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What Kind Of 2019 Bride Are You?
What Kind Of 2019 Indian Bride Are You?
10 th Apr 2019

The lead up to your wedding is all about all sorts of questions. Which season? What date? Which venue? What kind of food? What sort of décor? etc etc etc. The amounts of endless decisions to be made by a would-be bride are enough to send even the most decisive woman into a dizzy spell of confusion and panic. So you might have been freaked out by yet another question staring back at you in the form of a blog post. If you’ve made it this far you’re clearly made of sterner stuff and we haven’t scared you off. Because the wonderful thing about this particular question is that there is no right or even single answer.

The kind of bride you want to be will be totally based on your personality and tastes. You could be a single sort of Indian bride throughout your wedding and curate all your looks based solely on that one style. But you could also be different Indian brides every single day. While many people might think wedding celebrations that last for days are totally tiresome, we kind of dig that fact about Indian weddings. Simply because the stylista within us cannot pass up the opportunity to spread those fashion wings and play dress up.

Additionally there has never been a better time to be a bride thanks to all the mega Indian celebrity weddings that just happened recently. Providing goals and inspirations galore for brides everywhere. The sheer amount of variety might intimate some people but we love the fact that each of our favourite stars gave us looks that were a complete refection of their true selves. It makes it that much more exciting to conjure up all the possibilities of the sort of bride that appeals to you the most and the ensembles that can reflect that aesthetic.

The stars with their high profile connections and deep pockets can invest in stylists and designers to personally put together their desired wedding looks. But with a little research and some keen deal spotting, it’s not difficult for any bride to look just as ravishing as any celebrity bride. The idea is to capture the essence of a look rather than try to imitate it completely. Not only will an exact copy look sort of ridiculous but it will also defeat the purpose of the bridal look having your personal touch. Try instead to understand the kind of bride your favourite celebrity is playing for a particular event and pick up key lessons from their looks to play the same part.

The Indian Traditional Ethnic Bride

Often touted, as the most common sort of bride, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional bride. This look is a timeless classic that is immune to looking dated especially if done elegantly. A lot of Indian brides often choose to play this part for their actual wedding ceremony because it’s a no brainer.

The ambience of the rituals of an Indian wedding makes it the ideal setting for an all-out ethnic ensemble. Red is the most iconic colour for Indian brides and the fact that it flatters Indian skin is just one of the many reasons. The hue looks stunning in pictures and blends seamlessly with the décor at an Indian wedding. If you’re keen on a totally traditional look avoid any kind of modern embroideries, fabrics and jewellery. Stick with the tried and tested styles and you’ll look back at your wedding photos 30 years later and still find them relevant.

Brides 2019 | Traditional Ethnic Bride

Priyanka Chopra In Sabysachi Mukherjee

Sonam Kapoor In Anuradha Vakil

The Colour Crazy Indian Bride

A single hue like red is wonderful but for some brides it’s all about bold contrasts. A basic standard colour will just not do for them or they might just want to go a bit colour crazy for one of the events leading upto the wedding. Standard primary Indian colours like red, yellow, green and blue always mesh together beautifully but don’t be afraid to try out some refreshing new combinations.

Keep the time of the event in mind when choosing your colours by opting for bright hues for the day and darker shades for the night. It’s also equally important to ensure that the colours flatter your own complexion. You’ll be surprised how easy it is for too many colours to totally overpower you making it look like the outfit is wearing you rather than you wearing the outfit. Forget about any statement jewellery and stick with dainty pieces in a basic colour.

Brides 2019 | Colour Crazy Bride

Priyanka Chopra In Abu Jaani Sandeep Khosla

Anushka Sharma In Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The Indian Indo-Fusion Bride

The world of fashion is truly an oyster for this sort of bride because she doesn’t care about fitting into any boxes. For an indo-fusion bridal look there are fewer rules to abide by and that makes it extremely appealing to Indian girls these days. The idea is to keep the look primarily Indian while playing with components like the fabric, embroidery, styling and colour of the outfit to give it a different appeal.

You could pick a solid colour or a combination of shades but remember that an indo-fusion look is more about the different textures than an overpowering colour. Mixed embroideries, cutting edge stitching techniques and a blend of interesting fabrics are the key elements to successfully execute an indo-fusion bridal look.

Brides 2019 | Indo-Fusion Bride

Anushka Sharma In Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Priyanka Chopra In Falguni & Shane Peacock

The Modern Contemporary Indian Bride

This sort of aesthetic is extremely versatile and comfortable for young Indian girls as it’s a very instinctive way of dressing. If you’re all about jeans, tees, crop tops, joggers and high-waist skirts then you’ll feel most at ease as the modern contemporary bride. The biggest differentiator between this kind of bride and the indo-fusion bride is the silhouette. While the indo-fusion bride will still work with more traditional cuts, the modern contemporary bride will differentiate herself by going decidedly more western in the overall styling.

The modern contemporary bride isn’t shy about wearing bolder shapes but is also mindful of picking richer hues and lighter embroideries to keep the focus on the impeccable tailoring. With more and more Indian designers picking up western ideas from international labels it might be much easier than you imagined to embody this sort of bride especially for more formal events like the sangeet or reception.

Brides 2019 | Modern Contemporary Bride

Anushka Sharma In Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Priyanka Chopra In Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sonam Kapoor In Anamika Khanna

The Experimental Indian Bride

For the brides who want to stand out completely and are keen to work with out-of-the-box ideas, the experimental bride adage does complete justice to their style. This kind of bride doesn’t follow any rules albeit ones she sets for herself. It’s all about breaking conventions with her ensembles while also expressing herself through her choices. If you’re a trendsetter or an early adopter of anything new then you’ll most likely gravitate towards this sort of look for your own wedding celebrations.

These looks need a lot of painstaking research and planning followed up with flawless execution. But if you’re after the ultimate in bridal goals then it’s well worth the effort. There are no shortcuts with being the experimental bride so you must start working on your looks well in advance and allow plenty of time for trial and error. It might also be immensely helpful to keep an idea journal where you can pin and jot down your style inspirations before you finalise the entire ensemble. This sort of experimentation can be very hit or miss so be prepared for some brickbats from people who just don’t get it. Although if you’ve chosen to go down this path then you’re probably not much of a people pleaser anyway so you do you, girl!

Brides 2019 | Experimental Bride

Deepika Padukone In Zuhair Murad & Sabyasachi Mukherjee



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