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5 Wedding Season Ready Innovative Saree Drapes
5 Wedding Season Ready Innovative Saree Drapes
16 th Jan 2019

While the weather outside is chilly and likely to continue for sometime, a little day dreaming of summer weddings is just the ticket to lift those spirits. And let’s not forget those unconventional couples that bid farewell to conformist ideas of perfect weather weddings and choose to make their nuptials a winter wonderland. Irrespective of the seasons, an Indian wedding requires ethnic attire for everyone.

The idea of layering up in opulent fabrics might sound marvelous in the cold but the same notion might be utterly dreadful in the heat. Unfortunately, the way Indian weddings operate there is little choice in the matter. Rocking your shorts at the formal occasion might be something your inner rebel child is dying to pull off but chances are you’ll eventually succumb to societal propriety, if not of your own accord then after a stern talking to by mom.

If you absolutely must wear Indian ethnic wear and you’re also someone who enjoys experimenting with fusions rather than going totally traditional than a saree might not even be on your list of considerations. Indeed, a regular saree with its basic drape isn’t the most appealing of choices for modernists. This is especially true of south Indian wedding sarees that tend to be too stiff for any kind of malleability. If you must wear a saree than a saree gown, lehenga saree or a net cocktail saree would be more of your vibe.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with either option. But the truth is even all these pseudo-saree versions have been dying a slow death at the fashion stakes. Simply, because they’ve been around for so long that there is nothing inventive or outstanding about them circa 2019. If you find yourself in a proper pickle not being able to reach for your go-to options then it poses unique challenges. But you also want to stand out and are prepared to consider refreshing new concepts. So continue on to find out how you can create draping magic with all those standard sarees lying in your closet.

1. The Dress Drape

By far the edgiest and most modern of options is the dress drape. Work the stiffness of south Indian wedding sarees to your advantage by allowing the drape to create some structure.

These might require some practice and lots of trial and error so give yourself plenty of time before the actual day. A trendy blouse plus lots of safety pins and you’re in business! Alternatively you could also bring in the professionals and get a specialized saree draper to recreate this ultra contemporary style.

Innovative Drapes | The Dress Drape

Dress Drape Styles

2. The Sarong Drape

If you’re certain that a south Indian wedding saree isn’t for you or don’t have one on hand then any regular chiffon, georgette or net saree can make for a stunning sarong drape. The style requires a kind of fluidity that’s just not possible with south Indian wedding sarees.

The sarong drape looks complicated but is extremely simple if you’ve ever used an actual sarong as a beach cover up dress. You will also need a matching flared skirt with a statement blouse and belt to complete this ensemble. And remember that the bulk of the pleats will be at the back so a saree with a contrasting pallu will work much better than one with a uniform print all over.

Innovative Drapes | The Sarong Drape

Sarong Drape With A Regular Chiffon Saree

3. The Neck Wrap Drape

If extensive draping is not your forte then the neck wrap drape is the simplest way to up your game without much skill. All you need to do is drape a regular saree with pleats and instead of having the pallu go over the shoulders, you wrap it around your neck.

Not only does this super easy hack suddenly transform the look of a saree but it also gives you variations for showing off or covering up your abs. Plus you will finally do justice to that rather expensive designer blouse because it won’t be hidden away under the drape.

Innovative Drapes | The Neck Wrap Drape

Neck Wrap Drape Styles

4. The Side Drape

Coming back to south Indian wedding sarees, we have 2 more draping styles that are absolutely contemporary yet possible only with these homegrown rustic wonders. The side drape is extremely versatile and can also work with regular saress but there is something much more dramatic about a side drape with a south Indian wedding saree.

This draping method is also much like a regular saree except that it’s worn with a flared skirt and blouse giving it the feel of a lehenga. The only difference being that the front pleats are pushed to the side to give it a bit of an interesting twist.

Innovative Drapes | The Side Drape

Side Drape With A South Indian Wedding Saree

5. The Volume Front Drape

A slightly more evolved version of the side drape is the volume front drape. Like the previous style this one too can work with both basic sarees and south Indian wedding sarees but again the latter will result in a more controlled drape.

This drape requires the front pleats to be spread out rather than tightly packed together to create a flare. The remaining drape remains the same but because the front is spread out the overlap moves to the back. It’s easiest to execute this drape by wearing a regular saree first and then carefully spreading out the front drapes.

Innovative Drapes | The Front Volume Drape

Volume Front Drape With A South Indian Wedding Saree



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