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5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood
5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood
01 st Jan 2016

She is a stunner! She is an unconquered queen of Bollywood! Yes! I’m talking about none other than Deepika Padukone. Calling her a complete package wouldn't be an exaggeration. Apart from her excellent acting skills, she is also known for her impeccable dress sense. Her style speaks volumes about her magnetic personality.  She makes a lethal combination of beauty and talent.

Being a top-notch actress, means she has to look her best at every event, be it at an award ceremony or a promotional event.  And without fail, she always impresses fashion police with her choice of dresses. She can safely be called the best dressed Bollywood actress. Her toned body and dimpled smile are her best features and not to forget her unmatchable fashion sense.

But she hasn't always had this seemingly effortless sense of style, when she first entered tinsel town her outfits weren't always on the mark. The actress has evolved over the years and experimented with her outfits, hair and make-up. And the result as we all know is commendable.  Below are what we think makes her stand apart when it comes to style.

Comfort Over Trends

Being an actress, Deepika is under pressure to look trendy all the time but the gorgeous actress never seems to let that pressure bother her. She knows how to strike a perfect balance between being trendy and comfortable at the same time. Or rather she chooses comfort over blindly following the trends. In fact, she is a trendsetter herself. Whatever she wears becomes a coveted fashion item among the masses. Be it a designer gown or a regular pair of jeans and t-shirt, she carries it with grace and elegance.  She encourages fashion followers to be themselves rather than following trends without thinking whether it suits them or not. She also advises her fans to wear comfortable clothes and not just put on something that doesn’t suit their body-type. 

Deepika Padukone Wearing Live Love Laught T-shirt | 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood

Dress to Impress

Edgy silhouettes and occasion dressing are few rules Deepika sticks to.  And this is why she never lets her fans down when it comes to power dressing. Deepika is one of the Bollywood actresses who never shies away from experimenting with her clothes.  Whether it is an evening gown or a traditional saree, she makes it look effortlessly chic.  Her wardrobe has anything and everything from gowns, anarkali suits, sarees and western wear. Her red carpet appearances make people turn their heads in awe. And this is what we witnessed when she stepped in The Ashi Studio gown at Filmfare Awards 2015, and looked angelic in it. She does make a fashion statement with whatever she wears.

Deepika Padukone Wearing Ashi Studio Gown at Filmfare Awards 2015 | 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood

Dressing Down

Dressing up for a red carpet event is not her only forte as the actress also knows how to play it cool with casuals. Deepika has created a niche for herself when it comes to casual dressing. Even when dressing down, she looks nothing less than a million bucks. Her tall frame and athletic body gives her an edge over other actresses and Deepika knows how to make the most of her traits. She pulls off hot pants, slim skirts, maxi dresses, kaftans, denims and t-shirts with oomph and oozes glamour. One moment she is a fashionista on the red carpet and the very next moment she transforms into a girl-next-door avatar with her high street fashion outfit. 

Deepika Padukone Dresses Down in Denim | 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood

Saree Love

Though she does complete justice to western gowns, Deepika’s first love is saree. One can catch her wearing a beautiful designer saree every now and then, either on the red carpet, catwalk, promotional event or press conference. Deepika is the epitome of beauty when she dons this nine yard wonder and carries it with poise and panache.  Her choice of saree is always enough to make a style statement. 

Deepika Padukone Wearing Floral Saree | 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood

Signature Accessories

Deepika is a huge fan of accessories. She loves to accessorize her look and add glamour quotient to it. You will never find this starlet without quirky accessories. Be it a pair of chunky earrings or a simple tan belt over her dress, she never steps out without accessorizing. The drop-dead gorgeous actress loves shoes, handbags and statement neckpieces along with lot of scarves and belts.  The way she mix and match her accessories to compliment her attire is beyond comparison. She never overdoes it and keeps it subtle. Her exquisite style is incomplete without the mention of her perfect hair and make-up.  Being a fashion icon she pays great attention towards her hair and make-up. The bold and beautiful Deepika loves to flaunt her favourite lip colour oxblood shade and her signature high ponytail.

Deepika Padukone sporting her signature high ponytail | 5 Reasons Why Deepika Padukone Is The Best Dressed Woman In Bollywood

Now, I’m sure you don’t need more reasons to believe Deepika Padukone is indeed the best dressed woman in Bollywood!

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