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10 Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses
22 nd Oct 2015

Every little girl’s ultimate fantasy is to be a fair princess on the arm of her handsome prince as they rule over their magical land from an enchanting castle.

There is no doubt that Disney movies play an immense role in creating this fantasy with their aesthetically tasteful and utterly entertaining stories and characters.

Each Disney princess has her own unique brand of charm that she puts to use to surpass the trials and tribulations that befall her before she finds her happily ever after. Not unlike the lovable characters played by our very own Bollywood actresses. It is little wonder then that Disney and Bollywood keep churning out chick flicks that appeal to every new generation of little girls who may grow up to be women of the world but never leave their princess aspirations too far behind.

In a bid to take an enthralling flying carpet ride through our imaginations we decided to create a whole new world featuring our beloved Bollywood characters as Disney Princesses or as we like to call them Bollywood Princesses.

1. Sleeping Beauty – Aurora

The beautiful but cursed princess falls into a deep sleep after pricking herself only to be woken after a 100 years with a kiss from Prince Phillip. Aurora could be mirrored in the character of Sonia played by Katrina Kaif in Singh in Kinng. Like Aurora the Bollywood princess Sonia is not only breathtakingly beautiful but she is also ‘asleep’ to the fact that her mother is not a wealthy as she believes her to be and that her hatred for criminals is unfounded when she finds out that Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) and his gang are assisting her own mother. Sonia ‘wakes up’ to this reality by being ‘kissed’ by the magnanimity and love of Happy Singh.

Disney Princess Aurora and Bollywood princess Sonia | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


2. Brave – Merida

The wild haired redhead is a wilful free spirit who refuses to be tied down by convention. She hones her skill for archery much to the chagrin of her mother who would much prefer her daughter become a proper royal lady. Who better to essay this Bollywood Princess than Kangana Ranaut who played the affable Rani in Queen. Rani may have had the values of a small town girl but defies all traditions after being jilted at the altar and embarks on a journey that was to be her honeymoon alone. She finds her hidden courage and just like Merida explores the world in her own unique style.

Disney Princess  Merida and Bollywood Princess Kangana Ranaut | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


3. Frozen – Elsa

The powerful Elsa lives in the shadow on an incident when she nearly kills her younger sister Anna with her magic. She looks poised, regal and reserved but her mighty secret triggers her magic and accidentally sets off an eternal winter that she can’t stop. A similar internal struggle is raging in the heart and mind of Pia played by Kareena Kapoor in 3 Idiots. This Bollywood Princess hides behind the facade of being an ambitious young doctor all the while concealing the horrible secret of her father’s unrelenting pressure on her brother to become an engineer being the cause of his suicide. Much like Elsa, Pia lives in constant fear of her secret being revealed until she breaks down and confronts her father causing a chain reaction of emotions that lead to him having a change of heart. 

Disney Princess Elsa and Pia | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


4. Beauty and the Beast – Belle

The book-loving Belle has a yearning for adventures far removed from the aspirations of other girls in her small town whose only purpose is to marry well. She strikes a deal with a Beast who is holding her father captive and becomes his prisoner as well. Living with her captor she realises that under his horrendous appearance is a sensitive man as she begins to draw him out of his shell. Belle’s story is the same as that of Jodha played by Aishwarya Rai in Jodha Akbar. The Bollywood Princess Jodha is a devout Hindu forced to marry the Muslim king Akbar who is renowned in all the land as a merciless tyrant. Jodha soon discovers that the ‘Beast’ Akbar is a kind-hearted soul who is completely misunderstood by his subjects and urges him to be more humane and tolerant with his people. 

Disney Princess Belle and Jodha | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


5. Tangled – Rapunzel

Kidnapped by Mother Gothel as an infant Rapunzel spends her time painting, candle making, cooking, reading and brushing her 70-feet long mane of hair waiting for her life to begin. Although Bollywood Princess Aisha portrayed by Sonam Kapoor with her drool worthy luxe-dripping walk-in closet full of coveted labels was not kidnapped she also lives under the shadow of her father who hated marriage. Like Rapunzel’s hair Aisha also gets ‘tangled’ in a web of problems of her own creation until she is rescued by the invaluable advice and guidance of Arjun and realises she is in love with him. 

Disney Princess Rapunzel and Bollywood Princess Aisha | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


6. Aladdin – Jasmine

Tired of her duties as a royal princess and reeling under the crushing pressure of having to marry by her next birthday Jasmine who wants to wed for love rather than money and rebels against her father to be with Aladdin. Similarly Bollywood Princess Dimpy played by Kriti Sanon in Heropanti falls in love with her father’s prisoner Bablu (Tiger Shroff) and defies all odds to be with him. 

Disney Princess Jasmine and Bollywood Princess Dimpy | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


7. Pocahontas

Strong willed and free spirited Pocahontas who inherits those qualities from her dead mother lives life on her own terms and does what she pleases. Having lost her mother at an early age too party girl Veronica played by Deepika Padukone is a Bollywood Princess with the same qualities. Veronica also has little regard for people who judge her wild ways but touches the hearts of those around her with her maturity and sacrifices. 

Disney Princess Pocahontas and Veronica | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


8. The Little Mermaid – Ariel

Mermaid Ariel falls in love with a human prince and makes a deal with an evil witch to give up her half fish body for legs. She sacrifices her sea world for an existence on land but manages to reconcile her two worlds in the end. Ananya played by Alia Bhatt in 2 States fits perfectly into the mould of Ariel. The Bollywood Princess from South India falls head over heels for a North Indian lad and gets embroiled in a dramatic and hilarious balancing act between the two conflicting lifestyles. 

Disney Princess Ariel and Ananya | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


9. Cinderella

The down on her luck and unhappy Cinderella gets her wish granted by her fairy godmother to attend a ball and charms her way into the heart of a prince who doesn’t give up until they get their happily ever after. The rags to riches story of Cinderella resonates with the character of Rosie played by Anushka Sharma in Bombay Velvet. The small town girl who dreams of becoming a famous singer and finds her prince and fairy godmother in Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) who catapults her to stardom and strives to protect her until his last breathe. 


Anushka Sharma as Cinderella | 10 Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


10. The Princess and the Frog – Tiana

A waitress in the Jazz Age, Tiana dreams of one day opening her own restaurant when she gets turned into a frog after kissing Prince Naveen in the form of a frog in the hopes of turning him back to a prince, but only succeeds in turning herself into a frog as well. Dusky beauty Konkana Sen Sharma who plays Sona in Luck By Chance would make a lovely Bollywood Princess Tiana. She supports her boyfriend through trying times and even though they go their own separate ways, in the end they both achieve their dreams of fame and success. 

Disney Princess Tiana and Sona | Bollywood Characters That Would Make Great Disney Princesses


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