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Bollywood Celebrities' Fashion Mistakes | 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes
5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes
15 th Jan 2016

People try to avoid outrageous fashion blunders like the plague. Well who wants to be the wild goose among the swans!

While the major fashion faux pas can be avoided with careful thought there are some fashion mistakes that slip attention. These seemingly harmless fashion mistakes come to the fore on careful scrutiny. Everyone is vulnerable to these fashion mistakes and we all have committed them at some point in our life.

Here are the top 5 fashion mistakes that everyone makes:

Wearing Ill Fitting Clothes

Wearing ill fitting clothes is one of the most common fashion mistakes. We are all guilty of this one but are fortunate to not have our photos splashed everywhere for all to see. Sometimes even the best dressed celebrities have been caught out wearing shapeless and unflattering outfits.

Celebrities with ill fitting gowns I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Tops that are too long, outsized pant bottoms that cover the shoes, skirt hemlines that just do not flatter the body type and skinny jeans that are awkwardly tight. These fashion mistakes seem to be omnipresent.

We can avoid these fiascos by knowing our body well. It would be wise to choose outfits that flatter our body shape and to avoid ones that hang loosely or sit too snugly at inappropriate places. The key is to take attention away from the places where you tend to put on.

Do not follow a standard size rule for the different brands.  Always try the outfits to get your perfect fit. Choose the brand that caters to your body type and style. Also altering clothes as per your needs adds bespoke charm to your look.

The pictures below illustrate how well fitting outfits can transform your image

Ill fitting to well fitting Image 1 I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Ill fitting to well fitting image 2 I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

A well fitting outfit which accentuates the waistline and provides structure to the body will always make you look stylish in an instant. Your outfit can be as simple as a white blouse and a pair of denims but when the clothes fit well they are fashionable.

Accessorise With Limits

Indian heritage gives us the advantage of dressing up in varied colours and myriad accessories. The same benefit of Indian ethnic wear can disadvantage us by making us vulnerable to fashion mistakes. With so many options, sometimes it gets difficult to decide where to stop. One or two highlight pieces are great to make a statement. Make a choice between high impact earrings or necklace. You can add on a bracelet depending upon the emphasis factor in the other piece of jewellery. The picture below shows great accessorising by our Bollywood Kapoor ladies.

Perfect Accessorising I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Sometimes less is more to strike a harmonising look. Too many accessories with a bold coloured outfit become highly distracting and take away the style factor. After all we do not want to end up looking like an ornament dangling Christmas tree. Even Aishwarya Rai who is seen as an icon for high fashion was vulnerable to this mistake when she walked the red carpets of Cannes for the first time. She wore emphatic earrings, necklace and bangles with a strong golden yellow embellished saree. No wonder she received flak for this totally busy look.

Aishwarya Rai Too Many accessories I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Wrong Makeup

Wrong makeup takes the cake for fashion mistakes. Choosing the right shade of foundation is of utmost importance. The foundation should blend well with the skin and cover-up imperfections. If a foundation does not look natural, makes you too ghostly or tanned, then you are not using the right shade.

Another important step is to moisturise the skin before applying foundation. Skipping this step will only reveal dry and flaky skin instead of the desired smooth look. Also choose a makeup colour palette that looks natural on your skin tone unless you want to look like you have dressed up for some costume party or a dance recital. Here are some celebs with makeup gone wrong-

Wrong Makeup I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Revealing The Intimates

Peeping bra-straps and visible panty lines are common fashion mistakes that mar the overall look. They attract attention to elements which you would rather keep under wraps so invest in perfect underwear for your gorgeous attires. Do not let your inners become an eyesore for the cleavage revealing or backless cholis.

Wrong Underwear I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Strapless bras, shape wears, boy shorts or thongs, the range of undergarments available today is inexhaustible. Always shop for perfect inner companions as soon as you find your dream outfits, to make them more special.

Wearing Wrong Shoes

One of the fashion mistakes that is policed harshly even on the red carpets is pairing the wrong shoes with an outfit. Unfortunately we have witnessed many gorgeous outfits being ruined by tacky shoes.

Wrong shoes for the outfit I 5 Fashion Mistakes That Everyone Makes

Do not ignore the shoes, thinking they will hardly be noticed is a mistake. Think of shoes like the foundation of your outfit. A delicate dress can be reinforced with strong shoes whereas thin strappy sandals can perfectly enhance the charm of heavy attires. The colour choice of the shoe also plays a big role in uplifting the outfit.

Add heels to an evening look and pair flats with a casual look. In the fashion world, “to err is inhuman” and the poor celebrities always bear the brunt for their occasional fashion mistakes.

Whether you are a celebrity or not, everyone likes to rule the ramp called life. So let’s not ignore the five fashion mistakes that are so easy to commit. Even if we do not have a bevy of fashion police circling us, a perfect look can give heaps of confidence to approach the day with.  

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