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The Arrival of Spring 2014 Fashion
The Arrival of Spring 2014 Fashion
06 th Mar 2014


The weather is eventually getting warmer and the days are getting longer… it can only mean one thing…spring 2014 is upon us! The first day of spring is the 20th March and finally we will be able to breath a sigh of relief as the cold winter days come to an end and we can embrace all that spring has to offer us. Stunning flowers, sunny days and of course, most importantly 2014 Spring fashion.

The anticipation to revel in the fresh new styles is part of the great excitement of a new season, especially one that brings with it brighter and warmer days. Before considering the new 2014 Spring fashion we should look back with nostalgia to the fashions of yester-year.

We were incredibly excited by last year’s fashion trends as the heat of summer brought out the exotic in all of us and particularly in the Spring 2013 fashion shows. Last year, summer in London was fantastically hot which encouraged fashion styles to move towards incorporating Indian fashion influences. Dresses and tops were designed with saree styles in mind; sleeves were wrapped elegantly over the shoulder giving an emphasis to flowing drapery.

The colours used were vibrant saffron as well as pastel colours. Rich magenta pinks otherwise known as Indian pink and sky blues were a common sight on the Spring 2013 catwalks.

London designers brought elements of Indian Fashion into their collections with exquisite beading and embellishments of sequins and mirrors. Intricate gold and silver embroidery was also a popular feature.

After witnessing glimpses of the opening shows of the Wills Lifestyle Indian Fashion Week in February we were given an excellent preview of the upcoming Spring/Summer fashion styles.

Firstly prints are still dominating fashion for spring 2014. The designer, Masaba Gupta revealed this in his collection through fun and quirky prints of chequered dots in black and white. He adds splashes of colour through the accessories that adorn the models. Other Spring 2014 fashion trends making an impact this year are contrasting colours, pinks and purples as well as yellows and greens were seen combined with playful patterns and embroidered detailing.

The fabric seemed to consist predominantly of natural weaves and sheer fabrics. An interesting trend that has featured throughout the international fashion shows this year is the use of a nautical navy blue colour as well as A-line silhouettes.

Now that you have all the essential Indian fashion information you can start collecting for that ultimate trendy spring 2014 look.

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