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Ten Kinds of People You Will Encounter at Fashion Weeks
10 Types of People You Meet At Fashion Weeks
31 st Mar 2016

A fashion week is a great time to people watch and keep a tab on the latest in street style.

The Amazon India fashion week 2016 offered us plenty of such opportunities and we snapped chic fashionistas in uber hot clothes.

This activity at the fashion week also made us ponder over the various types of people we always encounter at fashion weeks. If you thought that all the attendees of a fashion week were all leggy lasses in designer clothes, you couldn't be further away from the reality.

Based on our observation, here is our list of the kind of people who attend fashion weeks.

The Ex-Supermodels

They may be past their prime but they definitely want to make their presence felt by nabbing the front row seats at the fashion week. The supermodels come in good numbers to be supportive of their contemporaries who are walking the ramp or the designer who is showcasing a collection. If their outfit is interesting enough, the appearance will also get them some much needed press coverage. At the Amazon India Fashion Week, these models held up a mirror to our more ‘natural’ and rounded bodies and gave us serious physical goals!

The Busy Buyer

Fashion Buyer | Ten Kinds of People You Find at Fashion Weeks

If you spot someone with a large phone or a tablet snapping everything in sight - both on the runway and at the stalls, then you should know that he/ she is most likely to be a buyer who is taking pictures of shortlisted outfits. They tend to almost always occupy the front row which provides a great vantage point to take pictures and can often be seen complaining about their tedious job. Their style is on trend, fuss-free and practical enough to let them comfortably do their job. 

The Harried Interns

Among all the well-dressed people, it is not hard to notice these overworked souls with puffy eyes and flat sandals that let them run from one show to another or tail behind their super chic editors who would outrun them even in their heels. They may not get the choicest of the seats unless they are from a big publication and can be often seen trying to balance a hundred chores with a hassled look while at the fashion week.

The Know-it-all Fashion Bloggers

The Fashion Blogger | Ten Kinds of People You Find at Fashion Weeks

You don’t need a magnifying lens to spot these ladies and gentlemen. You’ll find them all invariably clad in Zara and their discussions centre around the kind of following they have online. Pictures are snapped with their phones and you will notice them frantically tweeting or posting every single detail they can observe at the fashion week. If you still find it hard to spot them, just keep your ears perked up for people asking around for the wi-fi password!

The Giggly College-Goers

Having scored invites through one of the friends whose mother is most probably a hot-shot fashion editors, these loud college girls are easy to spot. They would most definitely be dressed in skimpy clothes and move together as a gang. You will know by the way they can’t contain their excitement that they are first timers. Obvious way to spot them would be to look for girls stopping to take group selfies now and then.

The Street-Style Photographer

The Fashion Photographer | Ten Kinds of People You Find at Fashion Weeks

Street-style photography is a new age fashion week phenomena that has helped many a freelance photographers make a quick buck. You’ll need an eye for the extraordinary and some quick reflexes to quickly snap the pictures of the attendees outside the venue. You can always spot these photographers lurking outside the venue, in khakis and shirts, DSLR with big lens in hand, going click-click in all directions.  

The Super-Fashionable Crowd

The super fashionable young ones, who are most likely to be scions of rich parents attend the fashion weeks to feel the latest trends and make quick buys that will keep them in the best-dressed lists. They will be dressed to the nines, not a hair out of place and walking into the venue in clothes that perhaps cost about as much as your monthly income.  

The Gender Ambiguous Dresser

Anti Fit Wearer | Ten Kinds of People You Find at Fashion Weeks

Take any fashion week, be it the Amazon India Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week or any international fashion week, you will always find a set of people who dress gender ambiguously. It could be a fashionista in oversized androgynous clothes or a strappy young man in slouchy anti-fit clothes with drapes.

The A-listers

Fashion weeks are the favourite hunting grounds for these fashionistas because it gives them the opportunity to pick up outfits hot off the ramp. Men and women belonging to this group are constantly in the news for their impeccable sartorial sense and are usually seen in the front rows of shows whose designers they are loyal to (read as receive freebies from).

The Fashion Editors

Fashion Editor | Ten Kinds of People You Find at Fashion Weeks

Dressed in labels from head to toe, the editors who run the fashion magazines can be distinguished by the poise with which they carry themselves and the kind of attention they demand from the fashion week attendees. You would be able to spot them from a mile, thanks to their confident gait, the super busy look they wear and the overflowing invites that they carry. They are also the go-to people to pick up style tips from while you are at the fashion week for they just seem to know what works and what doesn’t!

The One Who Managed to Sneak In

Lets face it. No amount of security or scanning can prevent these people from sneaking into the fashion shows to catch a glimpse of a few celebrities and models. Careful observation will tell you that they stick out like sore thumbs amidst a fashion forward crowd. But as long as the security is not interfering, you can just let the poor souls be!

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