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Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories
20 th Apr 2015

Gone are the days when the Indian bride had just one option when it came to her outfits or jewellery – to dress like the rest of the women in her family!

Today’s bride does not shy away from experimenting – be it with Indian designer dresses or Indian wedding accessories.

So much that, now you have different categories of Indian wedding accessories, each helping you achieve a different kind of look.

In case you are gearing up for your wedding and looking at options for accessories, here is our pick of the Top 5 looks that you can achieve with Indian wedding accessories.

Traditional South Indian

Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories - South Indian

Indian wedding accessories made of pure gold that comprise of a short necklace, a long necklace, a couple of bangles, golden jhumkas and a maang-tika in pure gold will help you achieve this look. While there is nothing out of the ordinary with this look, it is one that is tried and tested.

You can take the look up a notch with armlets or pair with an Indian designer dress like a silk saree, this type of jewellery is perfect for the traditional Indian bride.

Antique South Indian

Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories - Antique Jewellery

Steeped in religion and tradition, antique jewellery is in demand these days as Indian wedding accessories, given its opulence and one of a kind look. Large pendants fashioned like idols of gods on thick chains, studded with blood red rubies and vibrant emeralds, make the antique necklaces really coveted.

Paired with antique finish jhumkas and kangans, this is one look that begs for a rich Kanjeevaram saree – no other Indian designer dresses will do when it comes to antique jewellery. If you like this kind of jewellery, then go all out and be decked from head to toe in antique jewellery for a beautifully ethnic look.

Glamourous in Kundan

Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories - Kundan Jewellery

If you ask women today about the kind of jewellery that she wants to wear for her wedding, we bet that the most popular answer would be Kundan jewellery. Sparkling stones, set in designs that were once unique to royalty make kundan jewellery much sought after.

They offer a rich and elite look without being over the top. A tiered kundan choker, large kundan earrings and bangles help you achieve a look that would remind you of the Mughal era. Pair it with the right kind of Indian designer dresses – be it lehengas or sarees and you can be sure to sweep the onlookers off their feet.

Dazzling in Diamonds

Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories - Diamond Jewellery

Evergreen, glamourous and precious, diamonds give you a classic look that exudes elegance. Their price justifies the aura of luxury that surrounds diamond jewellery. If you want to pair your Indian designer dresses with diamond jewellery for your wedding, we suggest you pick pieces that are light and set in an intricate design that will dazzle those looking at you.

The beauty of Indian wedding accessories made of diamonds is that less is more – even a simple set comprising of a necklace and bangles will sparkle enough to set off a look of extravagance.

Sparkling in Semi-Precious Stones

Top 5 Looks with Indian Wedding Accessories - Semi Precious Jewellery

If you think that diamonds are too pricey and yet want a look similar to diamonds, then semi-precious stones are your best bet. Beautiful Indian wedding accessories made of semi-precious stones shine with vibrancy to complement the embellishments on the Indian designer dresses.

Multi-tier necklaces, chokers, bangles, maang-tikas studded with semi-precious stones give you the sparkle similar to diamond jewellery, at a fraction of the cost. Best paired with a lehenga, bridal jewellery made of semi-precious stones gets our vote for its sheer beauty and the endless possibilities when it comes to designs.

Image credit: All Womens Club, Womens Favourite, Say Shaadi, Indian Wedding Pic, SloDive

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