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Understated Elegance - A White Indian Wedding Dress
23 rd Sep 2014

The classic colour for the bride at an Indian wedding is Red. Every girl dreams of the day she will be dressed in all her finery in an orante vermillion ensemble. That being said, the modern bride is certainly more willing to experiment with a lighter colour palette including peach, sky blue, salmon pink and even white!!


The versatile colour that white is, it can be teamed up with contrasting colours, gold/silver embellishments as well as ornate jewellery, in so many ways. Several variations of white Indian wedding dresses are now being designed by leading fashion designers to cater to this changing colour sensibility. These real brides offer some inspiration to those looking to dress in a white Indian wedding dress:

Celebrated designer Anita Dongre has created white Indian wedding dresses with traditional Indian handiwork that are both elegant and regal. Here are some styles that you can shop at Strand of Silk,


The beige and off-white versions of this pristine colour are also gaining wide popularity. Close enough to white, but not quite, yet retaining all the charm and grace. Traditional Indian families migtht frown on pure white, but variations of this theme could be quite interesting. This real bride's gorgeous look shows us why!

This off-white Indian wedding dress designed by Siddharta Tytler for Bridal Asia brings together a contemporary silhouette and age-old embroidery techniques in one ensemble! We love the elegant and simple play on colours and the fact that the essence of the base colour has not been over-shadowed.

The floor length anarkali has also become a popular wedding ensemble. Voluminous and extensively embellished, it is very akin to a lehenga-choli, except, the blouse and skirt are attached. The Anarkali is more conservative because it covers the entire top half of the body, but don't let that stop you from experimenting with the cut! Here are some Bollywood celebrities who show how it can be worn with elan.

Gown-based alternatives to ethnic white Indian wedding dresses are also now to be seen extensively, owing to their light-weight. These styles are more silhouette focused than embellishment focused, as tneds to be the case in a lot of traditional styles. These styles are also very popular for mixed-couples as they tend to bring together cultural elements beautifully. They can be worn on the day of the wedding for the ceremony, evening reception or the cocktail party!

In them, the bride can dance the night away without being weighed down by her dress. International designers create ethereal white dresses using elements from the east in their creations.


Designers closer to home, and more specifically, Indian Designers, have a unique take on this style. Here are some of our favourites that you can shop with us,


Let's not forget about the significant other for the big day. Men looking to match their lady love on their wedding day, can do so in white as well. Traditionally, just like for the bride, variations around white are opted for by the grooms. Currently, we're loving these well-tailored outfits by Siddarta Tytler.

Suitable for every season, the white Indian wedding dress is sure to make you glow on your special day. We hope to have given you the best dress options in this colour for when you plan your wedding. Share your thoughts, comments, feedback, etc. in the comments - we read them all!

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