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Summer Wedding Outfits: The Gentlemen's Edition
Summer Wedding Outfits: The Gentlemen's Edition
11 th Aug 2017

Guys, isn’t it time that you all get equal attention at your own wedding? There are millions of articles and resources solely dedicated to the bride but probably a quarter of that number for the groom. In the defense of all media in general, men tend to be passive participants in the wedding planning process. They mostly try to stay out of the way and when asked for opinions deem it safer to agree with the bride than rock the already heavily rocking boat. For those guys their to-be-wives and/or female relatives decide their wedding attire and for the most part they’re pleased with not having to bother with it. But things are changing in the world of male grooming and style and grooms are no longer satisfied with being told what to wear.

Many grooms may still not get involved in the details of wedding planning but the influence of male Bollywood stars and fashion designers has permeated into the stylish man’s psyche. With bolder designs, contemporary silhouettes and endless varieties the Indian bridegroom fashion scene has come leaps and bounds from the early days of gaudy sherwanis and sloppily draped dhotis. Stylish Indian men are more conscious and extremely attuned to changing trends so it’s only natural that they would want their wedding outfits to reflect this interest in fashion. Here are some tips on how to ace your Indian wedding groom outfits.

Unusual Colours for Summer Indian Weddings

Everyone loves grooms who experiment with their outfits and edgy designs and silhouettes allow for ample scope for being a fashion daredevil. But some grooms are averse to straying too far from the tried and tested while others are a little……ahem! not in shape for it. If you can’t bear to change the clean lines of a classic Jodhpuri or if can’t even think of giving up your daily pint and portion of beer battered fries at your friendly local then the easiest way to experiment is with colour. Forget about those borings blacks, greys and blues and embrace exciting hues for the modern groom that don’t differentiate between male and female colours. New age pastels like orange, green and pink look subdued and classy and even have ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s seal of approval. Those who aren’t afraid of rocking something bolder can totally go for Persian Green or Bright Peach.

Summer Groom Dressing | Colours 1

Unusual colours for Mens styles - perfect for Summer Indian Weddings

Love the idea but don’t know where to shop for it? Check out these options from Strand of Silk that capture the magic of each shade. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Colours 2

Unusual colours for Mens styles - perfect for Summer Indian Weddings from

Accessorising Indian Outfits for Men

Colours aren’t the only way to shake things up without trying out different silhouettes. Create a fresh take on jackets, sherwanis and Indo-Western bandhgalas with some inventive styling with different accessories. Embellished dupattas in the same or contrasting colours paired with sherwanis are a royalty inspired knockout combination. Just make sure that the dupatta blends with the entire outfit otherwise you run the risk of the ensemble looking a tad costumey. Similarly dhotis, bridges and other forms of draped trousers can really take a simple getup to the next level. You can still wear the classic versions at other occasions and dress it up for when you want something a little extra. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Accessorise 1

Accessorise Mens outfits for Summer Indian Weddings

Strand of silk has some stunning dupatta and draped trouser pairing on offer that would suit every taste from classic to flamboyant. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Accessorise 2

Accessorise Indian Mens outfits for Weddings

Layering It Up for Indian Mens Outfits

You’re always hearing about layering up for cold weather but the same principles can also apply for Indian groom dressing. Ethnic Indian wear for men has the advantage of varying lengths, textures and fabric which makes layering pieces a no-brainer when trying to achieve a totally unique look. This is also a great technique for when you already have an enviable wardrobe and want to budget your outfit spends. Dig out key pieces like blazers, waistcoats, bandhgalas, bandhis, jackets, kurtas, trousers, dhotis and whatever else you may have, then start mixing them up. When it comes to layering, it’s essential to keep everything else minimalistic so work with a maximum of two colours and two textures to achieve your ideal #groomgoals look. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Layers 1

Layering up Mens outfits from Indian ramps

If layering sounds like it’s right up your style alley then check out these ensembles from Strand Of Silk. You can buy the whole outfit and take it apart to style with your own wardrobe or buy some statement pieces and layer around them. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Layers 2

Layering up Mens outfits for Summer Indian Weddings

Unique Motifs & Prints for Summer Indian Weddings

If none of these frills are for you but you still want some proper bragging rights for your choice of wedding attire then you can’t go wrong with all those massively trending unique motifs and prints. Florals are still big for Indian grooms and have evolved from prints to embroidered. But we’re fully aware that not all men are keen on sporting florals so for them there are geometrical and abstract motifs that look just as cool and totally masculine. Keep the top half of your outfit the focal point of the prints or embellishments and go completely neutral on the bottom half to balance the look.

Summer Groom Dressing | Motifs 1

Unique Motifs and Prints for Men's Outfits for Indian Weddings

Strand of silk has prints and motifs to satiate even the most discerning of tastes. Take your pick from the exceptionally bold to the decidedly subtle. 

Summer Groom Dressing | Motifs 2

Unique Motifs and Prints for Men's Outfits for Summer Indian Weddings



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