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Tips For Building A Classic & Timeless Bridal Trousseau
Tips For Building a Classic & Timeless Indian Bridal Trousseau
12 th Oct 2017

Bridal trousseau shopping might seem like a daunting task especially when you’re already overwhelmed with a million other wedding details that are in need of more immediate attention. To avoid getting further stressed out when working with a limited time frame of trying to juggle work and wedding shopping it’s best to be hyper organized and extremely clear headed about what you want for your trousseau. It’s all too easy to get carried away by all those gleaming racks filled with shiny new goodies but learn to edit yourself early on so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you have too much of one thing and none of another.

The uninitiated bride might assume that all the socialising is over after the wedding. Unfortunately there is a long list of dinners and lunches to attend with near and far relations as is the Indian custom. The purpose of these more intimate gatherings is for you and your spouse to get to know and understand each family much better and to ease you’ll into the process of fitting in with everyone. It might seem a bit archaic and a tad over the top to attend countless other dos after all the wedding madness but this is when you start the marriage portion of your life.

Needless to say there will be no time for you to go scouting for outfits and accessories while also trying to adjust to life as a married couple. As sweet and warm as everyone in the family might be, it is never acceptable for the bride and groom to turn up looking dishevelled and frumpy. You are the guests of honour after all and it’s likely to be your first close encounter with distant relations and friends so making a great first impression is vital. Before your start freaking out over yet another thing to add to your already overflowing to-do list, take a few moments to learn how to smartly build a timeless and classic bridal trousseau.

Indian Bridal Outfits

Don’t overload your Bridal Trousseau with OTT wedding finery because you’re going to need lighter outfits for all those smaller social occasions. Consider buying outfits that you can re-use in different ways by mixing and matching pieces rather than spending a small fortune on just 3-4 super expensive things. No only will you blow your entire trousseau budget on them but you’re also likely to run out of things to wear very quickly. If you HAVE to have that gorgeous lehenga then shop smart and make 2 blouses so you can wear the dressier one for a wedding function and a plain one for after wedding socialising. But in general stick with outfits like anarkalis, dhoti pants, Indo-western gowns and concept sarees to see you through pretty much any kind of event.

Bridal Trousseau | Outfit

Indian Bridal Trousseau Outfits

Accessories for Indian Bridal Trousseau

If you plan on buying expensive handbags, stay away from fads and invest in classic brands and styles. Labels like Chanel, Dior, Prada, Judith Leiber and Louis Vuitton are always on trend and can be passed on very easily if you’re careful with them. Speaking of passing things down, heirloom watches from your mom and grandma make for lovely sentimental pieces to add to your trousseau. Or you could always start your own tradition with a new luxury watch.

Bridal Trousseau | Accessories

Bridal Trousseau Accessories

Indian Bridal Jewellery

Just like clothes versatility is key when picking jewellery. Remember that it’s easier to change up your wardrobe with clothes than with jewellery so stick with a few basics. Solitaire earrings or any kind of diamond earrings are an absolute must have for their fluidity in matching with everything. A gold choker works equally well paired with a traditional saree, a lehenga set or even a crisp white shirt. A layered kundan or polka ranihaar in a neutral colour is another essential that can work with almost anything. You definitely want to take a few heirloom pieces of jewellery to be able to relive all those wonderful memories and emotions attached to them.

Bridal Trousseau | Jewellery

Indian Bridal Trousseau Jewellery

Skincare, Haircare & Make Up

These are not strictly for Bridal Trousseaus only but wedding planning can be tiresome and you’re likely to be surviving on minimal sleep and loads of caffeine, which takes a massive toll on your skin and hair. You will definitely have a breather after the wedding festivities and before the smaller social events so take advantage of that time. Your skin and hair will have suffered through a barrage of makeup, heat styling and other products so now is the time for some pampering. Follow a simple 5 or 6 step skincare regimen if you just cannot find the time for all 10 steps. Also book yourself a few Moroccan Oil and Lóreal Hair Spas are you local hairdresser in addition to following them up with weekly at-home deep conditioning masks. If you’ve been consistent with your after-wedding skincare then you can easily go lighter with your make up for all those smaller functions. Swap heavy foundations for dewy BB creams, powdered blush and contours for airy creamy versions and a few shades of lipstick that flatter your complexion. 

Bridal Trousseau | Products

Indian Bridal Trousseau Hair & Makeup Products



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