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Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014
Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014
04 th Dec 2014

Indian fashion is known for its eccentricity, simplicity, richness, beauty and grace. A fact our vastly creative Indian designers proudly depict. Indian designer's creations usually hold meaning or tell a story of our glorious nation.

Fused with modern concepts, Indian designers incorporate the roots and the essence of quintessential India.

For some of the runway shows this year, Indian designers narrate this as a story in the form of clothes on runways. We bring to you five fashion shows by some of the finest Indian designers that have awed audiences this year.  

Indian by Manish Arora at Indian Couture Week, 2014

To describe it best, Manish Arora’s show was a myriad of colours. The depiction of the modern bride without the demure dupatta and the whimsical woman in a circus performance rendered us speechless.

Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014- Indian by Manish Arora at Indian Couture Week 2014

Bursts of colour, elaborate skirts, fairly minimalistic tops, zany headgears and kitschy patterns, screamed Manish Arora.

Autre by Gautam Gupta at Wills India Fashion Week-Spring/Summer, 2014

Autre is a French word which means ‘other’. Gautam Gupta's SS 2014 collection does just that! His collection was a mix of simple chic and clean cut designs in azure and beige. He encompassed the free spiritedness and casualness of summer with billowing skirts and dresses. His collection is comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. 

Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014- Autre by Gautam Gupta at WIFW SS 2014

Varun Bahl at India Couture Week, 2014

Varun Bahl’s collection revolved around Indian clothes and yet there was a strange exoticism in them. He used non- Indian fabrics like bubble crepe and Byzantine woven damask to create Indian outfits. And with such flair! He introduced a new concept of sari pants.

Imagine the pleats of the essentially Indian sari and beneath them the sharp tailored pants. One word- Glorious! He stuck with monochrome colours like white and balanced smattering of pink and metallic blue and yellow.

Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014- Varun Bahl at India Couture Week 2014

Ferozabad by Sabyasachi Mukherjee at Indian Couture Week, 2014

Sabyasachi is definitely one of the most notable Indian designers and for his collection, he was inspired by the glass manufacturing city of Ferozabad. He opted for a brighter palette, plunging necklines, embroidered lehengas, sophisticated yet amazingly sexy styles and an eerie aura of nostalgia.

The ramp was made to resemble the inside of a train of yore through which the modern beauties encased in the graceful ensemble walked for the world to see. Sheer brilliance, to say the least. 

Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014- Ferozabad by Sabsyasachi Mukherjee at India Couture Week 2014

Abraham and Thakore at Wills India Fashion Week-Autumn/Winter, 2014

Minimal outfits? Check. Sandblasted palette? Check. Geometric patterns? Check. Sexy leopard print? Double check! Indian designers Abraham and Thakore’s autumn/winter 2014 show was nothing short of magnificent. Don’t believe us?

Best Runway Shows by Indian Designers in 2014- Abraham and Thakore at WIFW AW 2014

Throughout the show, the audience was on the edge of their seats. The leopard print sari was an immediate favourite. Some may call their colour choice boring, but they’ve incorporated those elements in the creation of something much greater which is beyond splendid. The outfits are classy, plain yet elaborate and sexy in a modest way. We have no words. Except maybe Praise the Lord.

Inspite of all these Indian deisgners runway shows depicting diffferent concepts, creativity was definitely the central theme that radiated through the runways!

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