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Bride in Red Wedding Lehenga | Which Type of Indian Bride Are You?
Which Type of Indian Bride Are You?
04 th Apr 2016

When we say ‘Indian bride’, the image that forms in most people’s mind is that of a blushing young girl clad in red who walks with her head bent down.

If you too thought so, then sorry to break this to you, but you definitely cannot paint all the brides with the same brush! Each bride is different in her own way and definitely does not have to conform to the 'demure young woman' persona.

There are brides who want to control every aspect of their wedding and will be hyperventilating even on the wedding day while some will just let the others manage the proceedings and go with the flow. So what are the different kinds of Indian brides that you can encounter at weddings? Read on to find out!

The Bindaas Bride

Bindaas Bride | Which Type of Indian Bride Are You?

She will lead the troupe of people who start dancing at the wedding at the drop of a hat. The bindaas bride wants to enjoy every moment of her wedding and maximise the smiles all round. A total opposite of demure and coy, you will find this Indian bride to be outgoing, fun and extremely easy to talk to!

The Sentimental Bride

Wedding days tend to be sentimental for girls because it marks their transition from one family to another, at least in the traditional sense. No wonder that many Indian brides shed tears after the wedding or during the ‘vidai’ ceremony when they are sent off to the husband’s house. But there is another category of brides who will be so brimming with emotions on their wedding day that they will start crying for every small thing that makes them sentimental.

The Bridezilla

Yes, you heard that right. It is a nice little play on the words bride and godzilla because this bride can turn into a monster if she does not have things her way. So keen on getting every bit of their wedding perfect, right down to the border of their lehenga, these brides tend to shout, scream and become unhinged on their wedding day and in the lead up to it. If you are to marry one such woman, don’t let her behaviour scare you - she will be back to normal as soon as the nuptials wrap up! But until then, it is better to let her vent, otherwise, she could bite!

The Romantic Bride

Romantic Bride | Which Type of Indian Bride Are You

She loves to express her feelings for her husband-to-be and can be found stealing glances with the groom even on the day of the wedding. This Indian bride will definitely ask for roses and balloons in the decor and ask for the cheesiest song to be played for the couple dance. You can find her making dreamy expressions while dancing - a la Bollywood brides. If you are a man reading this and are marrying a woman like this, then we guarantee that your life will be filled with extremely cute and cheesy moments and lots of hugs.

The Independent Bride

 Independent Bride | Which Type of Indian Bride Are You

If you find a bride to be steadfast, managing the wedding preparations, her work and also paying for her wedding expenses, then you can safely assume that this Indian bride is the independent kind. Such brides do not ask for much in terms of emotional or financial support. They work out to be amazing equal partners, especially if they have a husband that encourages their ambitions.

The Bollywood Inspired Bride

She wants a Manish Malhotra bridal outfit, wants to play a Kajol-SRK song during the sangeet and definitely wants a dreamy Bollywood-like decor at the wedding - say hello to the filmi bride. Every aspect of her wedding planning revolves around the Indian brides that she has seen on screen and all she aspires for is a wedding that looks as picture perfect as the ones in the movies.

The Stereotypical Coy Bride

Shy Bride | Which Type of Indian Bride Are You

We had to come back to stereotypes, didn’t we? Say all you want, there is a reason for the ‘generic perception’ about Indian brides -  there are indeed many brides who are coy and demure on their wedding day, blushing for just about anything. Some of these Indian brides may not be like that in real life, but tend to put on that ‘shy face’ just for the wedding.

Now that you have seen the kind of brides, which type of Indian bride are you?

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