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Black Magic Woman - Black Outfits For Every Occasion
Black Magic Woman - Black Outfits For Every Occasion
07 th Sep 2017

There are few style and other issues that the colour black can’t solve. The black book figures out your social life. The little black dress sorts you out when stumped about how to dress for that social life. Black shoes and bags dissolve your outfit matching worries. Black lingerie ensures you look sultry yet practical under those skimpy ensembles. Black liner gives the look of instant sleep when battling tired eyes. Black eye shadow is a god sent for busy girls who have aced the quick smokey eye makeup look. Black jewellery is a timeless wardrobe favourite that works with everything. Black sunglasses not only let you hide behind them after a heavy night of binge drinking and little sleep but are also the best accessory to slyly check out that hot guy without making it obvious.

The list of black awesomeness is endless so it’s really not surprising that some people embrace black for everything include their entire wardrobe. While we don’t advocate wearing only one colour everywhere, for those who just can’t do without their dose of black and are in desperate need of a fix, here is a list of black pieces that work for nearly everything.

Black Coloured Outfits for Work

Black and work are synonymous with each other. It’s the standard works-with-everything formal wardrobe constant that’s a fail-safe for every situation. Plus the bonus of not having to bother with how to match it with your accessories when you’re in a rush and just can’t be bothered. We all have those mornings when we’ve hit the snooze button a bit too many times only to realize we’re going to be disastrously late at work. It’s those times when you just need to throw something on and get out the door but also look halfway decent. Little black dresses will see you through mornings like that and even do double duty for post work drinks if that’s on the agenda too. 

Black Magic | Work

Black Work Outfits From Strand Of Silk

Black Coloured Outfits for Parties

Black is an absolute favourite and lifesaver for any party. It’s the no-brainer solution for those times when you cannot think of what to wear, aren’t sure about the level of dressiness of the settings, are feeling especially bloated or simply too lazy to style something ingenious. Thankfully fashion designers understand these dilemmas all too well and cater to them with black outfits meant to dazzle. Lace, broaches, sheer overlays, lazered designs, cut outs and asymmetrical lengths are just some of the tools in the designer’s arsenal for creating black numbers that are easily the fashion challenged girl’s best friend.

Black Magic | Parties

Black Party Outfits From Strand Of Silk

Outfits for Black Tie Events

There is no need to look for an excuse to wear black when it’s printed right on the invite. You may not find yourself in black tie situations on a regular basis but with many wedding receptions enforcing the black tie dress code, chances are you will encounter one sooner rather than later. The idea of a black full length gown might seem a little boring in a sea of black tuxedos and dinner jackets but don’t let the basic colour fool you. Body flattering silhouettes, modern fabrics and contemporary embellishments make for some stunning black gowns that are easily able to upstage anything in colour.

Black Magic | Black Tie Events

Outfits For Black Tie Events From Strand Of Silk

Black Coloured Outfits for Indian Weddings

Some Indian cultures consider black ominous for special occasions like weddings but that old school thought process is finally changing. There is a definite case for wearing colour to an Indian wedding with all its vivid and bold hues but a black outfit amongst all those bright colours is bound to pop. If you’re looking to grab some eyeballs and snag yourself a summer love then don’t shy away from sporting black at weddings. Be mindful of the family’s sentiments if they believe in the superstitions around the colour and compromise by wearing it to a non-traditional function like the sangeet, cocktail or reception.

Black Magic | Weddings

Black Wedding Outfits From Strand Of Silk



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