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Arjun Kapoor in Mubarakan wearing a jacket and draped kurta
4 Reasons Why You Should Add Draped Kurtas to Your Wardrobe
11 th Jan 2019

Contrary to popular belief, men’s fashion is not static. For the past few years, men’s fashion has moved from a roomy, comfortable look to a more slick and adventurous look. The strongest and latest candidate for mass acceptance as far as men’s’ Kurta is concerned, is a draped kurta.

A draped kurta is comfortable, elegant and versatile. It consists of pleated drapes on the body of the kurta - either in the top half or the bottom half of the kurta. You can wear draped kurtas for any occasion and easily go from morning to evening without much hassle.

Draped kurtas work wonders with jeans, dhotis, chudidars, wide bottomed pants or salwars. Let us consider top reasons why you must include this classy piece in your wardrobe.

1. Draped kurtas take your style to a whole new level

The draped kurta is simple yet elegant. Not every man likes to dress up flamboyantly when it comes to events like weddings or traditional functions. To suit every taste, there is a wide variety of designs to choose from. It is ideal for the man who does not want to spend too much time dressing up for an event and yet make a style-statement. Moreover, draped kurtas can be worn standalone or with accessories to take the look to a whole new level.

Dark Green Draped Kurta

Dark Green Draped Kurta

Pro tip: No matter what colour or style of draped kurta you choose, ensure that it is in sync with your personality. If your body is pear-shaped, you can choose lighter kurtas paired with darker trousers. On the other hand, inverted triangle shaped figures should choose a slightly flared design. Just aim to create a personal style for yourself.

2. Draped Kurtas are versatile

The draped look has literally enhanced the definition of the regular kurta. While a diverse colour palette is a successful recipe for a stylish finish, opt for a monochromatic look if colours are not your thing. Pair the draped kurta with a dhoti, patiala salwar or even jeans in contrasting colours. These combinations are a surefire way to give you that instant ‘put-together’ feeling of confidence. You can even pair your kurta with anything you already own and ramp up your style with unexpected accessories like a vest or blazer for cooler evenings.

Grey Double Cowl Kurta

Grey Double Cowl Kurta

Pro tip: While draped kurtas mostly look fantastic with white salwars, you can also use a bottom in neutral colors like black, grey, navy or beige to mix and match with contrasting kurtas. For example, choose a draped kurta in a color you love and pair it with an contrasting coloured slim salwar or churidar bottom. Monochromatic styles look awesome too, but try to vary the fabrics or the neckline.

3. Draped Kurtas are ideal for all seasons

Draped kurtas come in a variety of fabrics. Go for crisp cotton, smooth silk, cozy cashmere or linen blends and you are sure to turn heads! Whatever fabric you choose, select the kurta in a body flattering length or have one customised and altered to suit your height.

Most men look great with knee length kurtas but these days, one can opt for shorter or longer varieties too. Select a style with V-shaped neck, crew neck, boat neck or bandhgala. Symmetric or asymmetric hemmed draped kurtas in different fabrics can be the perfect choice, whether it's a summer or a winter event.

Pistachio Green Draped Kurta

Pistachio Green Draped Kurta

Pro tip: Cotton is ideal for casual and summer evenings, while silky, woolen and thicker fabrics are perfect for winter events. The sleeve-length, collar styles and fitting can be altered so suit a warm day or a breezy evening. Moreover, you can chose shawls, stoles and scarves to add a dash of color and style and enhance the look and comfort of your draped kurta attire.

4. You can go all out with the accessories

A draped kurta has enough wardrobe charisma to stand out on its own but you can take your game up a level by adding accessories.

  • Pair your draped kurta with a long tailored jacket, a vest, a pearl necklace, embroidered dupatta, stylish pashmina, a turban or mojaris for a regal look. This would be ideal for a wedding look
  • As a variation, opt for buttons or tassels on the kurta. Two or three buttons are totally acceptable and timeless, though a single button style works as well.

Navy Blue Cowl Kurta with Jacket

Navy Blue Cowl Kurta with Jacket

Pro tip: Cowl draped kurtas are wonderful on their own. Pair it up with good shoes to keep things classy. Other accessories like classical collar stays, cuff links and shirt studs can be used to enhance your look.


We are sure these are reasons enough to add draped kurtas to your wardrobe collection. If you want to share your tips on styling a draped kurta, please leave us a comment!


Image sources: Strand of Silk

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