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Summer Wedding Decors Ideas We Love: Indian Wedding Ideas
Summer Wedding Decor Ideas We Love: Indian Wedding Ideas
16 th May 2015

Planning to have your wedding during the summer? If you are considering décor options, then let us tell you that the season is a great time to have an outdoor wedding when the sun is shining bright, dispelling the chill in the air. Tropical fruits are available in plenty; the flowers are in full bloom, leaving a fragrant trail in the atmosphere. Think floral centrepieces, guests sipping chilled sangria under a bright tent while you tie the knot. As an icing on the cake, how about an India inspired theme for your outdoor wedding?  If we got you interested, here some amazing outdoor Indian wedding ideas for your outdoor wedding décor so that you can celebrate your wedding in style!

The Tent or Canopy

Summer Wedding Decors Ideas we love  - The Canopy

At the heart of an outdoor wedding is the tent or the canopy under which the wedding ceremony is held. Indian wedding ideas for an extravagant tent would be to use silk and georgette fabrics in exuberant colours that match Indian wedding outfits. Think floral prints, paisley motifs and zari detailing – the more the better! To add more sparkle to the décor use fabrics adorned with sequins and stones.

Say it with Flowers

Summer Wedding Decors Ideas we love  - Say it with flowers

No wedding is complete without flowers, especially an Indian wedding. For those looking for Indian wedding ideas, let us tell you that the way to go is to choose jasmine, marigold, roses and orchids. Pick flowers that are bright, cheery and full of colour. Being an Indian wedding, nothing subtle will do - go all out with colour! Bright garlands of marigolds and fragrant jasmine hanging side by side along the colourful drapes would make for a stunning outdoor décor for the wedding.

Cushy Seating

Summer Wedding Decors Ideas we love  - Cushy Seating

While regular tables and chairs with floral arrangements are a great option, if you are looking for Indian wedding ideas, we suggest you consider low seating, complete with diwans and cushions. Imagine the vibrant drapes, fragrant flowers and comfortable seating under a starry canopy, surrounded by silk cushions – it is every bride’s dream come true!

Lights and candles

Summer Wedding Decors Ideas we love  - Lights and Candles

What is a wedding without bright lights and fragrant candles? Hang paper lanterns from the roof of the canopy, float tea lights in a makeshift pond and light scented candles on all the tables to set the mood for the wedding. If you are having an evening ceremony, then we suggest you go in for twinkling fairy lights so that your wedding will be a starry affair, irrespective of what the skies look like!

An outdoor wedding with Indian inspired décor is a great idea not just for its visual appeal but also for the lasting impression that it will leave on the guests. If you have any other Indian wedding ideas for an outdoor wedding, we’d definitely like to know! 

Image credit: David Tutera, Maharani Weddings, Indian Wedding Site, Shaadi Bazaar

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