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The Ultimate Bridal Ensemble Checklist for Indian Brides
The Ultimate Bridal Ensemble Checklist for Indian Brides
14 th Nov 2014

For all the Indian brides reading this, now that your wedding date is set, it is time to bring out the notepad to start making those endless lists about your clothes, makeup and accessories. The need to have a checklist arises from the fact that you want to look nothing less than perfect on your wedding day.

The advantage of a list is that you will not miss any detail. A list will also give you a clear picture of how much work is pending as you countdown to your wedding. We’re telling you what we think should be foremost on the list as you draw up the Ultimate Bridal Ensemble checklist. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Get Ideas - Take to Pinterest

The first thing every bride-to-be should do is to get on Pinterest if you are not already there. Browse through boards that feature pretty Indian brides. The gorgeous Indian bridal dresses and Indian brides bejewelled in finery will give you ideas and inspiration about what you want your bridal look to be like. Go on a pinning spree so that you can hoard all the inspiration in one place. While you are at it, do take a look at our inspiring indian wedding boards here.

2. List All the Events during the Wedding

Indian weddings are gala affairs that can be spread over a couple of days or more, what with ceremonies like the haldi, sangeet, mehendi and pheras and other gatherings like a pre-wedding party or a post-wedding reception. So make a list of all the events during your wedding so that you can plan your Indian bridal dresses accordingly.

3. Decide on the Outfits

Bridal outfits - The Ultimate Bridal Checklist for Indian Brides

Are you going to wear an Anarkali or a lehenga for the sangeet? Is it going to be a pre-draped saree or a regular saree for the reception? Indian brides have the advantage of having plenty of options when it comes to Indian bridal dresses but the options can also turn out to be confusing. So for complete clarity, make a list of the outfits that you will be shopping for, event-wise. Don’t wear the same kind of outfits for all the events. Have a good mix of all kinds of Indian bridal dresses - sarees, anarkali suits and lehengas in your trousseau.

4. Accessories

Bridal Accessories -

Indian bridal dresses are incomplete without Indian wedding jewellery. Shop for unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that are versatile and eye-catching.Once you have bought your outfits, start shopping for accessories like bangles and earrings that you want to match with your clothes. Invest in a dressy clutch that will take the ensemble to a whole new level. Don’t forget anklets and the maang tika since they are a must have for Indian brides.

5. Space out your Shopping Sprees

Our advice to Indian brides is to start their shopping ahead of time and to space out the purchases. This will give you time to pause and consider all the options well while picking Indian bridal dresses or jewellery. If you are looking to buy your entire trousseau in one go, then let us tell you that it is not at all a good idea. If you go looking for one outfit at a time, you will be able to pick timeless classic pieces without having to compromise on your preferences.

A more convenient way would be to shop online. At Strand of Silk, we offer brides-to-be an unmatchable experience when it comes to options and convenience. All our bridal outfits can be customised according to your preferences and can be made to order to fit you like a dream! Just imagine, buying all your Indian bridal dresses from the convenience of your home or office with complete peace of mind! An early start will give you enough time to go through a round of trial for fit and alteration if need be.

6. Find the Right Makeup Artist

Once you have bought your Indian bridal dresses and accessories, the person who helps you put the look together is your makeup artist. Finding a good makeup artist is like finding a soulmate – they are so hard to come by. However, you should be able to talk to friends to get recommendations and zero in on ‘the one’ after a round of testing sessions with all of them.

Once you have decided on the makeup artist, you can go over the previous work she has done with Indian brides and see which look you like the most. Do a couple of trial sessions where you try out your entire bridal ensemble with different kinds of hairdos and makeup to get the look you want to achieve on your D-day.

7. Enjoy Your Time

We just want to tell all of you Indian brides-to-be to have a good time as you count down to your wedding. Get pampered, spend quality time with friends and family and keep calm at all times. Indulge in exercise and clean eating as you get closer to the wedding date – this will certainly add a glow to your face. Last but not the least, don’t forget to smile. A smiling bride is a beautiful bride.


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