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Wacky Bridal Sarees for the New Age Bride | Wacky Bridal Saree Top Picks from the Runway
Wacky Bridal Sarees for the New Age Bride
21 st Jul 2015

The new age Indian bride is looking for outfits that are cool, quirky and fashionable, giving her a look that has never been seen before at a wedding. In a bid to get this ‘unique and offbeat’ look, brides are even ready to try out Indian saree styles that are wacky and unconventional.

Funky prints, contemporary drapes and snazzy embellishments mean that these sarees become conversation starters and before you know it, raise the bar higher for the next bride to outdo.

We are all for experimenting with new age Indian saree styles for high fashion events like the mehendi, sangeet or the cocktail party where there is scope for trying something new.

So if you are in the mood for trying new saree styles and designs, here is a look at some Indian saree styles that we have carefully picked for you.

Golden Dhoti Style Saree

Wacky Bridal Sarees for the New Age Bride - Dhoti Saree

Gold is the new red this season when it comes to bridal wear. Staying in sync with the latest trend, we’ve picked out this dazzling golden Tarun Tahiliani saree. What sets it apart is its dhoti style drape, off shoulder blouse and shimmering golden pallu. We love its unique silhouette and think that it will make for a fantastic outfit for a pre-wedding event.

Black Sheer Saree with Jacket

Wacky Bridal Sarees for the New Age Bride - Rohit Bal

We picked this exotic black saree by Rohit Bal since we are enamoured by the exquisite karigari – that’s the name of the collection – on it. Karigari means craftsmanship and this saree stands testimony to the enviable skill that the Indian craftsmen possess which translates beautifully into a spectacular design on the saree. Adapting the latest Indian saree style of including a jacket in the outfit, this saree has a blouse with a plunging neckline layered with a knee length plush velvet jacket. A saree like this is perfect for a cocktail party or a post-wedding event.

Multicoloured Africa Inspired Saree

Wacky Bridal Sarees for the New Age Bride - African Prints

This JJ Valaya saree donned by Shraddha Kapoor is as wacky as a saree can get. It’s got a multitude of hues, animal prints and not to forget, an embroidered coat over all this to give it a rich look. Be it due to the Africa inspired prints or the multicolour coat with red trimmings, this saree stands out in the crowd and is the ultimate option if wacky is what you want!

Image credit: thedelhibride, sareedreams, fashionworld-hamood, zohra

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