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Totally Adorbs (And Unique) Couple Portrait Poses
Totally Adorbs (And Unique) Couple Portrait Poses
08 th Aug 2018

It can get incredibly awkward and even embarrassing to suddenly pose for couple pictures at your wedding or at the pre-wedding photo shoot. Even if you both have known each other forever and have crazy hot-off-the-charts chemistry, displaying it in front of the camera might put a dampener on things. Things are weirder still if your romance was short lived and you’re still getting to know each other. Neither are all couples into Bollywood-esque cheesy poses that look downright hilarious when replicated.

The most important thing with couple poses is to be completely at ease. This will not only include a certain level of physical comfort between both of you but also a shared sense of security with the surroundings and the photographer. Sometimes having friends around to cheer you on might help and at other times it might be out-and-out disastrous because your friends won’t stop making wise cracks. Lastly, if either one or both of you tend to be a bit high strung then a little liquid courage will help move things along and get you those photo-frame worthy clicks.

Many couples might have all of the above sorted but will not think of WHAT they will do when they’re actually in front of the camera. Models and actors might make it seem very effortless but there is a large amount of work that goes into being confident when faced with the lens. You might not be aspiring for super model perfection but awkward expressions and weird body language aren’t going to help either. So it’s best to have a game plan in place for a few possible angles, settings and shots that you both feel most comfortable executing.

Yes, we realize that just googling couple pictures lands you in a minefield of some very cringe worthy images especially if you aren’t the corny sort. And that’s exactly why we have compiled a list of cute yet unique couple poses that are sure to appeal to even the most cynical amongst you. 

Candid Couple Portrait Poses

Perhaps the easiest in the list are candid shots that require zero effort. The beauty of these pictures is that they capture a perfect moment between two people without them realizing it. Some photographers will insist and even excel at capturing such moments but you also run the risk of having too few genuine emotions being caught on camera. You could attempt to create a candid picture as long as you both have the ability of looking effortless while doing it.

Unique Poses | Candid 1

Candid Couple Picture Ideas

Unique Poses | Candid 2

Candid Couple Picture Ideas

Unique Poses | Candid 3

Candid Couple Picture Ideas

Goofy Mixed Emotions Couple Portrait Poses

If ‘planned candid’ pictures seem a bit too contrived to you then the next best thing is to embrace the humour. An impending or in-progress wedding is a hot bed for mixed emotions so why not express them in your photos? It’s not all roses and champagne but a lot of anxiety and stress as well so let your inner sarcasm take over for a while and come up with witty poses that are anything but lovey-dovey.

Unique Poses | Mixed Emotions 1

Mixed Emotions Couple Poses

Unique Poses | Mixed Emotions 2

Mixed Emotions Couple Poses

Imaginary Superman Couple Portrait Poses

From the completely realistic to the totally imaginary there is no limit to your creativity with the magic of CGI and Photoshop. If basic couple pictures are way too passé for your modern selves then you can easily makeup your own reality and be whoever you want to be in it. Pick themes from your favourite super heroes, sports stars, cartoons, movies, games or anything else your heart desires and feature in them yourselves.

Unique Poses | Imaginary Superman 1

Couple Poses Enhanced By Post Production Effects

Unique Poses | Imaginary Superman 2

Couple Poses Enhanced By Post Production Effects

Light & Shadow Couple Portrait Poses

If you both are much more into real human skill and technique that isn’t enhanced by computers then images that interplay light and shadow can be simply breath taking. Let your photographer also double up as your director and follow his lead to create spellbindingly beautiful images.

Unique Poses | Light & Shadow 1

Couple Poses Enhanced By Light & Shadow

Unique Poses | Light & Shadow

Couple Poses Enhanced By Light & Shadow

Piggy Back Couple Portrait Poses

Remember those cute piggyback rides as a kid? Well turn on the childish charm and do the same with your honey. In most cases it would be the gentlemen who will carry the ladies but if you want to be a completely equal opportunity couple then it should go both ways. Especially if the lady in question can squat and bench press like a boss at the gym and wants to show off those muscles.

Unique Poses | Piggy Back

Piggy Back Couple Poses

Putting On The Accessory Couple Portrait Poses

If you’re the complete opposite of a gym rat and want nothing but feminine poise in your pictures then you’ll adore this one. It has all the softness and romanticism of a vintage portrait but is an absolutely novel idea. If you envision looking back at these pictures with a bunch of grandkids ohhhing and ahhing as you go through the album then this is a definite keeper. Experiment with the pose using different accessories as well like necklaces, earrings, bangles or hairpieces.

Unique Poses | Accessories 1

Couple Poses Featuring Accessories

Unique Poses | Accessories 2

Couple Poses Featuring Accssories

The Anti-Demure Couple Portrait Poses

Now if all this talk of old age and kids just isn’t your thing then you can take a complete U turn with your pictures. Traditional Indian bride and groom pictures are always extremely prim and proper. But some modern couples know that those images are not really true to them as people. There is no reason why you can’t take photos that are more personalised to you both. If it’s downing drinks, bingeing on junk food or any other vices, let your real personalities shine through and you’re guaranteed to have those coveted light-from-within expressions on your faces.

Unique Poses | Anti-Demure 1

Couple Poses With Alcoholic Beverages

Unique Poses | Anti-Demure 2

Couple Poses With Junk Food



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