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Anita Dongre, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Manish Arora, Gaurav Gupta and Raghavendra Rathore I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India
6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India
24 th Dec 2015

A decade back the Indian fashion ramps were ruled by power designers like Ritu Beri, Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Malhotra and JJ Valaya.

These doyens of the fashion world mesmerise us even today through fairytale creations that exaggerate the term couture.

Couture has its charm and can be reserved for highly exclusive occasions.

However, the modern Indian who has developed a refined taste is looking for high quality, wearability, structure, style and comfort in their clothes. To answer this call, the Indian fashion scene is brimming with designers who have a fresh perspective and who are changing fashion in India.

These new age designers behind changing fashion in India are open to innovation and experiment to suit the temperament of the modern Indian. This modern Indian while being brand conscious is not averse to opening up to talented new designers who can offer bespoke creations to suit their personality. Treading on the lines of contemporary needs, the recent fashion shows have witnessed the emergence of an endowed breed of Indian fashion designers. Here are six of them who are changing fashion in India.

Anita Dongre

Anita Dongre I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

It is an age, which is witnessing the rise of the modern bride. When we think of changing fashion in India for bridal attires, the most well known designer to top the list is Anita Dongre. Designer Anita Dongre is the Queen of the modern day wedding outfits with minimal embellishments, fusion sensibilities and comfortable silhouettes. She manages to create modern bridal attires with a difference while retaining the grace and sophistication of the Indian bride. Displaying contrast to the traditional bridal attires and crafted with minimalism, her attires do not lack the glamour effect.

Her attractively coordinated eclectic range of lehengas, sarees, pant suits and tunics are timeless. The Mumbai based designer is changing fashion in India by capturing the persona of the modern girl in her attires. Below are some attires form her ‘India modern’ and ‘Jaipur bride’ collections:

Anita Dongre's Modern Bridal Outfits I 6 Designers who are Changing Fashion in India


Anamika Khanna

Anamika Khanna I 6 Designers who are Changing Fashion in India

The lady behind dhoti sarees and caped ethnic wear stands for constant innovation. Changing fashion in India, she has introduced interesting drapes like the tulip drape and wavy drape in attires. The designer likes to cater to thinking women who are open to new ideas. The designer is also known for her drape sarees extraordinaire, which are a rage with many Bollywood beauties like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor.

Being an artist inherently, this fashion designer with no formal training in fashion is capable of bringing art into her attires. Anamika Khanna was one of the Indian designers, with another being the acclaimed designer Manish Arora, to present her avant-garde creations at the Paris fashion week 2007. The designer’s creations are mostly in timeless hues like black, ivory, nude and grey.

Here are some dazzling Anamika Khanna creations that reflect the changing fashion in India:

Anamika Khanna Attires I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India


Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabyasachi Mukherjee I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one designer who is a part of the movement of changing fashion in India without disturbing the Indian roots. He refuses to jump on the latest trend bandwagon and instead creates ingenious attires that epitomise the wearer. He brings opulence in the outfits when needed and knows when to downplay it as well. The designer believes that one does not have to adopt minimalism just because it is the latest trend. He rather advocates consistency in one’s style preference.

The huge fan following of Sabyasachi’s creations proves that the designer knows how to strike a chord with his end users, which include high profile personalities. Here are some versatile attires, with the signature Sabyasachi essence, which range from glamorous to the minimalistic.  

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Creations I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India


Raghavendra Rathore

Raghavendra Rathore I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

In the world of Indian fashion, which is more about bridal attires, and a host to surplus women’s labels, Raghavendra Rathore is changing fashion in India with his outstanding structured menswear. Indian traditional menswear is envisioned with opulence globally. However it received a touch of finesse and class under the celebrated designer Raghavendra Rathore. The Jodhpuri bandgala jacket has become synonymous with the label and it has been revived from history to suit the modern Indian man.

Raghavendra Rathore’s achkans, bandgalas, kurta pyjama, waistcoats, dhotis and shirts honour minimalism in men’s attires. His men’s collection is an equal complement to the modern day bridal attires. He transfers his unique treatment of menswear to women’s wear too, with a touch of feminine glamour. Here’s a glimpse at the designer’s creations:

Raghavendra Rathore Creations I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India


Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

The eponymous label is working towards changing fashion in India by globalising it. Gaurav Gupta is another designer whose saree gowns have revolutionised the outlook of Indian fashion. The designer who is smitten by mythical and surreal charm likes to bring the Goddess element in his contemporary designs. Gaurav Gupta does not shy away from bling in outfits and knows to present it elegantly.

Gaurav Gupta is changing fashion in India through immaculate layers and cut-outs. The designer’s saree gowns, saree lehengas, kurta sets are very uniquely crafted. The play of fabrics in the designer’s gowns elevates the couture experience. At the same time, his comfortable dresses and sublime sarees offer the desired high end look.

Gaurav Gupta Creations I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India


Manish Arora

Manish Arora With Sonam Kapoor I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

Manish Arora can be credited for changing fashion in India in the biggest way ever. Amidst the abiding silhouettes of the Indian designers, Manish Arora’s creations threw out the rule book and brought in the surprise factor.

Manish Arora’s edgy treatments make kitsch a delightful work of art. Being the first Indian designer to exhibit his collections at the international Paris Fashion Week, the designer brings his international sense of style to the Indian ramps. Extraordinary achievements like appointment as Creative Director for Spanish fashion brand, Paco Rabanne and dressing up famed international celebrities like Katy Perry for the MTV Awards 2008, speak for the designer’s well received aesthetic sense around the world.

Manish Arora infuses a combination of Indian crafts, colours, motifs into western silhouettes. The designer’s colour play, structure and texture of the outfits always succeed in presenting the never-seen-before look. The uninhibited creative outcome of the designer par excellence has definitely raised the bar for Indian fashion aesthetics. Manish Arora’s contribution is a visible statement to the changing fashion in India.

Manish Arora Creations I 6 Designers Who Are Changing Fashion in India

Elements of Indian fashion like sarees, lehengas and anarkalis have transformed under the able-hands of the designers mentioned above. These designers are constantly changing fashion in India and pleasantly surprising their consumers as well as fashion critics with their creative masterpieces every season. The boundaries of Indian fashion have extended because of their innovation and fresh ideas. The modern consumer is more than willing to shed the run OF the mill garb, giving a big nod to the changing fashion in India. 

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