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Top 10 Pointers For Planning A Budget Destination Wedding
Top 10 Pointers For Planning A Budget Destination Wedding
19 th Dec 2018

Still drooling over the pictures from the DeepVeer wedding and dreaming of your very own? It’s absolutely mandatory these days to have celebrity style destination weddings and we must admit they do have a certain flair to them. Combining a wedding and a vacation for yourselves and your guests seems like such a no brainer that it makes one wonder why didn’t people think of it much much before it became a thing? Destination weddings have a kind of intimacy that regular weddings just cannot substitute.

Maybe it’s because people aren’t trying to cram in your wedding functions into an already hectic schedule or the fact that having a wedding in your own city will mean inviting a lot of people who aren’t super close to you. Whether it’s the laid back vibe, the sense of camaraderie, the euphoria of being on a holiday or the pure joy of seeing two people in love, there is no denying that destination weddings are all of these elements rolled up into one pretty little package.

However unless you both have the extravagant budget for a celebrity destination wedding, you might quickly realize that like all fantasies, this one also costs some serious dough. Additionally, you both might want to pay for everything yourselves and/or not want to overburden your families with footing a massive bill after the festivities are over. Chances are that once you snap out of the day dreaming you’ll come to understand that destination weddings aren’t the most practical way to get hitched especially when dealing with financial constraints. But that doesn’t mean you need to totally forget about your ideal wedding either.

With some careful planning, efficient execution and support from family and friends, there is no reason not to embark on your very own destination wedding journey. It will need a little extra time and patience but in the end you’ll look back just as fondly on all those months of feverish activity as you will on the final days. And isn’t that what it’s really all about? Creating everlasting memories?

We’ve summarized the top 10 tips and tricks to have up your sleeve when planning your budget destination wedding. Take some time to think through each and every pointer before you start finalizing details and you’re sure to avoid blowing a massive hole in your pockets.

1. Offbeat Destinations

Just because Italy has become synonymous as a stunning destination wedding locale doesn’t mean it’s the only place to get married. Consider offbeat wedding destinations like smaller palace properties, secluded beaches in non-commercial spots or even large farmhouses owned by people known to you. Avoid busy commercial cities like the plague because it will ride up the costs for everything else. But also keep in mind that your destination needs to be easily accessible by road, train, air or a combination of these.

2. Off Peak Seasons

Just like popular destinations, certain times of the year are also much more expensive than others. Obviously this doesn’t mean you decide to get married in the pouring rain, the sweltering heat or the freezing cold but pick a happy medium. This could be just before or after the peak wedding season is over. Most properties and vendors will charge you considerably less for the same services when it’s not that busy plus you will have the advantage of their undivided attention.

3. Au Natural Décor

Chances are the destination of your choice will have it’s own charm and beauty so why cover it up? By avoiding heavy tenting and over-the-top décor you can make the most of your destination and save a lot of money. Use as much of the natural setting as possible and only add in décor elements where absolutely necessary. Even the food service can have a minimalist feel to it rather than an overly decorated focal point that will take away from the gorgeous surroundings.

Simple & Elegant Food Décor

Simple & Elegant Food Décor

4. DIY Décor

A wedding cannot be completely devoid of décor so DIY whatever is possible instead of paying people to do things. Enlist the help of those closest to you to execute simple yet unique décor ideas that you can use to pepper around the wedding venues. Not only will this be a great bonding exercise for everyone but it will also make all the guests feel like they’re really involved in the proceedings.

Destination Wedding | DIY Hack

DIY Décor Hack

5. Choose Local

When it comes to a destination wedding you might have to constantly choose between using things locally versus having them brought in from somewhere else. In general choosing local is always the cheapest and ideally the best option in most cases. Local vendors for instance will know the lay of the land better than outsiders.

The same goes for food selections that will be easily available and taste much fresher if sourced locally. You can also go a step further and add in some locally bought party favours in your welcome hampers for guest rooms. All of these will not only save you a lot of hassle of coordinating but will also save you a lot on transportation. Plus they will really add to the aura of the destination by letting guests get fully immersed in the local flavours.

Local Party Favours For Welcome Hampers In Guest Rooms

Local Party Favours For Welcome Hampers In Guest Rooms

6. One Stop Destination

If you think conveying things is hard then you have no idea about the logistics and expenses involved in getting people from point A to B. Avoid all of that by putting up your guests and having all the wedding festivities at the same place. You’ll be able to bargain for much bigger discounts with the property as you’ll be utilizing nearly all of their services and you won’t need to worry about that random old aunt being stranded in the middle of the road somewhere because she couldn’t find her pick up.

Infact you can even bargain for extras like toiletries with your initials on the packaging, discounts on salon services, late checkouts, complimentary massages, a free or subsidized banquet hall, transfers to and from the hotel during arrival and departure and lots more.

7. Trim The Guest List

Remember that the whole point of having a destination wedding is to have a small gathering of those who really mean the world to you. So be brutal when making the guest list and stick to your numbers. You might have a few arguments with parents about crossing off random relatives but gently remind them that if you haven’t seen them in 5 plus years then they really won’t care either. A smaller guest list will also give you the opportunity to spend on a few luxuries for the invitees because you don’t need to look for anything in bulk.

8. Limited But Adequate Food Menu

Let’s be real, those huge spreads at banquets with 200 plus items on the menu might look impressive but no one does justice to the price of the each plate. And let’s not even get into the moral and environmental implications of the wastage that ensues from such feasts. Scale back on the urge to go all out with massive buffets and set up a specialized yet delicious menu instead.

If the numbers aren’t that big you can splurge on a lovely sit down dinner service for all your guests so they don’t have to serve themselves. Speak with local caterers who can curate a mouth-watering array of indigenous and exotic delicacies that can be presented beautifully to each guest. This way each meal will be a memorable experience rather than a feeding frenzy.

9. Don’t Have Too Many Events

Too much of a good thing can get tiresome and the same applies to destination weddings as well. Understand that overloading your guests with back to back events will exhaust them to the point of not enjoying anything at all. Plus each event will rack up a bill of venue, food and entertainment so exercise restraint when deciding the number of events. The beauty of a destination wedding is that the guests will be together irrespective of a planned activity as they will all be in the same property any way. So don’t feel the need to cram in too much and let them enjoy the place instead.

10. Budget For Uncertainties & Extras

Weddings are hot beds of activity and that also means the chances of something going terribly wrong increase exponentially. Before paying for anything it’s important to keep aside a certain amount to pay for any unforeseen expenses that might occur during, before or after the proceedings. You don’t want to risk months of cost cutting and careful financial planning going to waste because you suddenly have to spring for a guest injury or weather calamity or some other mix up. Having an emergency fund is like having an insurance policy against you overshooting your budget completely and ending up with a massive expense that will negate all your previous hard work.



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