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What To Pack In Your Bridal Emergency Kit?
What To Pack In Your Bridal Emergency Kit?
26 th Nov 2017

Weddings can be summarised almost perfectly under Murphy’s Law. For the non sci-fi or physics buffs, it simply means that whatever can do wrong will go wrong. No one wants to think of anything going awry after months of meticulous planning but sometimes it’s the goof ups and near calamities that make for unforgettable wedding days and hilarious memories to recount later. If you’re a bride then you’re probably shuddering in horror at the thought of your painstakingly planned wedding ceremonies going caput.

Well, the fact is that no matter how much you plan ahead, it’s humanly impossible to account for each and every eventuality. It’s also not a complete disaster if something insignificant doesn’t work out exactly the way you planned. So don’t drive yourself crazy envisioning every disaster scenario either. What you can do instead is arm yourself with an arsenal of saviours as part of your Bridal Emergency Kit.

There are lots of pre-packaged ones already available if you just can’t handle yet another task. You can also delegate the task to your maid of honour, mom or sibling after making an exhaustive list yourself. After all, it will be one of them who will need to take charge of said kit during the actual proceedings. So it’s practical and efficient for them to know exactly what’s within and why. But if the control freak in you can’t trust someone else with your overly analytical and sometimes rather strange demands then by all means add this to your to-do list and get to it atleast a week before your wedding. We’ve divided it up into nifty categories taking the guesswork and stress out of getting hitched without a hitch.

1. Cleaning Implements

  • Tissues: For all those happy tears, lipstick smears and quick dabs of any minor food or drink spillages.
  • Make Up Wipes/ Wet Wipes: Sometimes a dry tissue just won’t cut it so wipes are great for anything from smudged make up to icky smelly body parts.
  • Detergent Sticks: Don’t let something like stains on your outfit ruin your mood. Even if you’re being extra careful an odd spot here or there is sometimes unavoidable. Something like Tide To Go sticks will make it easier to clean up sudden spills before they become catastrophic.
  • Dental Floss/Tooth Picks: There will be a lot of eating and drinking at an Indian wedding so keep these handy to quickly get rid of any unsightly food stuck between your teeth. 

Bridal Emergency Kit | Cleaning Implements

Cleaning Implement For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

2. Personal Hygiene

  • Deodorant & Perfume: Dancing is mandatory at Indian weddings so pack mini versions of your favourite scents to avoid smelling like you just hit the gym.
  • Breath Mints: Just like dancing, scrumptious food with strong flavours is another Indian wedding pre-requisite. Keeping some breath mints handy and discreetly chewing on them will prevent the dreaded foul smelling mouth when you greet guests or worse when you want to sneak a kiss with your to-be.
  • Tampons, Sanitary Napkins & Panty Liners: All the stress of wedding planning and the sheer physical exhaustion of the wedding celebrations can sometimes wreck havoc with your cycle so be prepared if Aunt Flo comes calling unexpectedly.
  • Hand Sanitizer: No, you’re not a germophobe for wanting to steer clear of nasties that can get you violently ill. Especially when you’re shaking so many hands and coming in contact with so many people at once.
  • Razor & Tweezers: You’ll obviously have taken care of all major waxing, shaving and plucking well in advance but these can be lifesavers for any missed spots or random errant hairs.

Bridal Emergency Kit | Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene Products For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

3. Hair & Make Up Touch Ups

  • Hairspray, Bobby Pins & Comb: Your hairdresser will leave your locks looking luscious but few hours of twirling and head shaking is likely to leave your do in need of a fix up.
  • Foundation & Concealer: Your make up artist too will use every setting spray on the planet to keep your flawless face going but some retouching might be necessary after a vigorous few hours on the dance floor.
  • Lipstick: There is no long lasting formula that can withstand the air kissing, actual kissing and eating action of an Indian wedding so come prepared. It may not be possible to change this one item everyday so carry a neutral pink or nude shade that will work with all your outfits.
  • Mascara & Eye Liner: Falsies can sometimes fail you or simply become too uncomfortable after too many hours. Take them off and fix things yourself rather than suffering.

Bridal Emergency Kit | Make Up & Hair Touch Up

Hair & Make Up Touch Up Prodcuts For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

4. Wardrobe Essentials

  • Shoe Pads & Heels Protectors: Both immensely necessary when you will be spending a lot of time on your feet and/or walking on uneven surfaces like grass lawns.
  • Spare Underwear: You might not always have time to head back to your room or home for outfit changes in between functions. Pack a basic pair just in case the one your carried looks off with the new outfit.
  • Fashion Tape: For all those plunging necklines, thin straps and potentially embarrassment causing cuts and silhouettes.
  • Sewing Kits: Some accidents like ripped buttons, hooks or zips aren’t easily fixed by fashion tape. You (or anyone else in your bridal party) don’t need to be a master seamstress, just good enough to ensure the broken fixture survives the duration of the event.

Bridal Emergency Kit | Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials For Your Bridal Emergency Kit

5. Medical Supplies

  • Band Aids: Because shoe bites, superficial cuts and minimal scratches are all too common and you might not have the luxury of being within easy reach of a first aid kit.
  • Aspirin/Paracetamol: All the late nights, drinking and long waking hours are likely to cause your body to retaliate with basic aches and pains. Don’t let them get you down and pop a pill so you can continue to enjoy.
  • Routine or prescription medicines: If you’re taking any pills everyday then under no circumstances should you ignore or forget to take them during the wedding. You don’t want to risk being sick and ruin everything for yourself.
  • Bug Spray: If you plan on being outdoors or at some exotic locale then it’s a good idea to carry something that will repel any irritation causing creatures like mosquitoes or any other creepy crawlies.
  • Healthy Snacks & Water: It’s surprising how many brides and bridal parties don’t realise the importance of nibbling on something and staying hydrated while getting dressed for all the occasions. Avoid any dramatic dizzy spells, light-headedness and nausea by making sure you’re munching on energy giving, non-staining or potentially spillage causing small bites like nuts or protein bars. Stick with good old fashioned H2O for pre-party libations and save yourself from a dreaded hangover the next day.

Bridal Emergency Kit | Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies For Your Bridal Emergency Kit




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