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Baubles of Desire | Lakme India Fashion Week Jewellery Designers
Baubles of Desire - Jewellery at Lakme Fashion Week
21 st Aug 2015

The Lakme India Fashion Week is doing things slightly differently for their August 2015 Winter-Festive edition. While the list of participating designers includes the usual big wigs of the fashion industry and a mixed bag of new and emerging talent, this particular edition also features five jewellery designers.

We have seen past editions of the Lakme India Fashion Weeks feature hats and headgear by Little Shilpa, accessories by MAWI and the odd jewellery show here and there but there has never been such a surge in costume jewellery being showcased at the event.  

In keeping up with the excitement that usually precedes any major fashion event we thought it would be an interesting exercise in style forecasting to give our readers a run down of the jewellery brands displaying their trinkets at this Lakme India Fashion Week which will commence from August 26 and run until August 30 at the Palladium Hotel in Mumbai.

1. Outhouse

Kaabia & Sasha Grewal’s Outhouse Jewellery has it spot on with their pieces for the "fun, fearless and audacious". They create edgy and eclectic baubles for lovers of avant garde fashion. The brand has been slowly creating a niche for itself from being selected amongst the top 3 finalists at The Vogue Fashion Fund to collaborating with one of India's top couturiers Gaurav Gupta at the Amazon Couture Week for his collection Salt & Cipher. 

Baubles of Desire - Outhouse

As one of the more notable and recognised jewellery brands to be strutting their stuff for the second time at the Lakme India Fashion Week this year the expectations are high from Outhouse. We are waiting to have our jaws dropped and eyes popped with some drool inducing statement pieces.

2. Valliyan

Nitya unapologetically describes her label as Hedonistic. Fashion. Jewellery. Art.  Valliyan by Nitya Arora could be Outhouse’s twin sister in that both brands have had a very similar trajectory from anonymity to starry-eyed adoration and worship amongst trinket crazed fashionistas.

With a Grazia Young Designers Award for Best Accessories Designer and collaboration with none other than JJ Valaya at the India Bridal Fashion Week under its belt, the brand is almost mirroring the story of Outhouse. The one difference though is that besides esoteric jewellery, Valliyan also creates personalised handbags and headgear for those wanting to channel their inner bohemian goddess. 

Baubles of Desire - Valliyan

Valliyan doesn’t just boast of an illustrious celebrity fan following as the label is also a Lakme India Fashion Week veteran when compared with the other jewellery brands being showcased this time. In true Valliyan style we expect to see some corset like body harnesses, crazy big ear jackets and awe inspiring headgear. 

3. Mrinalini Chandra

Another returning designer Mrinalini Chandra’s debut collection at the Lakme India Fashion Week in 2014 titled ‘Please have a seat’ was much appreciated.  An alumnus of NIFT, New Delhi and Creative Academy in Milan and with work experience at Tanishq and Mont Blanc, this petite designer’s work is three-dimensional brilliance.

Baubles of Desire - Mrinalini Chandra

From creating statement pieces for Lisa Haydon in the Lux in editorials to fish motif jewellery scarves, Mrinalini’s imagination clearly knows no bounds. If her previous collection is anything to go by then this edition is sure to have something for the most discerning jewellery connoisseurs.

4. Vasundhara Creative Jewels

Vasundhara Creative Jewels dipped her toes in the world of fashion shows through collaborations with Kiran Uttam Ghosh and Anamika Khanna. She has since then taken the plunge into several solo shows with her latest being the ‘Yagyaseni: The Warrior from Within’ at the Lakme India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015.  

Baubles of Desire - Vasundhara Creative Jewels

With a whole host of experiences on various platforms from exhibitions to international trade shows to fashion events this brand has clearly tested the waters.  The upcoming collection ‘Blurred Lines’ has every possibility of wooing international and domestic buyers alike.

5. Chiria

Chiria handmade jewellery by Simrat is truly for those to hate to conform. In a time when everyone is trying to fit into moulds Chiria’s jewellery is breaking with every convention by using animal bone, brass pipes, fabric, glass, spikes, jute, copper and pretty much whatever catches the fancy of its designer Simrat.

Her design philosophy is to create dreamscapes from the bits and pieces left behind by the world in its haste.

Baubles of Desire - Chiria

The debut show at the Lakme India Fashion Week is titled the Shakti Collection.  This one definitely has our curiosity with its sheer range of strange and fascinating raw materials being fused together to make these one of a kind pieces.


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