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Best and worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities | Sonam Kapoor on the Red Carpet
Best and Worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities
22 nd Jul 2015

Those of you who keenly follow Bollywood fashion know that there are some celebrities who are known for their glamourous sartorial statements that make us wonder how they get it right every single time!

Bollywood celebrity dresses And then of course there are others who somehow manage to commit terrible fashion mistakes that make us cringe every time we spot them.

So we decided to catalogue some of the best and worst Bollywood celebrity dresses from recent times.

Sonam Kapoor

Best and worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities - Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is known to wear some of the best Bollywood celebrity dresses, many of which go on to become trend-setting ensembles. Take for instance the dhoti-saree that she wore on the red carpet at Cannes – the outfit caught the imagination of designers and many of them went on to emulate this style.

Deepika Padukone

Best and worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities - Deepika Padukone

While most Bollywood celebrity dresses are glamourous and fit for a gala occasion, Deepika Padukone’s style is more relaxed. She carries off the girl-next-door look with grace both on and off screen. In her public appearances, you will find her in flirty dresses, breezy gowns or well-tailored skirts.

The fashionista’s sartorial choices are so popular among the fashion followers that she has even tied up with a prominent clothing brand and designed workwear for them.

Kareena Kapoor


Another fashion icon in Bollywood, Kareena was not always as graceful as she is today. Hers is a classic case of an ugly duckling transforming into a beautiful swan. Having shed oodles of weight and revamped her wardrobe, she now sets hearts aflutter every time she makes a public appearance. Her style is classic and chic – she has a keen eye for fashion, wears Bollywood celebrity dresses by established designers and also picks upcoming designers with great potential.

While there are celebrities with an impeccable fashion sense who make us want to spruce up our wardrobe and put our best foot forward, there are some fashion nightmares that are shocking to say the least. Here are some fashion disasters from Bollywood celebrities.

Vidya Balan


Vidya Balan Style | Best and Worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities

The lady has been criticised for her shoddy appearances despite her being vocal about making fashion choices that she is comfortable in. Among her terrible appearances, here are two that stick out like a sore thumb.

Sonakshi Sinha

Best and worst Dressed Bollywood Celebrities - Sonakshi Sinha

Another actor whose Bollywood celebrity dresses do not do justice to her frame is Sonakshi Sinha. We’ve caught her snoozing her fashion sense more than a few times in horrendous dresses like these!

It is hits and misses like these that make Bollywood celebrity fashion interesting. While we keep an eye out for the leading ladies committing fashion faux pas or leaving us spellbound with their appearances, do let us know if you think we should have included someone else on this list.

Image credit: India today, fashionlady, indiatvnews, youtube, roomeetimes

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