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Best Bollywood Actress Make-up Trends
Best Bollywood Actress Make-up Trends
15 th Jul 2015

Bollywood is the one stop destination for inspiration for every fashionista worth her salt. B-town beauties are women we look up to not just for fashion inspiration but also ideas about how to complete the look with makeup.

Today, we take a look at some Bollywood actress makeup trends that are worth emulating.

From Deepika’s defined eyebrows to Kareena’s smoky black eyes – we’ve brought them all together to give your look a major boost!

Kareena’s Smoky Black Eyes

Best Bollywood Actress Makeup Trends - Kareena Kohl Eyes

While Kareena chooses to step out with very little makeup, the one thing that she never forgets is a nice dark lining of kohl around her eyes. Be it on or off screen, this particular Bollywood actress makeup secret is something that we are big fans of.

To get the look, prep your face and simply line both the top and bottom eye lids with a generous line of intense kohl. Topped with a gentle sweep of mascara that instantly perks up the eye, this look is by Kareena is easy to achieve.

Sonam’s Winged Eye Look

Best Bollywood Actress Makeup Trends - Sonam Winged Eyes

Sonam Kapoor has made many recent appearances in vintage outfits during which she has chosen to give her eyes a winged look. There is something classic about the winged eyes that we just had to feature it in this list. While winged eyes work well during the day, we recommend this favourite Bollywood actress makeup trend for the night, paired with sparkly clothes that do justice to the drawn out eyes.

Deepika’s defined Eye Brows

Best Bollywood Actress Makeup Trends - Deepika Defined Eyebrows

Deepika Padukone has a gorgeous apple shaped face that is made prettier with her well-defined eyebrows. That sharp arch in her brows give her face a structure to die for and also highlight her eyes beautifully. If you too think that this Bollywood actress makeup trend is a winner, then try it the next time you get your eyebrows defined. Fill the gaps with a pencil and get sharp and arched eyebrows that frame your face like a dream!

Priyanka’s Bee-Stung Lips

Best Bollywood Actress Makeup Trends - Priyanka Lips

The highlight of Priyanka Chopra’s face has always been her lips. Her plumped up lips and her sexy pout are to die for and are among the most requested features by women at salons. If you love the look, then let us tell you how easy it is to steal it! All you need to do is to scrub your lips well and line them outside your natural line. Fill them with a luscious red lipstick and use a shimmery highlighter at the center for a fuller effect! And just like that, you have full, plumped up lips!

Most of the Bollywood makeup trends are easy to emulate and achieve. While we keep an eye out for more such emerging trends, why don’t you try these and let us know if they helped transform the way you look!

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