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5 Ways To Style Palazzo Trousers
5 Ways To Style Palazzo Trousers
20 th Nov 2017

Lehengas and anarkalis with their voluminous flares are simply breath taking but also rather OTT for less formal occasions. Obviously there’s no stopping you from going all out but sometimes dressing down also has its own simplistic charms. So what’s a girl to do when you’re obsessed with flares but are stuck with only more casual events penciled into your diary?

Look no further than the carefree yet sophisticated vibe of Palazzo Trousers. These voluminous bottoms are a sweet concoction of the flare of lehengas and the fit of jeans. They’re literally a match made in boho chic heaven. We know all too well the stresses of handling the sheer girth of many paneled outfits. Heels and staircases are a particularly precarious combination when worn with anything flared. Palazzo trousers with their controlled flares minimize the risk of you falling and breaking something. Plus they look just as droolicious as floor length anarkalis or lehengas so why not embrace the new age trend?

Still confused and need more convincing? Palazzo trousers can be worn in numerous ways making them extremely versatile for almost any occasion. Plus you can’t beat the comfort of being able to wear any form of trousers without the fuss of drapes and layers of fabric. If you need some styling inspiration just check out these Bollywood celebrities who have been sporting the trend in many different ways.


Capes are everywhere so why wouldn’t they be the latest addition to Palazzo trouser styling as well. Capes in soft fluid materials paired with Palazzo trousers make for amazing Indo-western co-ordinates. High neck, off shoulder or strappy capes are all great options for this style. As are crop capes with flared sleeves for times when you want to give a little extra oomph to your outfit. However this combination only works on more svelte bodies as larger ladies run the risk of looking even bigger with 2 anti-fit garments being worn together.

Palazzo Trousers | Capes

Palazzo trousers with capes

Fitted Crop Tops

Fitted crop tops are the complete opposite of capes but can still be easily worn with palazzo trousers. In fact they’re the most common way of sport palazzo trousers because of the balance of proportions that works for all body types. The length of the crop top can be adjusted to suit your liking but it’s more flattering to flash some abs so you’ll need to lay off the crisps and work extra hard at the gym as preparation. You can also layer the look with a jacket or a dupatta just to create some interesting textures or to give it a more ethnic feel. 

Palazzo Trousers | Fitted Crop Tops

Palazzo trousers with fitted crop tops


Coordinated palazzo sets can be worn with long printed jackets for a more formal and dressy take on the trend. The jackets can vary in length and shape plus can be mixed and matched from other outfits for variation. Flared floor length jackets, paneled straight jackets and a-line ankle length jackets are just some of the silhouette options that can be styled with palazzo sets. It’s best to let the jacket be the main attraction of the outfit by wearing it with solid coloured matching palazzo sets. 

Palazzo Trousers | Jackets

Palazzo trousers with jackets

Long Kurtas

The easiest way to take an ethnic turn with palazzo trousers is to wear them with long kurtas. If you’re bored to death of wearing leggings and churidhars with all your traditional gear then this pairing is a much-needed breath of fresh air. Swap out those fitted shapes for comfier palazzo trousers and give the outfit an instant style upgrade. You can also afford to go for bolder and higher side slits on the kurta when wearing it with palazzo trousers to really show them off. Keep in mind that the long kurta must be well fitted to avoid looking like you’re wearing a shapeless sack.

Palazzo Trousers | Long Kurtas

Palazzo trousers with long kurtas

Strappy Flowy Tops

Yet another fusion trend is to wear palazzo trousers with short and strappy cami style tops. This blend allows the palazzo trousers to grab the attention, as they aren’t covered with anything else. This style looks especially flattering on lovelies with toned arms and long legs but can also be used as a cheat to create the illusion of endless pins on shorter darlings. If the palazzo trousers have a larger volume the look can also lend itself to looking like a lehenga with the added ease of actually wearing trousers.

Palazzo Trousers | Strappy Tops

Palazzo trousers with strappy tops



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