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Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses for the Bride
15 th Oct 2014

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are as varied and diverse as the people of the country. While a north Indian wedding would feature a bride in a wedding lehenga-choli with an elaborate dupatta, a south Indian bride would most probably be decked in an opulent Kanjeevaram saree paired with temple jewellery. The traditional Indian wedding dresses vary with the customs and the rituals that are a part of the wedding ceremony.

Traditional Indian wedding dresses are made from fabrics in bright and festive hues of red, green or yellow. Red and yellow are considered to be auspicious in the Indian tradition while green stands for fertility. Since every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, Indian wedding dresses are adorned with elaborate, intricate and rich embellishments. Exquisite zardosi work, scintillating sequins and Swarovski crystals and rich gold zari borders are some of the elements that grace every traditional Indian wedding dress.

Paired with the right kind of jewellery and makeup, these outfits have the potential to transform you into a dazzling diva on your wedding day. If you are curious to know what the brides in different parts of India wear for their wedding, here is a sneak peek.

Wedding Lehenga

A wedding lehenga comprises of an elaborate skirt, a short or long blouse called the choli and a dupatta. The dupatta is either draped over the choli or over the head. All the pieces of the ensemble feature ornate craftsmanship – be it embroidery, sequins or zardosi work – making the outfit not just breath taking, but also heavy and opulent. The exquisite detailing and the rich fabrics make these traditional Indian wedding dresses timeless and valuable. No wonder that wedding outfits are passed on from one generation to another as heirlooms. With the increasing popularity of Bollywood inspired wedding outfits, of late, one can see more and more women opting for wedding lehengas for their big day.

If the thought of a wearing a wedding lehenga excites you, then you should take a look at some of the choicest lehengas we have on offer for you. We recommend this classic and elegant embroidered lehenga that will make you look stunning and gorgeous on your wedding day.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses for the Bride - Orange and Red Lehenga


Wedding Saree

The saree is the most popular traditional Indian wedding dress. The six yards of woven magic is a part of every bride’s trousseau. However, every part of the country has a different style of draping the saree for the wedding ritual. Here is a look at some of the traditional ways in which the saree is draped across different parts of the country.

Bengali Wedding Saree

Red and pink are favoured colours for the bridal saree during a Bengali wedding. Bengali brides traditionally wear a Benarasi saree for their weddings. The Bengali saree is not stiffly draped and fewer pleats and softer lines. The rich splendour of the pallu is displayed by pinning it to the right shoulder. Even if you are not a Bengali, a traditional red and white saree is a worthy addition to your wardrobe.

Tamil and Maharashtrian Wedding Saree

The traditional Indian wedding dress of the southern part of India is also the saree. South Indian weddings are resplendent with rich silks and shimmering gold jewellery. The silk sarees are mostly from Kanjeevaram with zari borders. Some brides wear a beige or white saree with a gold zari border. Tamil brides wear a unique saree during their wedding which is nine yards in length and is draped differently from the normal saree and looks gorgeous when paired with temple jewellery.

A Maharashtrian bride also wears a nine yards saree, albeit draped differently. Both the sarees are extremely comfortable for the busy wedding day since they are draped like a pant around the legs and are easy to walk about in.

Gujarati Wedding Saree

Among the traditional Indian wedding dresses, Gujarati sarees are the most recognisable due to their widespread popularity. These sarees feature traditional technique called Bandhej where the fabric is tied in knots and dyed to create stunning patterns on it. In this style, the pallu is draped on the blouse from back to front to show off the exquisite detailing on it.  Here is a striking Bandhej saree by Saroj Jalan so that you get an idea about how beautiful Gujarati sarees can be. Exquisite zari embroidery adorns the border of the saree whose body is painstakingly made with the tie and dye method. 

Traditional Bridal Wear for Women | Bandhej pink and green saree

Wedding Salwar Kameez

Many Indian brides wear salwar-kameez-dupatta on their wedding day, especially in North India. Brides prefer the sheer comfort that the ensemble lends, making it a perfect choice for the wedding. When paired with the right kind of jewellery and dupatta, the salwar-kameez can make you look ravishing. If comfort and ease of wearing score high on your list, then you should totally go in for a salwar-kameez for the wedding, a la Punjabi brides.

Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses for the Bride | Red Floor-length Anarkali


If comfort and ease of wearing score high on your list, then you should totally go in for a salwar-kameez or an anarkali suit for the wedding - they are both lavish and comfortable at the same time! 

These traditional Indian wedding dresses have for ages been a part of the wedding rituals in India. One thing we can guarantee about these outfits is that they will never go out of style. So without further ado, pick your favourite style and make it a part of your wedding trousseau. 

Images: Pinterest, Tribune India, Strand of Silk

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