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Embellished sherwani from the Siddartha Tytler collection on the ramp
Styling Tips to Take Your Wedding Sherwani to a Whole New Level
23 rd Jan 2019

Are you planning to get married soon and need to wear a Sherwani? Perhaps you want to wear a sherwani but are worried it might look too plain and drab? Maybe a sherwani is just not reflecting your style or personality?

We are on hand to inspire and help with some tips and ideas. Use the following creative styling tips to take your wedding sherwani look to a whole new level - ranging from different cuts to adding accessories.

Choose trendy bottom wear

Sherwanis can be paired with slim pants, leggings, chudidars or even a dhoti! The dhoti style sherwani is making a comeback these days. It is traditional yet fashion forward and, if worn properly, can look super classy as well. An advantage of wearing a dhoti with your sherwani is that it is super comfortable.

These days, you can buy pre-pleated, ready-to-wear dhotis which are airy, comfortable and light weight. In case you have to sit down for several hours for the wedding rituals, the dhoti is the best bottomwear to pair with your sherwani - it expands and spreads, keeping your legs comfortable and cool. A dhoti is also the ideal choice for summer weddings as it will allow for some air circulation.

Sherwani with Dhoti bottoms

Sherwani with dhoti bottoms

Pair with a Dupatta

Sherwanis look mesmerising when you pair them with a dupatta or stole. Make sure that your dupatta matches the color of your bottom-wear (shalwar, chudidar, pants or dhoti). For example: a light brown or beige silky sherwani is perfectly complemented by a maroon or red dupatta paired with a chudidar of the same colour. Dupattas can be kept simple if your sherwani is detailed and has a lot going on. Heavily detailed dupattas could be interesting if they are paired with sherwanis that are light on embroidery and other embellishments.

If you plan to wear a turban or other style of head dress, then choose the same colour as that of the dupatta. Most ready-made sherwanis sets take care of color choices and accessories for you. If dupatta is too blasé for you, go in for a stole or a heavily embroidered Pashmina shawl, depending on the season.

Golden sherwani with dupatta

Golden sherwani with dupatta

Indo-western fusion style sherwani

Indo-western wear is all the rage these days when it comes to traditional groom’s wear. Many designers are experimenting with this theme with some gorgeous results. These style of sherwanis are perfect for reception or sangeet nights. You can go in for textured wool sherwani with stylish collars, full length sleeves, decorative buttons, front or side slits, or printed Italian fabrics.

English floral inspired prints either on a light or a dark colour base were all the rage in 2018 and we think that this trend will be popular for some more time. Floral prints are also a great way to add a feminine touch to your looks without going overboard.

Floral printed sherwani with dupatta

Floral printed sherwani with dupatta

Add stylish head pieces

In many cultures, head pieces and turbans are an essential part of the groom’s attire. A sherwani worn with a head piece such as a safa or a turban can take the groom’s style to a whole new level. These days, sherwani-ready turbans and safas are available in different fabrics and colours to complement the groom’s top or the bottom wear.

Art silk or silk, cotton or velvet turbans, and turbans with prints, pleats, plumes, feathers, jewelry, tassels and other embellishments will literally leave you spoilt for choice.

Virat Kohli wearing a turban with his wedding sherwani

Virat Kohli wearing a turban with his wedding sherwani

Go for ‘hatke’ colors

Traditional colours like red, beige and ivory are acceptable choices in wedding sherwanis in most cultures. But daring grooms can try hatke colors and shades like pastels, neon orange/pink/green, multi colored and even greys, greens, browns, blues and blacks. After all, every man needs a unique outfit for his big day and choosing nawabi colours will really set one apart from the rest of the wedding party.

Wedding sherwani in a 'hatke' colour

Wedding sherwani in a 'hatke' colour

Colour co-ordinate your attire with your bride’s outfit

This is a popular trend that helps show your love for one another! Couples-to-be can colour coordinate their wedding lehengas and sherwanis and that can create some really stunning photos. In fact, you could even bring your groomsmen and bridesmaids on board this plan. There are several ways to go about it, and we suggest that you select one colour and work around that for the entire theme.

For example, the bride’s lehenga colour can match with the groom’s dupatta and turban. Alternatively, if the bride is wearing traditional Indian wedding colours like red, orange, yellow or pink, then the groom can simply add those colours through his accessories.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in matching tone outfits

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in matching tone outfits

Use these styling tips to take your wedding sherwani to a whole new level!


Images: Strand of Silk, Pinterest

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