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5 Lessons In Style From Bollywood's Reigning Queen Deepika Padukone
5 Lessons In Style From Bollywood's Reigning Queen Deepika Padukone
20 th Sep 2019

Deepika Padukone ticks off all the boxes of the quintessential Bollywood superstar and then some. As a former model she was no stranger to Indian designers and luxury fashion houses when she finally made her foray into movies. Once labelled a fashion victim and heavily criticised for her luke warm appearances, Deepika faced her detractors head on. It took her a while to perfect her personal style aesthetic but once there she was an unstoppable force. Exuding charm, glamour and an enviable effortless beauty, Deepika was quickly topping best-dressed lists.

The style maven is so adept at constantly changing up her looks that it’s impossible to trump her at the game. Whether she’s expressing her long-standing love for layering or seducing haute couture glam in neons, there is no denying that there is nothing run-of-the-mill about Deepika’s sartorial leanings. Her love affair with highly coiffed and impeccably put together ensembles began with her associations with stylists like Anaita Shroff Adajania. Insiders claimed that while her on-screen, movie promotion and red carpet appearances were immaculate, left to her own devices without a styling team, Deepika’s fashion sense left much to be desired.

Yet again the reticent beauty took the brick bats in her stride and honed her personal styling skills on the down low. During the same time Deepika managed to build for herself a coterie of trusted people as part of her entourage. Individuals who were immensely talented in their own fields and whose careers were on the rise just like hers. She worked with big names all the time as part of her professional commitments but somehow gravitated towards lesser known emerging artists when it came to her personal team.

Within a short while Deepika emerged completely transformed with a signature look that was shrewdly created to make her stand out. Her most trusted stylist Shaleena Nathani worked tirelessly to ensure that every time Deepika was photographed she made a statement. Shiny locks, dewy fresh make up and luxe basics became her go-to for dressed down occasions. While formal appearances like red carpets and fashion events called for edgy avant-garde choices that were truly cutting edge. If you want to emulate Deepika’s awe-inspiring personal style journey keep these 5 basic lessons in mind.

Layering Is Key

Give any outfit an instant boost in its glam quotient with various layers. Understand the art of skilful layering to pull together ensembles that exude a subtle and undeniable charm. Deepika expertly layers monochrome all black or all white outfits for her airport looks by throwing on light jackets over separates. But she’s also a lover of denim on denim as she juxtaposes the classic style with different pastels and textures. Deepika’s expansive and expensive wardrobe permits her to layer luxe pieces but the same looks can be easily duped with high street alternates.

Style Lessons | Layering

Deepika Padukone’s Layered Looks

Begin A Love Affair With Handlooms

The sophisticated and soft-spoken Deepika who grew up in the southern Indian city of Bangalore certainly picked up an affinity for indigenous weaves during her time there. She might have moved to the flashy and fast city of Mumbai but she’s never shied away from wearing simple and understated handloom textiles in every form. From classic Benarasi weaves to traditional Kanjeevarams, Deepika has championed the cause for ethnic fabrics for occasions like weddings, Diwali outings, fashion shows, religious ceremonies and even certain red carpet events. Proving that you don’t need to spend a fortune on an outfit by a well-known designer label to look fabulous.

Style Lessons | Handlooms

Deepika Padukone In Handlooms

All Black Is Never A Bad Idea

Head to toe black is a classic for a reason even if you associate it with the morbid vibe of the Adams family. There is an effortless versatility with black that cannot be achieved with any other colour. Deepika has gone all black for everything from airport looks to fashion shoots to magazine covers proving that it’s a winning combination every single time. Not only is it a fail proof investment for someone just starting on their high-end wardrobe but it’s also a brilliant camouflage for not-so-desirable fabrics from the high street. Most of Deepika’s black looks save the custom designed ones are easily achievable with more budget friendly options.

Style Lessons | Black 1

Deepika Padukone’s All Black Looks

Style Lessons | Black 2

Deepika Padukone’s All Black Looks

Embrace High Voltage Trends

While Deepika herself has always been partial to timeless styles it doesn’t mean she’s not experimental enough to give bold new trends a shot. The latest to catch her fancy was the statement making drama of highlighter green. The confident stunner has zero qualms about wearing the blinding neon hue from head to toe. She’s been seen in the shade in dramatic gowns as well as striking tracksuits. Deepika has even made a case for incorporating the trend in toned down variations with pops of neon in otherwise neutral outfits. This level of versatility with her style instantly makes her endearing to both flashy fashionistas and plain Janes.

Style Lessons | Neon 1

Deepika Padukone In Head-To-Toe Neon Green

Style Lessons | Neon 2

Deepika Padukone In Neon Pops

Go Big Or Go Home

Deepika has recently upped her game once again by adopting the ‘more is more’ aesthetic in the past few months especially with her red carpet appearances. Her collection of OTT couture has certain grown considerably as she’s been seen in a number of jaw-dropping designs at major events. With an ever-increasing list of international media appearances filling up her date book, Deepika has decided to channel her inner fashion goddess to make an impact on lesser-known shores. Even in her haute couture creations, Deepika’s overall look always remains accessibly pretty because that’s her carefully curated style story.

Styles Lessons | Big 1

Deepika Padukone In Statement Haute Couture

Style Lessons | Big 2

Deepika Padukone In Statement Haute Couture



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