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Katy Perry With Manish Arora | Bollywood and Hollywood Fashion Inspiration Across Boundaries
Bollywood and Hollywood - Style Inspirations Across Boundaries
08 th Dec 2015

Bollywood and Hollywood have had a long standing love affair with both film industries drawing influences from each other.

Many Hollywood movies and stories have inspired Bollywood and vice versa. But the influences do not just end there. Both Bollywood celebrities and Hollywood divas are known to be drawn towards each other’s styles, so much so that they do not shy away from trying to emulate each other.

Though they get it right sometimes and at other times appear like uninspired copies, we give full marks for the effort to try a whole new style.  

If you follow celebrity appearances in Hollywood and also keenly track Bollywood fashion, then you would actually see a lot of overlap between the fashion choices of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities. While on one hand you have Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone wearing outfits that were sported by other celebrities on the red carpet, on the other there are Hollywood celebrities like Selena Gomez and Liz Hurley who have graced the red carpet in the traditional Indian saree. Today, we visit a few such overlaps to see how each fashion industry is influencing the other.

Pussycat Dolls in RockyS

Pussycat Dolls in a Saree | Bollywood and Hollywood Fashion Inspiration Across Boundaries

At the Fifth Annual Fashion Rocks concert, the Pussycat Dolls chose to go the Indian route by dressing up in black and gold sarees of various lengths and drapes, designed by RockyS. In their sarees with daring blouses and innovative drapes, they could have easily passed off for Bollywood celebrities, such was the ease with which they wore their outfits.

Elizabeth Hurley in a Pink Saree

Elizabeth Hurley in a Pink Saree | Bollywood and Hollywood - Style Inspirations Across Boundaries

When she was married to Arun Nayar, Elizabeth Hurley extended her love for all things Indian towards her wardrobe as well, so much that she was often seen on the red carpet draped in six yards of beautiful fabric. We’re not complaining for we think she wore and carried the saree much better than many Bollywood celebrities. Seen here in a dual tone pink saree, we think she channels elegance just like any other Bollywood fashion icon.

Katy Perry in a Manish Arora Dress

Katy Perry Wear Colourful Manish Arora Dress | Bollywood and Hollywood - Style Inspirations Across Boundaries

While Bollywood fashion generally gives an impression that the Indian fashion scene is all about elegant sarees and gorgeous dresses, it took one appearance from Katy Perry on the stage in a Manish Arora dress to change that. The quirky and unconventional ‘merry go round’ dress that she wore on the stage of the MTV awards brought a lot of attention to both the dress and the designer, going on to prove that Indian fashion is more than the conventional saree.

Just as the Hollywood celebrities have drawn style inspirations from India and Indian designers, there are many Bollywood celebrities who generously ‘borrow’ from Hollywood looks. True, it is only the case of two individuals wearing the same designer, but the influence is clearly from the Hollywood red carpet.

Deepika Padukone in a Gaurav Gupta

 Deepika and Victoria Harvey in Gaurav Gupta | Bollywood and Hollywood Fashion Inspiration Across Boundaries

The risque golden Gaurav Gupta dress that Deepika wore to the Filmfare Awards drew sharp criticism from some for being very ‘attention seeking’ and cheers from some others who applauded her daring choice. But this was not the first appearance of what has been labelled a ‘scandalous’ trend. Before Deepika, Lady Victoria Harvey surprised us in a more daring black version of the same dress that featured fewer modesty panels. Deepika opted to retain the same styling with side swept hair but we’re glad that she chose to get the outfit modified for ‘Indian audiences’ by adding more sequinned panels and keeping it lower on the risque meter.

Aishwarya Rai in a Roberto Cavalli

Aishwarya Rai and Kristin Chenoworth in a Cavalli | Bollywood and Hollywood Fashion Inspiration Across Boundaries

The entire world was raving when Aishwarya Rai arrived in style on the Cannes Red Carpet in 2014. Her dress and her hourglass figure were the talk of the town for a whole week. But did you know that the dress was also worn by Kristin Chenoworth at the Oscars during the same year? While Bollywood fashionista’s appearance, complete with tumbling hair and red pout was touted as her comeback post pregnancy, Kristin was nominated for being the worst dressed on the red carpet for the very same dress! Speaks volumes about the need for good styling and for the dress to match your personality!

Priyanka Chopra in an Alexander McQueen

Naomie Harris and Priyanka Chopra in an Alexander McQueen | Style Inspirations Across Boundaries

Priyanka Chopra waited an entire year after Naomi Harris sported this black figure hugging Alexander McQueen gown and wore it to the Filmfare Awards last year. But with the internet being so resourceful and fashion critics being so unforgiving, they were quick to point out that this was another case of Bollywood fashion simply aping the west!

While we put together this list, the one thing that we realised was that with fashion becoming more global these days, such overlaps are bound to happen. With both Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities turning to the same set of designers and labels for their outfits, it is but natural to spot repetitions. Unless all of them go the bespoke way and get dresses custom-made, this trend will continue. What we’d like to see is how the celebrities across the world evolve their style by drawing influences from others’ appearances and add a bit of their own personal style to make their look unique and one of a kind.

Image credit: fashionlady, highheelconfidential, indiatoday, mtvindia, thestyletalk, weheartit, dianepernet

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