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Abraham & Thakore's Contemporary Indian Menswear and Womenswear Collection - Stylish Thoughts
Abraham & Thakore's Contemporary Indian Menswear and Womenswear Collection
28 th Feb 2013

And then when the fashion world talks of minimalist geniuses, the names that occur to us almost instantly without a deliberate ponder, are those of Abraham and Thakore. The duo has such a splendid history closely connected to them and their work, that it's no wonder that their new collection has won our hearts just like all their previous collections did.

Delving into the men's world, we found their love for clean cuts, perfect fits and structured silhouettes. Now if they've packed it all in one collection, we wonder who wouldn't be swooned by their tasteful clothesline. Also, we notice the element of duality which runs into functionality, their clothes are immaculate pieces that serve to charm during the day and are meant to flatter at night.

The subtle hues and the pleasantly overwhelming white create a harmony that ensures that these shirts catch your eye. The refined choice of fabric, reflected in each piece, calls for a special mention. The translucent picks makes for our favourites. We are also all hearts for the least of embroidery detailing and the attention given to stylise the pockets, simplicity that embodies power!

When it comes to the domain of women, we are clearly drawn to the idea of playful melting into chic. The script flowing on the garments is very quirky, very smart and very in. now that's ten on ten. But what's even better is that they've been countered with some lovely floral embroidery and prints.

The lotus motif is what we can't get our eyes off - it's pure, poised and just so magnetic. In a much understated tone, the designers have created a spell of appealing weaves that wants you to bury yourself in minimal design. The choice of colour sticks to pastels and nonetheless, that's a happy welcome to the heat lash we are soon witness. Pop flowers, make for a happy summer!

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