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JJ Valaya India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 I Warm Up With Indian Winter Wedding Dresses
Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses
20 th Dec 2015

Going by the old adage ‘cold hands, warm heart’, winter promises to bring out the inner warmth in everyone. Winters are usually pleasant in most parts of India. People favour tying the knot during this cosy time of the year over the harsh tropical summers.

Over the discomfort of fine bejewelled attires in summer, and the peeve of sweltering heat, a lovely winter wedding seems to be just perfect and romantic. But, what about that fashion statement you were planning for the wedding! Well the unfortunate con of a winter wedding is that you will have to put away all your trendy backless cholis, the waist highlighting lehengas and that dress with a plunging neckline.

The thought of hiding an ultra glam outfit behind layers of winter wear is dreadful. However, there is hope for all the fashionistas who want to make their mark at a winter wedding. By following some guidelines, you can create an irresistible ensemble comprising of exclusive Indian winter wedding dresses, which will make the summer wedding attires look pallid.

The amazing Indian winter wedding dresses will help you avoid showing off a sweater at the wedding. After all, who would like to bundle up, when bespoke weather-ready Indian winter wedding dresses that are high on style quotient can keep you as warm as toast!

The Winter Blouse

When it comes to an Indian wedding, sarees and lehengas are usually the favourites. A perfect blouse always builds the saree or the lehenga look. So, Indian winter wedding dresses need the accent of a sleeved blouse to enhance the glamour.

Keep your daring backless and sleeveless cholis for warmer weathers. A well coordinated blouse with ample coverage can also uplift the wedding look. The blouse can have amazing embellishments, panelling or hue play. Choose the right blouse to display the look that best describes you, like a traditional bejewelled blouse, a contemporary sleek blouse or an updated fusion one.

For a blouse, coordination is key, and a perfect matching blouse is the ultimate makeover for Indian winter wedding dresses.

The picture below illustrates the winter blouse looks that can be carried with a saree or a lehenga.

Priti Sahni and Kanelle's Sleeved Blouses I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Lehengas with Sleeved blouses I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

You can also mix and match beautiful western tops in your wardrobe with ethnic outfits to create some out of the world Indian winter wedding dresses. Here are some fusion suggestions that will not fail to impress.

Ideas for tunics and saree pair I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Comfort Of Layering

Layering is an advocated look for winter and you can bring the drama of layers in the Indian winter wedding dresses. The premium fashion shows have been celebrating the layered look on Indian attires. Jackets and capes on sarees and lehengas look uber elegant. You can always experiment with different lengths of jackets on palazzos, trousers and skirts as well, to get the perfect Indian wedding look.

The jacket style can also be varied - one can sport a trench, a blazer or a peplum coat. The basic saree or lehenga can be kept minimalistic with extraordinary embellishments on the stylish outer layers.

Embellished jackets over sarees, lehengas and pants I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Jackets and Capes for Winter Wedding dresses I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Warmth Of Anarkalis

Anarkalis with their long floor grazing lengths, churidar pants and stole make for perfect Indian winter wedding dresses. Long sleeved, and collared or high neck, anarkalis are suitable for lower temperatures. The Anarkali look can be taken up a notch up with well paired jackets or shawls.

Anarkalis for Winter Wedding I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Cover Up With Shawls

The Indian outfits like lehengas, anarkalis and salwar suits look incomplete without a stole. The stole can be replaced with beautiful shawls to stay warm during cold winter nights. You can also opt for heavier brocade or velvet stoles, which will keep the chills away.

A Karachi dupatta with woollen thread work will look mesmerising, when thrown over any matched outfit. To add interest and warmth a beautiful Jamawar pashmina shawl with elaborate patterns, is also a great choice. Shawls are a great way to transform any outfit into Indian winter wedding dresses.

Shawls for a Winter Wedding I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Here’s our Bollywood fashionista with a shawl at a friend’s wedding. The adjacent picture shows models from Sanjay Garg's 'Mashru' collection, which brimmed with stole wrapped looks.

Sonam Kappor in shawl and Sanjay Garg's Stoled looks I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Warmer Fabrics

It is better to consider warmer fabrics like silk, satin, thick georgette or velvet for Indian winter wedding dresses. These fabrics will offer the needed warmth, giving equal regard to the festive look that you intend to put on. The dual benefit can also be achieved through fabrics like brocade for a winter wedding.

Even if you are opting for lighter fabrics like chiffon and net, feeling partial to their stunning cascade, ensure that the attire uses thick lining materials to keep you warm.

Wedding Attires in Warmer fabrics like velvet I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

Western Inspired Fusion Outfits

Outfits with western silhouettes can also become picks for alluring winter wedding looks. Jackets or tunics with leggings, trousers or dhoti pants and long skirts paired with trendy winter blouses can become wonderful Indian winter wedding dresses.  Another great option would be floor length gowns with sufficient conceal on the top.

Western fusion silhouettes for Indian Weddings I Warm Up with Indian Winter Wedding Dresses

An extra insurance of thermals and stockings underneath the uber luxury outfits can retain the comfort factor when the temperatures are dipping. Pair your looks with traditional toe covering juttis and you are all ready for an Indian winter wedding.

The winter evokes a craving for everything warm like a cuppa chai, piping hot bhajiyas and hugs from loved ones. So, the season is a perfect time to start a new journey with the love of your life, and to celebrate the warmth of being surrounded by friends and family.

For fashion to be sustainable, comfort and wearability play important roles and the Indian winter wedding dresses aim at optimising these factors. So this winter wedding season, stay warm and cosy while nailing the looks with Indian winter wedding dresses.

The northern Indian regions are heading towards some record low temperatures this winter, and I hope our dear brides from the North are taking notes to plan their picture perfect winter wedding.  

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