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Types of Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets That We Totally Love
17 th Jun 2016

For any bride, the jewellery that she wears on her wedding day is the second most important thing after her outfit. Every would-be bride is on the lookout for exquisite pieces of jewellery that she can pair with her bridal lehenga  or saree in order to look stunning on the day of her wedding.

If you have not yet started shopping for your jewellery and are scouting for options, we bring to you here some of the Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love.

Polki Wedding Set

Among Indian wedding jewellery sets, polki jewellery is the most popular, thanks to its extensive appearance in glamorous events and movies. Polki is nothing but uncut diamond that is extremely precious both due to its rarity and the high level of craftsmanship that goes into making the jewellery.

Due to its value and the traditional design, polki jewellery is regarded as an heirloom piece, passed on from one generation to another. Polki Indian wedding jewellery sets which go beautifully with both sarees and bridal lehengas.

Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love - Polki Wedding Jewellery.jpg

We love the Polki set complete with pearls, emeralds and enamel work that adorned Shilpa Shetty on the occasion of her wedding. Not only did it look regal, but it also added a lot of sparkle to her outfit.

Diamond Wedding Set

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends and not without reason. They are rare, precious and are forever. So it is but natural for a bride to want diamond jewellery for an occasion as special as her wedding. The beauty of diamond Indian wedding jewellery sets is that they can be paired not just with bridal lehengas and sarees but also with gowns and dresses.

Here is a gorgeous diamond and emerald set from Diagold that is sure to make heads turn at your wedding. The play of light between the beautifully cut emeralds and the shimmering diamonds will sure leave you dazzling on the day of your wedding.

Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love - Diamond Indian Bridal Jewellery Set.png

Gold Wedding Set

While stones, diamonds and pearls have found favour among the north Indians, the south Indian bridal jewellery is quintessentially pure gold. Stacks of beautifully crafted bangles, layers of necklaces in different lengths and heavy earrings are an integral part of south Indian wedding jewellery sets.

Some brides also add a maang tika to the ensemble. Even though the jewellery is primarily designed for the saree wearing south Indian bride, they do look good on bridal lehengas too.


Aishwarya Rai Gold Jewellery Set | Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets That We Totally Love

If you are going in for south Indian wedding jewellery sets, we suggest you pick pieces that look as great individually as they do when they are worn together.

Semi-Precious Stones Wedding Set

For those women looking for chunky or heavy pieces of jewellery with a lot of shine and shimmer, an option is to pick Indian wedding jewellery sets in semi-precious stones.

Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love - Semi Precious Stone Indian Bridal Jewellery.jpg

Here is a set we love. The necklace and earrings with white and red stones matched beautifully with the red bridal lehenga. Styles such as these give you the option of picking jewellery that completely complements your outfit. What’s more, they come in elaborate designs that make you stand out on the most important day of your life.

Antique Gold Wedding Set

A trend that is popular now is to wear Indian wedding jewellery sets in an antique gold design and finish. The pieces are heavy, rich and chunky and often feature popular deities in the design – be it the pendant or the bangles. Some brides go a step further and wear armbands and waistbands in similar styles.

The trend is more popular among the Kanjeevaram saree wearing Indian brides than the ones who wear bridal lehengas, evidently because the design and style pairs well with silk sarees.

Indian wedding jewellery sets that we totally love - Antique Gold Wedding Set.png

The designs are intricate and elaborate and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into making this kind of jewellery is befitting a bride.

Bridal jewellery is something that you will cherish for many years to come. When you are out shopping for your wedding jewellery, carefully pick out unique pieces that won’t just complement your bridal outfit but will also make a statement on the day of your wedding. So what is the style that goes well with your bridal outfit? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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