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Alia Bhatt's Epic Street Style Moments
Alia Bhatt's Epic Street Style Moments
01 st Nov 2019

As a budding young star at the top of her game, it’s easy to imagine Alia Bhatt’s day to day life being a flurry of activity. Demanding shoot schedules, hectic dubbing sessions, after hours meetings and post work social commitments are most likely part of her overflowing date book. Driving home the forgone conclusion that the demands on her time are superfluous on the best of days. And in Alia’s world of manic activity there is little time for wardrobe changes and outfit swaps unless absolutely mandatory.

So what’s a starlet to do when navigating a full to the brim schedule full of varying demands? Alia deftly navigates the vagaries of her days with a neatly curated wardrobe of statement making comfort-first staples. From trendy transparent sneakers to layered classic dresses, Alia’s street style moments are certainly bookmark worthy for all of our off duty inspirations. It’s super easy to get behind her memo for non-boring closet essentials that feature on-point prints, exciting cut-outs and modern silhouettes.

Alia is no stranger to embracing unexpected colours especially when sporting basics and it has become her go-to style mantra for delivering winning looks every single time. She clearly understands the power of wielding paparazzi attention to her outfits and glides through effortlessly with her dazzling combination of functional, practical yet deliciously chic ensembles. Constantly treading the fine line of mixing it up between high street brands and luxe labels, here are some times when Alia totally nailed her on-the-go looks.


What millennial celebrity doesn’t love track suits? The athleisure favourite is a mainstay in Alia’s closet as she’s been seen tottering about her track suits, leggings and sweatshirts both on and off set. Whether it’s an all beige or all white look or something in trending head to toe purple or even a mash up between gym wear and denim, these looks are certainly an easy dupe for any Alia admirer.

Alia Bhatt | Atheleisure

Alia Bhatt’s Athleisure Looks


Close on the heels of athleisure is denim, which holds a fairly stable and constant position in Alia’s street style closet. Not one to simply step out in a ratty old tee and jeans, her denim looks are easily some of the best in the industry. She loves experimenting with various denim silhouettes as well as proportions to create a non-fussy yet mesmerizingly interesting ensemble. Two toned denim shirts, flared bottoms, embroidered bomber jackets, ripped jeans and even contrasting handbags make up the backbone of Alia’s best denim moments.

Alia Bhatt | Denim

Alia Bhatt’s Denim Looks

Tone On Tone Separates

There are days when Alia is aching to experiment with colours and she does so exceptionally well by pairing tone on tone separates that are airport-to-boardroom ready. She’s been dipping her toes into the lime green trend with head-turning results and even tried out pastel coral with equal success. Alia has given this trend a go with equally enticing silhouettes like pant suits, co-ords, overalls and jumpsuits. Proceed with caution when trying out these single tone outfits. Because they are sure to get you spotted anywhere you go.

Alia Bhatt | Tone On Tone Spearates

Alia Bhatt’s Tone On Tone Looks

Flirty Dresses

Just like all of us, Alia too has those days when she just can’t be bothered about picking out cleverly curated outfits. When it’s time to throw something on and get on with it, she favours flirty dresses with a relaxed boho vibe. Solid colours like white, beige and olive green are definite constants with her dress choices. When it comes to prints, Alia likes to stick to classics like pinstripes and polka dots. She also has a strong affinity for V necks and collars. However it’s not all the same-dress-in-different-colours here. Because Alia certainly plays around with varying hemlines, straight to flared bottoms, countless sleeve styles and eye-catching accessories like see through sneakers and IT bags.

Alia Bhatt | Flirty Dresses 1

Alia Bhatt’s Flirty Dress Looks

Alia Bhatt | Flirty Dresses 2

Alia Bhatt’s Flirty Dress Looks

Casual Layering

Alia wouldn’t have had an entire post dedicated to her street style if her style game was restricted to cute dresses and luxe accessories. In a very millennial update to the trend of cardigans worn over sheath dresses made famous by Michelle Obama, Alia often pairs silk dresses with oversized denim jackets. The juxtaposition of the femininity of the silk dresses with the casual coolness of denim jackets creates a lusciously layered outfit, perfect for unpredictable weather days. Alia works this styling not just into her off-the-cuff airport looks but also for informal public appearances.

Alia Bhatt | Casual Layering

Alia Bhatt’s Casual Layered Looks




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