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Beauty & Fashion Resolutions for 2017 - Small Tweaks Big Results
Beauty & Fashion Resolutions for 2017 - Small Tweaks Big Results
17 th Jan 2017

Many of us kick-start our New Year with a budding hope that this is THE YEAR for sticking with our resolutions. A fresh start and a new beginning that will hopefully become a norm in the coming year and lead to the changes we so desperately seek in our lives. For a large number of us it’s the same old same old like committing to exercise more, eating better, working more efficiently, spending more time with friends and family etc. etc. Sure those are still some life changing goals especially if you’re midway through January and still going strong in your resolve. But what about resolutions for the uber-stylish?

The trend-obsessed are no different than ordinary folk in the sense that they too look to the New Year to purge themselves of dated, boring and old dressing patterns. Pick up any high-end fashion magazine’s January edition and you’re sure to encounter pages and pages of print dedicated to editors, stylists, models and influencers touting about their latest beauty and fashion resolutions. The ultra chic take on the New Year with resolutions ranging from becoming dedicated to keeping their Cool Sculpt appointments (a nifty procedure that literally freezes the fat away) to buying only one ridiculously expensive handbag a month (you know, a classic like Lady Dior or the latest Hermes Birkin) to buying almost everything in sight in an effort to shake things up.

Now one can dream of the life less ordinary where it’s just so regular to think up New Year resolutions that cost more than certain people’s annual rent but for those seeking some easy on the pocket style inspirations, here are some small tweaks for big results. Even if you aren’t the type to believe in all this new-age psychobabble of New Year resolutions, these are so simple that you might be surprised to find how easily these turn into habits.

1. Jumpstart With Hot Water, Lemon & Honey

Sure, style is all about outward appearance but it’s a proven fact that if you don’t feel good on the inside no amount of cool threads and layers of makeup are going to give you that inner glow. If the thought of exercise makes you squirm and trans fats are your friends, here is something you can do to quickly nip yourself into shape as you work on breaking up with those sneaky packets of crisps and starting a serious love affair with your workout gear. Wake up and guzzle down a tall glass of hot water with freshly squeezed lime/lemon juice and a dash of honey.

If you don’t have a kettle handy or find that it heats up the water way too much, just pop the glass in the microwave for 40-50 seconds and it will be at the perfect temperature to drink right away. Limes and lemons are a potent source of vitamin c that will keep the sniffles away while also giving you aaa-maaa-zing skin and hair. Honey is rich in antioxidants that get rid of the nasties in your system while also boosting metabolism so you get to your goal weight faster. There are also studies proving that this concoction lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and builds immunity. So many benefits from such an easy peasy lemon squeezy ritual (pun intended!). It’s a match made in lazy bones heaven.

New Year Resolution | Hot Water, Lemon & Honey

2. Embrace Essential Oils

Even if you’re doing everything by the book of healthy living, there are still days that leave you feeling a bit blah especially during extreme weather. Make a trip to your closest all natural organic store and pick up some essentials oils for an instant pick me up. Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil can be mixed in foundations and moisturizers for a gorgeous dewy glow and used as serums on hair to tame frizzies and flyaways. Coconut oil works beautifully as a weekly conditioning hair mask, natural make up remover and even as a teeth brightener when using it to swill. Peppermint and Lavender oils are especially calming if used as part of a massage ritual or in diffusers in your home. Rose Hip oil is another natural miracle that can be used as an overnight treatment to keep lines, wrinkles and sagging skin away.

New Year Resolution | Essential Oils

3. Incorporate Bold Colours

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for flawless skin and luscious hair up your sleeve, it’s time to step it up by mixing up those boring nudes, blacks and pastels with pops of bright colour. Bold colours that complement your skin tone make you look and feel younger, livelier and all around chirpier. It doesn’t hurt that they also bring in a subtle feel of summer especially during those cold dreary winter months. Force yourself to try out new colours and steer clear of your staple favourites on your next shopping spree. If wearing a fuchsia pink dress or jumpsuit is a bit too much of a challenge for your monochrome loving self, then ease into the trend with a vivid shade of lipstick or a funky hued scarf.

New Year Resolution | Bold Colours

4. Experiment with Silhouettes and Textures

There are days when you want to throw on your comfy tee and shorts to Netflix and chill and then there are days when you really want to shine. Social gatherings like weddings and parties are fantastic opportunities to practice experimentation cause when done right it can make all heads turn your way. Not to take away from the timeless elegance of classics but with so many interesting drapes, fabrics and shapes on offer these days it would be rather silly to ignore this form of modern dressing. Start with something simple like a structured shoulder jacket in a unique texture and work your way up to a pre-draped deconstructed saree.

New Year Resolution | Silhouettes & Textures

5. Plan to Slay

When you are rushing about in the morning trying to pack lunches, checking your email, dealing with screaming kids, driving to work and getting dressed, chances are that looking chic inadvertently gets push back to the back burner. The thought of actually putting an ensemble together might not even occur to you until you enviously look over at your co-worker who is always dressed immaculately.

Take 10 minutes out of your night everyday or every weekend to put together something equally jealousy inducing and you’ll never be caught looking like you wore the first two things you laid your hands on (which you probably did!). Similarly make a mental note of any upcoming social dos and pencil in some time to give your wardrobe a proper going over before you pick out your outfit. You’ll be surprised how 10 minutes of careful consideration can result in an all out winner. If you have no time for over hauling your entire wardrobe piece by piece then download any of the numerous apps and take quick pictures for the outfit generator when you have some downtime.

New Year Resolution | Outfit Planner


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