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Bollywood Actors Suited Up in Style
Bollywood Actors Suited Up in Style
09 th Jun 2016

Have you noticed how people swoon over the outfits donned by the leading ladies of Bollywood and somehow leave the men out? It’s definitely unfair towards the stylish Bollywood actors who put in as much effort to look dapper during their public appearances.

One would think that the actors’ style was pretty basic comprising of denims and t-shirts but you would be surprised to see how style conscious these Bollywood actors actually are!

Of course, you realise this when they hit the red carpet, kitted in some of the most sharply cut suits you would have ever seen. Suddenly your edgy hero looks totally elegant in a made to measure suit coupled with the right accessories and footwear. We’ve always maintained that there is no better way to make a sartorial statement than donning a well-made suit. But there are definitely some stylish Bollywood actors who wear it better than the rest. In case you are interested, take a look at some of the super hot men of B-town who’ve smashed it out of the park by suiting up!

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh | Bollywood Actors Who Have Suited Up

Ranveer Singh has made a name for himself on the fashion scene as one of the most stylish Bollywood actors and is known for his eccentric and quirky fashion choices. The actor who was even spotted in his pyjamas at a party does not shy away from trying new stuff. This is just what makes us sit up in attention every time he makes a public appearance, lest we miss some quirky little detail from his ensemble.

From pairing his plush suit from Zegna with Kolhapuri chappals to wearing Louis Vuitton separates with clashing prints, this is a brand of style that perhaps only Ranveer Singh call pull off. We love the dandy Singh for his bold choices and willingness to try new stuff rather than just being a clothes horse that parades in the best of the brands. Our favourite Ranveer Singh look in a suit? It has got to be the classic Tom Ford that he wore as he picked up an award at this year’s Filmfare Awards. While the prints still catered to his eclectic sense of style, we loved the fact that the overall look was reined in and composed and also made a statement at the same time.

Ranbir Kapoor

 Ranbir Kapoor | Bollywood Actors Who Have Suited Up

Ranbir Kapoor has often played coming of age roles, looking dishy in tee shirts and denims. His off-duty chilled look in sweats, ripped denims and sneakers have catapulted him to the list of the most stylish Bollywood actors. But one look at him in a three-piece suit and you will go swooning over him. The star’s formal style is classic, with very little frills. What we love about his suit style is that he uses it to his benefit to look mature and sophisticated. He is often seen sporting black and white. In fact, he is one of the few actors who has impressed us in a white jacket. Our favourite appearance of Ranbir Kapoor in a suit has got to be his red carpet look in a three piece suit with a polka dotted tie. What’s not to love about it!

Siddharth Malhotra

Siddharth Malhotra | Bollywood Actors Who Have Suited Up

Among the current crop of actors, we can’t stop but admire Siddharth Malhotra for his lean and mean body that is topped with a suave look. With a background of a successful modelling career, it does not come as a surprise that Siddharth is one of the most stylish Bollywood actors today. In fact, the inside joke is that Siddharth Malhotra could wear a rag and still look super hot! We rate him among the best Bollywood actors in suits for the elan with which he carried both the semi-formal look in a blazer and the formal look in a dinner jacket. He recently picked up an award for the most stylish male in a white Dior suit with a red and black tie. The look, that was finished off with a pair of Rosso Brunellos was one that sent us drooling!

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor | Bollywood Actors Who Have Suited Up

Shahid Kapoor’s chocolate boy image simply goes out of the window the moment he decides to step out in a suit. A formal garment like a suit instantly transforms him into a more mature personality that oozes sex appeal. He exudes an effortless style that is only pronounced by the grace with which he carries his suits. Shahid is seen experimenting with different international brands on and off but is most loyal to friend Kunal Rawal when it comes to suits. Even on the occasion of his wedding, Shahid was spotted looking spiffy in a three-piece Kunal Rawal suit that comprised of an embroidered waistcoat. We love the man for his easy style that is accentuated by his edgy hairdos and facial hair.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akthar | Bollywood Actors Who Have Suited Up

That Farhan Akhtar is one of the most sharply dressed men in Bollywood is undeniable, especially when he decides to up his style game in a formal suit. The director turned actor is known for his ability to be impeccably dressed for every event. He shows a remarkable flair in wearing any kind of clothes in style, once he is comfortable in them. We’ve spotted him looking as suave in a pair of denims and a tee as he does in a three piece suit. However, our reason for featuring him in this list of the most stylish Bollywood actors in suits in this appearance during the IIFA awards. We don’t think anybody could have carried off this print on print Govind Mehta ensemble (comprising of a blue checks shirt, polka dotted bow-tie, striped socks finished with a grey jacket) as well as Farhan did!

While this was our roundup of the best dressed Bollywood actors in suits, we’d love to know what you think! Do you have a different favourite that deems a mention here?

Image credit: indiatoday, biscoot, gqindia, missmalini

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