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What to Expect at a Traditional Indian Wedding | Indian Wedding Ceremony
What to Expect at a Traditional Indian Wedding
07 th Jun 2015

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate and extravagant celebrations, and are traditionally multi-day events.

This is mainly because Indian weddings involve many intricate ceremonies that are spread across a number of days, such as the painting of the feet and hands of the bride to-be, known as the mehndi, to name just one!

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As all weddings do, Indian weddings have many traditions other than just a perfect Indian bridal look, one of which is the giving of garlands to guests of honour instead of corsages, as well as heaps of rose and flower petals being tossed for good luck.

Apart from the main Indian bridal look, there are also many, many other looks to keep up with, as Indian wedding is traditionally divided into three individual parts: the pre-wedding, the main event, and the post-wedding. So there’s plenty of time to celebrate throughout all of these stages!

What to Expect at a Traditional Indian Wedding | Indian Ceremony

Here are the top things you can expect at a traditional Indian wedding:

1. They'll probably be 300 people at the wedding

Indian weddings tend to become hugely social events where nearly every person that has some sort of relation to the family is invited, even people that they may not of spoken to in 5 years! Indian weddings are very family orientated, so obviously it is very important not to neglect loved ones from being apart of such an important and joyous event, but saying that, it is also okay if they don’t invite your mother’s second cousin’s daughter’s son!

What to Expect at a Traditional Indian Wedding | Hindu Wedding

2. Clear your schedule; it’s a 3 day plus celebration!

So start by saving your vacation days up at work and make sure you set your out-of-office email accordingly! Because Indian weddings certainly are not short.

3. You will need a new Indian bridal look for each event

When attending a wedding, you obviously want to stand out and look great with your chosen indian bridal look, but this also means you’ll will need new clothes for every different event which takes place on each different day, and that mean’s you’ll also need a variety of accessories to match every new outfit for each event. (Scary, isn’t it!) So by the time an Indian wedding is over, you can expect very sore ears from extravagant heavy earrings, at least one or two red marks on your body from taking each embellished outfit off, a hurting head from all the hairstyles with hundreds of bobby pins and clips, and definitely sore feet from the heels or various uncomfortable champals. As fun as this sounds, there is definitely such a thing as too many outfits, trust me!

What to Expect at a Traditional Indian Wedding | Indian Bridal Look


Now you know what to expect at each ceremony, go on over to our Outfit Generator to find the perfect outfit you could wear.


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