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Top 10 Makeup Trends for Indian Weddings
Top 10 Makeup Trends for Indian Weddings
28 th Jun 2015

Gone are the days when Indian bridal makeup was about slapping on some foundation, highlighting the bride’s eyes and dabbing on a red lipstick.

The Indian bridal makeup scene has evolved with times to become a serious profession that aims at giving the brides a refined look with a glow that appears to come from within.

In case you are wondering about the current trends in the bridal makeup industry, here is a look at the top 10 makeup trends for Indian weddings.

1. Super Natural Look

This season, do not, we repeat, do not try and make your skin look like the shade that it isn’t. The most happening beauty trend this season is to look as natural as possible and to nail the dewy look so that people around can rave about your ‘wedding bliss glow’.

2. Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has taken the world over by a storm and the same is true in the case of Indian bridal makeup. It is better than regular makeup in terms of its effect on the skin and it also gives you a more natural finish.

3. Airbrushed Makeup

Airbrush makeup has been gaining popularity over the past year and has become a go to makeup technique for a flawless look with a smooth finish. The advantages of airbrushed makeup are that it lasts longer and gives you a finish that looks great in pictures.

4. HD Makeup

In times when super powerful cameras can capture the minutest details, it becomes extremely important for the makeup to conceal imperfections so that the skin is photo ready. This is where HD or high definition makeup comes in. It gives your face a three dimensional look in pictures by chiselling your features and highlighting your contours. Try this look if you want pictures that reflect your natural look.

5. Rosy Glow

In keeping with the trend to create an aura of glow on the bride’s skin, Indian bridal makeup has moved away from heavily bronzed and flushed cheeks to a softer look. The trend that is popular this season is the glow on the cheeks in various shades of pink. So ditch the browns and bronzes this season in favour of pink!

6. Red Lips with underplayed eyes

Though Indian bridal makeup artists have always favoured red lips, the trend this year is to highlight only the lips when you choose red. This means going easy on the eyes and blush while displaying your adventurous streak through red hot lips.

7. Shimmer on the lips

Whether you have a dark or a light shade of lipstick on, the final finish on the lips is what defines you look. The matte look is passé now what with all the ladies lusting after a little bit of shimmer and a lot of gloss for a truly flirty look. For your wedding, choose a transparent gloss with lots of shimmer which will highlight the rich colour of the lipstick underneath as well.

8.Winged Eyes

Since eye makeup is the most important aspect of Indian bridal makeup, makeup artists frequently borrow from the latest fashion trends to highlight the eyes. A hot runway favourite, winged eyes have made their way to Indian bridal makeup recently. Cut down or extend the wing depending on how adventurous you are feeling.  

9. Pop of colours

For events like your sangeet or a post-wedding party, the raging trend is to use a pop of colours that will make you stand out! Neon lips, emerald green eyes and sea blue liners are extremely popular with brides who want ‘something novel’ in their look during their wedding.

10.False Eyelashes

While the verdict is still divided on this one, we think that there is nothing called ‘too much of eyelashes’. We think that false eyelashes are a great way to highlight and open up your eyes and look fabulous in pictures! Actually, don’t take our word for it! Go ahead and try a pair on during your makeup trial and you will know what we are talking about! 

Image credit: Chicorita 

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