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The Art of Layering Multiple Necklaces
The Art of Layering Multiple Necklaces
24 th May 2015

Accessories add character to an outfit. Two women can be wearing the exact same outfit but the way one accessorises it makes one ensemble look better than the other. When it comes to accessories, a necklace is the first thing that catches the eye. The latest trend in wearing necklaces is to layer them up, the same way that stacking bracelets was popular last season. If you find the experiment intimidating we’d like to tell you to set aside your concerns and try it stat because they elevate the beauty of the outfit like no other trend! In this post, we tell you how to wear multiple necklaces and rock the layered necklace look.

Layering necklaces is like layering your clothes. It takes some practise and some trial and error to become good at it. Once you get the knack of putting together the necklaces, you can play around with multiple looks.

How to wear multiple necklaces

Ideally, the layered look consists of three necklaces – one short, one of medium length and another long necklace worn together. Each of the necklaces needs to be at least an inch and a half apart – this way, each necklace gets enough space to shine through in the layering.

In fact, without even going into details about how to wear multiple necklaces, you can throw together three necklaces and get started with layering. But if you want to do it right, aim to get a mix of colours, textures and lengths. With multiple necklaces, you can achieve looks ranging from delicate to grungy. Here is how to wear multiple necklaces for different kinds of looks.


The Art of Layering Multiple Necklaces - Delicate

For the delicate look, go in for pieces of three or four different lengths with thin chains. Bring in variety with the pendants – pick necklaces with geometric pendants or charms that are dressy. Choose necklaces made of gold, silver or rose gold for best effect. The delicate look goes perfectly with a dainty dress or tunic that exudes femininity.


The Art of Layering Multiple Necklaces - Chunky

Get a rock and roll look by using chunky necklaces in your layers. The key to getting this look right is to not crowd the look with too many chunky pieces. Use one or two statement necklaces with one or two chains for a layered look that is not too crowded. Go in for short statement pieces with rhinestones, gun metal or geometric patterns and mix them with a delicate base chain and a long simple chain with a pendant that ties together the variety in the look. Best to be paired with a jacket, this look is one that will get you maximum attention.


The Art of Layering Multiple Necklaces - Colourful

Now that you have considered layering, go one step further and have some fun with colours. We don’t mean for you to create a riot of colours, but this look is the one that gives you maximum freedom to experiment. Use necklaces with beads, coins, stones and charms. Throw together different colours and textures and team them with an outfit in a solid colour so that your layering comes to the fore.

Now that you have seen how to layer multiple necklaces, go ahead and bring out your necklace collection and start putting together different looks. We are sure you will be surprised by how much novelty layering can bring to your look. Do you have a favourite look that you have created with necklaces? We’d really like to know, do leave us a comment.

Image credit: Twill NYC,Armour Magazine, Pinterest, Bejeweled Couk

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