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10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips
02 nd Nov 2015

We’ve all seen pictures from our parents’ wedding photo album that bring on a wave of nostalgia but also reveal some undeniably cringe-worthy fashion choices.

If you happen to be Indian there are a few things common to all these old pictures regardless of when and where they were shot.

From whitewashed pancake face bridal makeup, sloppily draped sarees to over the top bright coloured ensembles and way too much jewellery, Indian fashion has mercifully evolved past these horrible fashion faux pas in the last few decades.

There is every chance that future generations may dig out by-then outdated digital photographs from today and mock our own style choices but in a bid to minimise the ridicule here are some life-changing Indian fashion tips that are causing a stir in 2015.

1. Know Your Body Type

Your body type is the essential blank canvas on which to paint your style story. Any selection of clothing and accessories must begin with knowing what suits your particular body type making it fashion tip #1 in every stylist’s handbook. 

Different Body Types | 10 Life Changing Indian Fashion Tips


2. The Lehenga Designs To Flatter Your Frame

Ethnic wear is incomplete without the quintessential lehenga so the next Indian fashion tip obviously revolves around adorning yourself with the right lehenga design that will show off what you want and hide what you hate.

Inverted TriangleRectangle






Apple or Pear


3. Lets Not Forget About The Blouse

Once you have determined one half of your ensemble it’s time to focus on picking the ideal blouse cut to go with your lehenga. Go uber stylish with a funky style or keep it simple and let your embroidery and fabric be the star.

Blouse Chart | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

Blouse 2


4. The Dupatta Drape

Depending on the style of your lehenga and blouse you will want to drape your dupatta keeping in mind not to cover up the most statement making elements of your main pieces of clothing.

Insider Tip: If you won’t be wearing the dupatta over your head have it made narrower for easy draping with fewer pleats and an overall lighter weight on those shoulders. 

Dupatta Types | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

Pink, Purple and White Dupatta Types | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

White and Red Dupatta Types | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


5. Now For Some Accessorising Magic

Those massive gold and diamond sets might have cost a fortune but may not always make you look like a million bucks. An important fashion tip to remember is that it’s very easy to over-accessorise an Indian outfit. If your lehenga is already loaded with embellishments go easy on the jewellery with only a statement neckpiece or some large dangling earrings but never both. Conservative families may put a cramp in your style with frowning upon overly stylised or revealing clothes but there is no stopping you from expressing your personality with some unique accessories.

Beautiful Headgear | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

Delicate Hand Harnesses | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


6. How Would Cinderella Go To The Ball Without Any Shoes?

Steer clear of glass slippers but also run far far away from hideous footwear by assuming it will be covered under that floor length anarkali or lehenga. An absolutely essential Indian fashion tip would be to choose your footwear as carefully as the rest of your look. You don’t want to be twirling and dancing in your gorgeously crafted outfit only to reveal ugly shoes that will send Prince Charming packing off towards another.

Insider Tip: A pair of gold or silver heels work just as well on western dresses as they do for something ethnic while beaded juttis or chappals can look ultra cool paired with some jeans or a flared skirt.

Gold and Silver Shoes - Heels and Flats | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

Shoes - High Heels and Flats | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


7. Mature Ladies Can Be Age Appropriate And Chic

Ladies of a certain age nearly always fall into the trap of thinking that the right to look stunning is only reserved for the young and as a result dress like frumpy aunties adding years to their actual age. Throw out the old rule book and take some style inspiration from the likes of Madhuri Dixit Nene and Sridevi who prove that age is no barrier when it comes to looking utterly ravishing. 

Madhuri's Stylish Looks | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips

Sridevi's Stylish Looks | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


8. The Versatile Crop Top

This Indian fashion tip will likely save you a lot of effort and money as you can now pair your favourite crop tops with a simple flared lehenga or harem pants and dupatta for an instant ethnic outfit. 

Blue, Black and Silver Crop Tops | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


9. How About Some Interesting Henna Designs To Go With Those Outfits?

Thanks to Madonna’s music video Frozen, Henna went from a bridal and wedding party staple to an international sensation. It’s not uncommon to find fashionistas with henna tattoos in all shapes and sizes but henna with Indian fashion is an unbeatable combination. Forget the traditional henna designs painted all over the hands and use it in imaginative and creative ways. 

Creative and Imaginative Henna Designs | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


10. Mix it Up!

Don’t fall into the rut of thinking Indian wear can only be limited to the done-to-death anarkali suits, salwaar kameez suits, sarees and lehenga cholis. Indian fashion designers have paved the way for fusion Indian clothing that fuses western silhouettes with Indian craftsmanship.

Mix It Up - fusion Indian clothing | 10 Life-Changing Indian Fashion Tips


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