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10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow
10 Fashion Bloggers and Influencers in India You Should Follow
28 th Feb 2016

The only thing constant about fashion is that it keeps changing. A style that is in vogue today can become stale by tomorrow and before you know it, a new style takes over the mantle of being the ‘in thing’. Such is the volatile nature of this industry and if you are not properly clued in, you are bound to miss out on the latest changes and developments.

The only way fashion addicts can keep a tab on the ever changing trends in the fashion industry is by following top fashion influencers in India who know exactly what is in circulation. Sometimes, it is these very fashionistas who make fashion statements that go on to become trends.

What is heartening is that you can follow these top fashion influencers on social media which act as style inspirations for the many wannabe fashionistas looking up to them.

There are many websites dedicated to the fashion statements being made by these influencers and some of the influencers have even earned that tag by being top fashion bloggers in India. These websites form a strong connect between what is worn on the ramp and what the common woman wears on the streets by making fashion accessible to everyone.

So if you are a budding fashionista on the lookout for style inspiration, here are ten top fashion influencers in India that you should follow. We’ve got a good mix of stylish celebrities and top Indian fashion bloggers who’ve got the eye for well made clothes and know how to put together a killer outfit.

Bollywood Fashionistas 

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

A list about fashion in India somehow has to begin with Sonam Kapoor on it! The actor, who is known more for her fashion statements than histrionics on screen is pegged as India’s most fashionable celebrity. She has been championing big labels on the red carpet ever since the start of her career and is credited with setting the bar high when it comes to red carpet style. Women looking towards Sonam Kapoor for style inspirations should also be ready to spend big bucks on their wardrobe for the actor has expensive tastes. Her favourite labels include D&G, Elie Saab and Anamika Khanna. There is no trend that the actor has not tried and mastered, be it the dhoti saree, cape, granny chic or anti-fit. Given that dressing up is an integral part of her routine and she religiously Instagrams her outfits, @sonamkapoor on Instagram would be the right place to start to follow this top fashion influencer.

Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Perfect figure, chic outfits, on-point styling and some innovative hairdos are what you will notice if you follow Neha Dhupia’s public appearances. Being one of the most well-turned out actors in Bollywood, Neha never fails to impress us during her public outings and as a result features on our list of the top fashion influencers in the country. What we love the most about her is that her personal style is a good mix of designer and high street labels - the kind of style that budding fashionistas can attempt, without breaking the bank. Watch out for her put together separates in a way that they appear to be made for each other. Also take note of her keen eye when it comes to picking quirky accessories that become the highlights of her ensembles. For more style inspiration from this gorgeous fashionista, follow her on @nehadhupia on Instagram.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Kangana Ranaut has made the transition from being the proverbial ugly duckling to a graceful swan that has floored even her critics. Gone are the days when she would make bizarre fashion choices and hardly cared about how she looked. Today, you can find her in nothing but the best of the international fashion labels from Dior to Burberry, owning every look with supreme confidence. We consider Ms. Ranaut to be among the top fashion influencers in India because she makes brave fashion choices and does not ever fail to experiment the latest trends. She is a style inspiration for women who want to wear their curly hair with abandon and to women who want to get themselves a makeover. Though the actor is not active online, you can follow one of her many fan pages and take a leaf out of her book to intelligently pair separates, layer outfits and pull off all the latest trends with ease.

Dia Mirza

Dia+Mirza | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Though Dia Mirza has never really made headlines with her sartorial choices, this is one celebrity who is always well turned out for every single public appearance. True, she plays it safe and sticks to some tried and tested choices, but this svelte actor never fails to impress us by making all the right moves, whether she is on the red carpet where she looks like a million bucks or a movie screening where she effortlessly pulls off the casual, girl-next-door look. Her personal style is elegant and classic - follow her on Instagram to actually see how to create your own personal style rather than blindly following trends.

Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Twinkle Khanna has morphed from being a t-shirt and denims wearing tomboy and blossomed into a style icon to reckon with and for the same reason features in our top fashion influencers list. The Bollywood actor turned interior designer claims that she does not follow trends and that her personal style stems from her daily association with colours, textures and structures as a part of her work. Her aesthetic sense translates into her fashion choices and one can find the diva nailing every look during her public outings. She loves her Abu-Sandeep whites and looks ravishing on the red carpet in classic Indian wear. With western outfits, she plays around with textures and accessories that you can draw style inspiration from. Whether it is for accessorising ideas or for inspiration to put together a rocking ensemble, follow her on @twinklerkhanna on Instagram.

Indian Fashion Bloggers

Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Considered to be one of India’s top fashion influencers in the blogosphere, Akanksha Redhu has carved a niche for herself in the online fashion world. Her lifestyle and fashion blog is pure eye candy with the beautiful Redhu showing us the latest fashion trends both in India and in the international fashion scene. Why we love her blog is for all the style inspiration that we get from her blog, especially the latest trends in street style and style tips to look as fabulous as she does! That apart, the ace blogger also collaborates with top fashion brands to give us some compelling content that makes her blog so popular among fashion enthusiasts. Find her on

Scherezade Shroff

Scherzade Shroff | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Scherezade Shroff claims that she is the one person who can help you look gorgeous. Proof that she is one of the top fashion influencers in India lies in her 78 thousand followers on YouTube, all of whom don’t bat an eyelid while this gorgeous woman belts out styling tips and fashion advice. What we love about Scherezade Shroff is that she is like a breath of fresh air in the online space that is almost saturated with blogs. Follow her videos for tips and tricks and most definitely the section where she tells you how to put together a stunning look as per the occasion.

Tanya Ghavri

Tanya Ghavri | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

The woman who styles the who’s who of Bollywood can most definitely be one of the best sources for your daily fashion fix. This is exactly the reason why we suggest that you follow @tanghavri on Instagram for this stylist breaks up the ensemble and gives you the details about all the pieces that put it together. If you want style inspiration to doll up like a pro, then this is the account to follow!

Shereen and Kayaan

Shereen and Kayaan | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

Self confessed lovers of all things fashion, Shereen and Kayaan started Love and other bugs to document their personal style and put forth their love for all things fashion. They do fabulous #ootd posts that have been style inspiration to many a budding fashionistas.With two heads coming together, theirs is a site where you can get two perspective about the latest trends in fashion. They got on our radar of the top fashion influencers in India totally due to the compelling visuals on their website. Head there if you have time to spare because you can’t just stop at one post!

High Heel Confidential

Payal and Priyanka | 10 Fashion Influencers in India You Should Follow

This website simply HAD TO BE featured on our list even though it does not really focus on trends or does not showcase the fashion sensibilities of one person. But since its prime focus is Bollywood fashion which actually sets the trends in India, it did deserve a mention on our list. The website started by Payal and Priyanka to channel their ‘passion for fashion’ catalogues Bollywood celebrity appearances, identifies the brands they wear and rounds it up with their verdict about the ensemble. Theirs is an addictive website for all the women who wish to seek style inspiration from Bollywood, for it is updated on a daily basis with at least a handful of sightings - giving you something to do during those boring lunch breaks!

This was our roundup of the ten top fashion influencers in India. If you follow any particular celebrity or fashion bloggers in India that you think should have made it to this list, do let us know, for our appetite for fashion on the digital medium just seems to keep growing!

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