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Summer Bridesmaids Dresses
05 th Jul 2017

Sizzling Summertime! There is something about having the sunshine on your face mixed in with the deliciousness of ice cream sundaes, the free-spiritedness of sun dresses, the laziness of beach days and the lip-smacking goodness of fruity summer cocktails that make summer the best time of the year. And sometimes just sometimes the stars align such that you also have a summer wedding to attend making the season absolute perfection!

Now if you’re single then it goes without saying that some summer lovin’ is the need of the hour and you ought to get going on that wedding wardrobe to ensure that you get yourself some hunk. A summer fling might be rather cavalier if you’re well settled with the love of your life but the magic of summer combined with the dreaminess of wedding bells is definitely the ticket to make him go weak in the knees all over again.

Regardless of whether you’re batting for team single, team taken or team it’s complicated, there is no better opportunity than a summer wedding to shop for some fabulous new threads. And keeping in mind the ever evolving modern wedding trends we realize that any and every occasion has the possibility of an ethnic or western dress code depending on what takes the couple’s (read: bride’s) fancy so we’ve diligently put together both looks for your online shopping pleasure.

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas for the Mehendi

Summer wedding mehendis might be held outdoors so dress effortlessly chic allowing for fluidity of movement for maximum ease when navigating through crowds with hands full of wet henna. Also keep in mind that as designated bridesmaid you may be required to burst into spontaneous dance moves to keep the revelry going.

Summer Bridesmaids Dresses | Mehendi

Mehendi Dressing Ideas for Indian Bridesmaids

Western Wear: Avoid going totally western, as a mehendi is an intrinsically Indian ritual. If for some reason you find yourself having to dress contemporary for what is a very traditional affair then stick to fusions. Modern silhouettes coupled with ethnic embroidery motifs strike a seamless balance of fusions. Anushree Agarwal’s Wine Drape Dress or Powder Pink Off Shoulder Cape Gown check both the boxes and will have you looking stylish with a touch of exotic.

Ethnic Wear: Stick with lovely traditional mehendi hues and silhouettes fused with a touch of modernity. The mustard coloured Amber Yellow Kurta by Renee Label or the flirty and flouncy Orange Cape and Sharara Set by Mandira Wirk are on point and practical choices for a mehendi.

Dress Ideas for Bridesmaids for the Sangeet

Think sultry siren meets dancing queen! Always remember that it’s a fine line between looking sensual in a daring silhouette and looking downright trashy. You will be dancing (a lot!) so take every measure to avoid unslightly wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing situations by keeping your outfits within the sophisticated sexy realm. Remember that a wedding sangeet is likely to include people from every generation so don’t dress like you’re about the hit the clubs.

Summer Bridesmaids Dresses | Sangeet

Sangeet Dressing Ideas for Indian Bridesmaids

Western Wear: Treading that fine line between classy and sexy is essential for western wear for sangeets especially as more and more Indian weddings have combined the sangeet and cocktail, it’s most likely that guests will be expected to dress in western wear. Don’t take the soaring temperatures as an excuse to dress inappropriately and become the subject of uncomfortable stares. The Ivory Drape Cocktail Dress by Anushree Agarwal and the Charcoal Black Side Cape Gown by Anju Agarwal are both equally worthy pieces to ace your sangeet look.

Ethnic Wear: Sari-gowns, Lehenga-saris, Half-half saris, Draped-gowns and innumerable other fusions were born all because of the need for contemporary ethnic wear for sangeets. Silhouette mixes blend the best of both while retaining the roots of the garment. Anushree Agarwal’s Salmon Peach Gown Saree and Anju Agarwal’s Sky Blue Cape Lehenga Set with their pastel summer perfect colours are trendy ethnic fusion wear outfits for sangeet dressing.

Dress Ideas for the Wedding Ceremony

Ethnic goddess! If you’re Indian fully embrace your ethnicity in a traditional garment and pile on the lovely old school jewellery. If you’re not Indian, this is your opportunity to go full on Indian glam and most likely your biggest reason to attend an Indian wedding.

Summer Bridesmaids Dresses | Wedding

Dress Ideas for the Wedding Ceremony for Indian Bridesmaids

Western Wear: It would be rather odd to wear western clothing to an Indian wedding but in an age of multicultural love stories one can never be certain. If you do find yourself in such a conundrum then stick with fusions like the sangeet but go for dressier versions to suit to occasion. Mandira Wirk’s creations like the Distinct Drape Saree or the Chic Buff Pink Gown are superbly stylish fusion options.

Ethnic Wear: There is nothing more festive at an Indian wedding than brightly coloured ethnic clothing so pick something vibrant and cheery to go with the mood of a summer wedding. It shouldn’t be too hard to find something that suits your style since the traditional Indian wear colour palette comprises of every hue and shade in the world. Anju Agarwal’s Ruby Sleeveless Lehenga embodies the spirit of every Indian wedding with it’s classic maroon and cream while Anju Agarwal’s Watermelon Pink Fish Cut Saree Gown with its uber bright shades screams wedding madness.

Indian Reception Dress Ideas for Bridesmaids

The one function that affords ample opportunity for dressing experimentation and often one with no clear dress code unless specified on the invite. After the entire process of rule following of previous ceremonies this is the one where anything goes so dress to your heart’s desire. Take advantage of the shimmering sunlight and dress in complexion flattering shades.

Summer Bridesmaids Dresses | Reception

Indian Wedding Reception Dress Ideas for Bridesmaids

Western Wear: More often than not a western dress code is requested at the reception but that doesn’t mean you can just turn up in a summer dress. Your outfit must be red carpet worthy at best and atleast Instagram worthy at worst. In short, you need to dress to impress. The fresh summery appeal of the Yellow Embroidered Cocktail Gown by Kashmiraa is unbeatable but if black is your colour no matter what the season then the Exaggerated Fit Flare Gown by Siddartha Tytler will have you looking stunning. 

Ethnic Wear: If you must dress ethnic make it edgy and cool so as not to be labelled matronly by all the other stylistas. Interesting pre-stitched sarees like the Teal Draped Saree by Renee Label and the Indigo Blue Drape Saree by Mandira Wirk are definitely the way to go.

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