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Arm Candy: Luxury Indian Handbags We Love | Top Indian Handbag Designers
Arm Candy: Luxury Indian Handbags We Love
17 th Jan 2016

Handbags are a woman’s only love affair that gets more torrid and passionate the longer it lasts. Unlike clothes that will get too tight in places after one has indulged ones taste buds a little too much with tasty calorific treats and are a reminder of failing at yet another diet, handbags don’t care about size or the numbers staring back on the weighing scale. Handbags are wonderful at any size and shape and more importantly so are women.

An immaculately crafted handbag with its luscious shape, stunning colours and gorgeous hardware has the ability to make a woman feel beautiful and elegant the instant she grabs her arm candy. It’s hardly surprising then that we are willing to splurge on luxury handbags and build a veritable army of these cherished accessories to help take on the many challenges of life.

A handbag connoisseur not only knows how to mix things up between trendy and classic shapes and styles but also has an array of local and international labels at their disposal to be well prepared for every event that may arise in the social calendar. A handbag connoisseur will carry their Diors, Pradas and Fendis with the same enthusiasm as pieces from less established but extremely talented domestic designers. No wonder then that Indian designer handbags with their intricate embroideries and bold details are fast becoming fashion must haves for stylish divas everywhere.

If you happen to be looking for that perfect little minaudiere to finish off your floor length anarkali look or a soft clutch to hold all the essentials at your bestie’s sangeet then you can buy trendy handbags online. We’ve even divided up some oomphilicious pieces by shape to make your trendy handbag online shopping experience even easier.

The Potli

The classic Indian shape for handbags might have looked dated back in 2005 but the Potli has been resurrected and redesigned by the likes of Meera Mahadevia and Kaleido. An undeniable advantage of this style is the extra room to chuck in a little more than just the essentials so you have every eventuality covered. Grab a Potli handbag or two online in versatile colours and they will soon become your handbag of choice when in a time crunch.

1.    Dark Pink Mirror Potli by Kaleido

2.    Pearl And Zari Work Potli by Meera Mahadevia

3.    Floral Embroidered Potli by Meera Mahadevia

4.    Golden Sequinned Potli by Meera Mahadevia

5.    Peach And Yellow Web Potli by Kaleido

6.    Black Beaded Potli by Meera Mahadevia

Polti Handbags From Strand of Silk |  Luxury Indian Handbags We Love


The Embroidered Box Clutch

The party girl favourite got an ethnic makeover in the hands of Indian handbag designers. As with anything Indian, a dash of bling can only make things better and that’s the kind of thinking that gave the world the awesome embroidered box clutch. Sure, it will hold nothing more than your phone, cash and a touch up lip gloss but packing light is a small price to pay for these beauties that can double up as hand baubles. Furthermore when on an evening out it is often much nice to have a lighter, more elegant bag. Snap up these stylish handbags online and have them delivered right to your doorstep so you have some extra time to look ultra glam for your next big occasion or night out.

1.    Beaded Garden Clutch by The Purple Sack

2.    Maharani Gold Clutch by The Purple Sack

3.    Vibrant Beaded Clutch by The Purple Sack

4.    Gota Garland Clutch by The Purple Sack

5.    Vivacious Jacquard Clutch by Meera Mahadevia

6.    Green And Mustard Clutch by Meera Mahadevia

 Clutch Bag From Strand of Silk | Luxury Indian Handbags We Love


The Soft Clutch

If you adore the look of the embroidered box clutch but cannot fathom attending a do with just the bare basics then the soft clutch is an ideal solution to serve both purposes. Soft clutch handbags are available in a variety of sizes and also feature prominently in the collections of the top brands of handbags in India.

1.    Fuchsia Pink Clutch by Meera Mahadevia

2.    Vibrant Floral Clutch by The Purple Sack

3.    Pink Woven Clutch by Meera Mahadevia

4.    Timeless Envelope Clutch by The Purple Sack

5.    Golden Sky Full Of Stars Clutch by Kaleido

6.    Red Psych Clutch by Kaleido

 Soft Indian Clutches | Luxury Indian Handbags We Love


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