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Top 10 Décor Ideas for Indian Weddings
Top 10 Décor Ideas for Indian Weddings
04 th Jul 2015

In an Indian wedding, aside from the couple and the food, the most talked about feature is the décor of the wedding. No wonder that a major chunk of the wedding expenditure is diverted towards securing a plush location and ensuring that the decorations are lavish.

Of late, with every wedding ceremony wanting to outdo the previous one with innovative ideas and fancy ceremonies, the importance given to Indian wedding decoration themes has seen a multifold increase.

In case you are out scouting for fabulous Indian wedding decoration themes, look no further for we bring to you today the top 10 décor ideas for Indian weddings.

Flowers to do all the Talking

It is common practise to have a lots of flowers in the décor during a wedding. But one way you can take it up to the next level is to have a floral themed wedding. Choose a particular flower and use it extensively for the stage and mantap decoration. Let the floral theme continue on the thank you cards and wedding favours.

Draped Elegance

Top 10 Indian wedding decoration themes - Draped Elegance

The most popular Indian wedding decoration theme today is to use rich drapes all over the venue for a vibrant and extravagant look. Silk, jacquard and georgette drapes with golden threadwork will lend the interiors a regal definition. Go for base drapes in elegant colours like gold and beige interspersed with bright colours.

Golden Glitz

By far, the most glamourous among Indian wedding decoration themes is to go for an out and out golden décor. Start with bright golden drapes, a mantap with golden pillars and golden draped chairs for the wedding guests. As an icing on the cake, the backdrop can be highlighted with fairy lights that add to the gilded décor.

Pristine White

Think pearls, white drapes, jasmine and lilies. White is a colour you can never go wrong with, especially when it comes to décor. If you think that white as an Indian wedding decoration theme is not really festive enough, then think again. For it is a great background against which all the amazing colours of an Indian wedding will stand out as a striking contrast.

Traditional and Ethnic

Top 10 Indian wedding decoration themes - Traditional Indian

An Indian wedding being a complete traditional affair, choosing a traditional Indian wedding decoration theme is a safe bet. Set yourself apart from the rest by incorporating elements like brass vessels with floating candles and flowers, stacked brass pots as your mantap pillars, exquisite silk drapes against the wall and floral decorations using the traditional marigold flowers.

Sophisticated Pastel

Pastel coloured décor looks both elegant and sophisticated and is a great option when it comes to a wedding that is all about a premium look. Pastel drapes in georgette fabrics work best to offset the lighting at the wedding venue. For a more sparkling look, go in for drapes with sequins.

Vibrant Kitsch

What’s an Indian wedding without loads of colour? Indian wedding decoration themes mostly have a colour scheme with two or three colours at the most. If more colour is what you want, then a kitsch theme is what you want. Multicoloured cotton fabrics, decorated all over with mirror work, vibrant woollen tassels and golden gota work can make for a really striking wedding décor.

Think kitschy umbrella suspended from the roof, bandhini and gota dupattas doubling up as drapes and lots of stuffed handcrafted toys all the way from Kutch to add a unique Indian touch to your wedding décor.

Peacocks and Paisleys

Top 10 Indian wedding decoration themes - Paisley

Peacocks and paisleys are motifs that are truly Indian, so much that the motifs are almost synonymous with all things Indian. So why not give your wedding décor an out and out Indian signature with peacocks and paisleys?

We recommend paisley motifs on wedding favours, on candles, invitations and also the drapes. Extend the peacock design in the interiors with murals on the walls or peacock statues along the entrance of the venue.

Orchid Bloom

Indian wedding decoration themes often use marigolds and roses. The use of orchids has been limited to employing the purple variety of the flowers as the backdrop of the wedding stage. So how about a white orchid canopy for an ethereal feel?

Arabian Nights

Top 10 Indian wedding decoration themes - Arabian Nights

Nothing is more magical than a setting that resembles a scene right out of the Arabian Nights. The elements from the setting resonate with most things Indian and would make for an exotic Indian wedding decoration theme.

Go for fuchsia and purple drapes, lots of mirrors, bronze artefacts and luxurious carpets, complete with Arabian music for a theme that is truly out of a fairytale book! 

If you are currently planning your very own Indian wedding use our Ultimate Indian Wedding Guide to help!

Image credit: Joephoto, Arabia Weddings, Devika Narain,, Maharani Weddings

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