery, there is no denying that star kids definitely have an edge at both. It’s difficult to guess who will win the jackpot and inherit both from their famous parents, as these tots are still learning to sing their ABCs. But one thing that’s surely hereditary is a killer sense of style. Let’s face it, celebrity parents are definitely not going to skimp on dressing their babies in anything less than the best.

It might seem excessive to regular folk to spend the equivalent of a month’s rent on shoes for a 2 year old, especially since the kid will grow out of them even before the bill is paid. But with great surnames comes great style responsibilities and the general rules just don’t apply to Bollywood kids. That’s not to say that every Bollywood parent is a label-crazed fashion-insaniac spending recklessly just to get their kids featured on the fashion pages. Refreshingly, the new crop of Bollywood stars know when to splurge and when to save when it comes to dressing their young uns.

As much as we applaud practicality we also equally love it when these little-stars-in-the-making give us some serious fashion envy. From nursery runs in branded gear to airport looks featuring lust worthy labels, the kiddies of Bollywood are definitely up to the task of going toe-to-toe with their parents on the style stakes. Leaving the rest of us mere mortals with serious wardrobe envy.

Misha Kapoor

Young parents Shahid & Mira are a rare breed of celebrity parent who are striking a superb balance between stardom and reality. They’re raising daughter Misha to be extremely grounded and humble, qualities that are evident when we look at Misha’s outfits. The rugrat is often spotted wearing high street labels proving that there is no need to spend a fortune on stylish looking kids. They do however like to indulge the little one with a pair of pricey kicks. Misha is often seen out and about in her two favourite pairs of Sophia Webster shoes, suede sneakers for the daytime and shiny metallic Mary Janes for special occasions.

Bollywod Tots | Misha Kapoor 1

Misha Kapoor's Style Statements

Bollywood Tots | Misha Kapoor

Misha Kapoor’s Style Statements

Abram Khan

Shahrukh & Gauri Khan’s youngest has been winning hearts since he was a wee-little-baby and with good reason. The kid is cute as a button and is already showing signs of being a quite the ladies man. After he spent time with his dad on the sets of Dear Zindagi in Goa, he was seen walk hand in hand with the pretty Alia Bhatt rather than his old man on his return at Mumbai airport. Abram likes his luxury slogan tees and is often seen wearing Roberto Cavalli jerseys as well as Mickey Mouse t-shirts from Disney. The kiddo also has an enviable shoe collection to rival that of his shoe-fanatic superstar father. 

Bollywood Tots | Abram Khan 1

Abram Khan's Style Statements

Bollywood Tots | Abram Khan 1

Abram Khan’s Shoe Collection

Aaradhya Bachchan

When you’re a Bachchan you have little choice in the matter of being stylish. The young Aaradhya is the clear queen bee of the Bollywood kid world thanks to her already fantastic sartorial choices. The little Bachchan girl has a definite affinity for all things princess as she’s often seen wearing ball gowns to major events like birthday parties. She also doesn’t pass up an opportunity to twin with mommy Aishwarya. She’s already growing up to have expensive taste as ace Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra created a pink hand embroidered gown for her birthday and a white beaded lehenga choli set for an awards show. Like Misha, she too is a fan of Sophia Webster’s Mini collection as she chose a particularly cool pair with the brand’s signature wing detailing for another birthday celebration.

Bollywood Tots | Aaradhya Bachchan

Aaradhya Bachchan’s Style Statements

Taimur Ali Khan

A true little prince, Taimur Ali Khan has already started dressing on par with his royal lineage. Fashion critics claim that his style statements are refined and sublime just like papa Saif Ali Khan but mom Kareena Kapoor also has an obvious influence on the blue-eyed rosy-cheeked baby boy. From cartoon print onsies to Ralph Lauren polo shirts, Taimur has an already impressive style repertoire. But our absolute favourites have to be, his recent outing in a bespoke Raghavendra Rathore bandhgala and his often seen luxury Gucci sneakers.

Bollywood Tots | Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur Ali Khan’s Style Statements



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