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Anita Dongre: India Modern and Jaipur bride collections
Anita Dongre: India Modern and Jaipur Bride Collections
30 th Oct 2014


We have seen some amazing shows from Anita Dongre in the past two years, and this Winter Festive Season at Lakme Fashion Week was no exception. Anita Dongre presented her latest bridal couture collection titled “India Modern” which consists of an assortment of celebrated crafts teamed with modern infused design and contemporary on trend silhouettes styled around Anita’s muse- Nayantara, The Jaipur Bride.

While the magnificent architecture of the Mughal era adds a vibrant backdrop to this couture collection, Anita evokes fantasy and drama teamed with wearability and style, for all women who seeks it.

Anita Dongre -India Modern and Jaipur bride collections on the catwalk

Each style within the collection consists of a fusion of the old and the new, with a versatile colour pallete comprising of a contrast of soft neutrals like nude and cream, to vibrant tones such as ruby reds, fuchsia pinks and peakcock blues. Anita dongre’s muse ‘Nayantara’ exhibits a modern indian flair to the collection as she combines lehengas and crops tops, highly embroidered pants and tailored jackets aswell as luxury couture gowns. All of which are extremely unique yet characteristically Indian.

When asked about her collection “india Modern” Anita Dongre stated that her inspiration stems from the vibrancy and heritage of “old world luxury” which is reminiscent of the Mughal era. She also stated that each of her finished ensembles bare her signature aesthetic of embroidery, rich fabrics and indicate craftsmanship. Each of her bridal outfits are created in Jaipur, creating a unique aesthetic to her collection.

Anita Dongre -India Modern and Jaipur bride collections on the ramp

The Jaipur Bride is said to be beautiful, complex, full of colour and very powerful. But Anita Dongre’s Jaipur bride campaign is all that and more. The collection is packed with unique beauty and is what every bride-to-be could dream of. Known for her exquisite and extremely detailed designs, Anita Dongre is worn by many famous personalities and global Indians. This particular exclusive collection is tailor made for the new-age Indian bride who want expand from the ordinary. These simple and flirty outfits captured many hearts at its launch!

Anita Dongre-India Modern and Jaipur bride collections - Dream Locations

Apart from the popular and traditional reds and pinks, Anita Dongre incorporated an array of outfits in calming and diverse shades of toned down lime, aqua blue, cream and peach. Think beauty. Think opulence. We’re in Owe of this collection!

 Anita Dongre's India Modern and Jaipur bride collection

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