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Anushka Sharma's Transformation From Girl-Next-Door To Fashionista
Anushka Sharma's Transformation From Girl-Next-Door To Fashionista
11 th Dec 2019

Anushka Sharma the self-made superstar plus cricket wife has always walked her own path. At a time when her contemporaries were trying to out-sexy each other, the model turned actress made her debut in Bollywood opposite Shahrukh Khan as a demure girl-next-door. Proving that while showing skin might get you attention, it’s actual acting chops that leads to success in the movies. Anushka was part of several other blockbusters since then making her a formidable screen presence.

It wasn’t just her on-screen persona that was impressive, her off screen sartorial picks were also garnering much attention. At the beginning of her style journey in 2009-2010, as an aspiring actress without the deep pockets and an entourage, Anushka was seen in a lot of high street bodycon numbers, maxi dresses and jeans with tops. As her career graph moved upwards, so did her sense of fashion with more refined labels making an appearance in her wardrobe by 2011-2012.

Anushka Sharma | 2009-2010

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2009-2010

Anushka Sharma | 2011

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2011

Anushka Sharma | 2012

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2012

Around 2013-2014, Anushka had pretty much cemented her position in Bollywood as an A-lister and with it came greater access to luxury brands and Indian designers. Her style evolved into tailored separates and vibrant prints. When 2015 rolled around, Anushka had not only made great strides professionally but was also well on her way to bagging the most eligible bachelor in India. She made an appearance with then boyfriend Virat Kohli in a lime green Gauri & Nainika gown at the Vogue Beauty Awards. In the same year, Anushka also completed her metamorphosis from fashion newbie to full-blown fashionista. She had found her own unique aesthetic that was a blend of easy breezy silhouettes coupled with exceptional fits and impeccable quality.

Anushka Sharma | 2013

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2013

Anushka Sharma | 2014

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2014

Anushka Sharma | 2015

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2015

After an brilliantly stylish year in 2015, it seemed like Anushka hit a bit of a speed bump in 2016. There was a certain mish mash of sensibilities that didn’t quite add up in her final ensembles leading to some questionable looks. Anushka was experimenting with proportions like the much-in-vogue anti fits and drapes but it sometimes looked like her tiny frame was drowning in heavy layering. Perhaps it was the strain of her massive work load or the need for fresher styling talent on her team but something was definitely amiss in Anushka’s looks.

Anushka Sharma | 2016

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2016

Much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, Anushka blossomed in 2017 in more ways than one. Gone were the awkwardly fitted silhouettes of the past year as she faced the shutter bugs with a fashion revival of sorts. Her stylist Allia al Rufai brought forth cleaner lines and sharper silhouettes that were much more flattering on her petite body type. However her biggest fashion moment of 2017 came when she shocked fans of both Bollywood and cricket by releasing pictures from their secret wedding in Italy.

Virat and Anushka nearly broke the internet when they suddenly announced they were married through their social media after years of speculation. All of Anushka’s looks were designed by Indian fashion maestro Sabyasachi Mukherjee, kicking off the trend of one designer creating an entire bridal look from start to finish. Her pastel pink floral embroidered wedding lehenga is still be duplicated 2 years later. While her bold choice of an indigenously woven red brocade sari for the wedding reception in Delhi was a massive statement in support of the Indian weaving community. The gesture won the hearts and minds of even the most cynical out there, proving to everyone the power of celebrity in fashion.

Anushka Sharma | 2017 1

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2017

Anushka Sharma | 2017 2

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2017

Anushka Sharma | Bride

Anushka Sharma’s Bridal Style

After her wedding to the Indian cricket captain, Anushka’s fame catapulted to even greater heights in 2018 and she became one of the most sought after celebrities in the country. Whether she was rushing to catch a flight at the airport, attending society soirees or gracing the red carpet, she was photographed everywhere she went. Looking effortlessly cool and uber stylish at every outing, Anushka became a true style icon for young Indian women. Her off duty style was comfy yet chic, her party style was mischievous yet elegant and her formal style was glamourous yet tasteful. Encapsulating every combination of ensembles favoured by all women in similar situations.

Anushka Sharma | 2018 1

Anushka Sharma’s Airport Style In 2018

Anushka Sharma | 2018 2

Anushka Sharma’s Party Style In 2018

Anushka Sharma | 2018 3

Anushka Sharma’s Red Carpet Style In 2018

This year has been more about being behind the scenes for Anushka as she turned producer. Channelling her lady boss vibe in 2019, Anushka has been flirting with a lot of androgynous dressing. She even admitted to stealing pieces from husband Virat’s extensive collection and the fact that he loves it. Sculpted pant suits, structured shoulder gowns and plunging necklines have been the mainstay of her 2019 style sensibility. There is yet another clear evolution here, as she’s moving towards haute couture inspired pieces that are much more aspirational. While always maintaining that very relaxed vibe that has become her distinguishing forte.

Anushka Sharma | 2019

Anushka Sharma’s Style In 2019





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