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Top Bridal Beauty Trends of 2015 | Indian Bridal Jewellery Runway
Top Bridal Beauty Trends of 2015
18 th Jul 2015

While you are busy putting together the most enviable trousseau for your wedding, we have taken it upon ourselves to bring you up to speed with the latest bridal beauty trends.

This way, you will not just be decked in the best that Indian bridal designers have to offer but will also possess a glow to match all that sparkle.

Here is a look at the top bridal beauty trends of 2015 for the bride who wants to look like a million bucks on her wedding day.

Red Lips

Red is the predominant colour in every Indian wedding, be it in the décor, outfits or makeup. So it is not surprising that red lips continue to be among the hottest bridal beauty trends this year as well. One thing to remember is to keep the rest of your makeup understated if you are going in for red lips over an already bright outfit.

Winged Eyes

Top Bridal Beauty Trends for 2015 - Winged Eyes

Indian makeup is known for the emphasis it places on eye makeup which makes eyes the most prominent feature of the bride’s face. The latest bridal beauty trend is to draw out the eyes and give them a winged look that will stand out prominently in photographs as well. Add golden or silver highlights to your eyes for an extra glamourous appeal!

Highlighted Glow

The secret behind looking absolutely stunning on the wedding day is to have skin that is flawless and glowing. Since the idea is for the skin to look as natural as possible, the latest bridal beauty trend followed by makeup artists these days is to use very little product to retain the natural skin colour. Use a highlighter in the end to finish off your makeup and get a glow that is to die for.

Accessories Galore

Top Bridal Beauty Trends for 2015 - Accessories Galore

One of the most happening bridal beauty trends this year is to incorporate accessories into makeup – like an oversized nath or nosering, a jewelled headband or a large maang-tikka that enhance the richness of your facial makeup. Go for traditional jadau or kundan jewellery that is a striking contrast to your makeup and gives you a regal look.  

Floral Hairdo

Top Bridal Beauty Trends for 2015 - Floral Hairdo

Last but not the least, your hairdo determines how fabulous your final look is. Add colour and elegance to your hairdo with floral adornments – be it with a traditional string of jasmine flowers or a bunch of orchids for a more contemporary look.

The bridal beauty trends this year makes brides stand out and give them a unique look that is a departure from the traditional Indian bridal look. Do not fear to experiment with bold lips or smoky eyes – regular is definitely not interesting anymore!

Image credit: iDiva, lakme, indiawest, stylesatlife

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