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Style Trends for the Indian Groom-strand-of-silk-Indian weddings
Style Trends for the Indian Groom
23 rd Sep 2016

When it comes to a wedding, people think that it is all about the bride. This may be true to some extent but today’s Indian groom knows to share the spotlight with his bride with an elevated style sense. An Indian groom’s outfit is dressier and he has more options than his western counterparts, who mostly resort to the standard tuxedo. The Indian groom has the opportunity to coordinate colours, choose silhouettes, wear prints and go flamboyant all the way, if he wishes. He can choose from a plethora of options like the traditional sherwani, kurta-pyjama, dhoti kurta, indo-western suits, Jodhpuri bandhgalas, riding breeches or even classic three piece suits.

The modern Indian groom is open to experimental looks and is all set to change his image with traditional sherwani and safa. Let’s have a look at the latest exceptional style trends for Indian groom-

Designer Sherwanis

Sherwanis for Indian grooms today range from the timeless colours of cream and beige to trendy colours and prints. Heavily embellished sherwanis are being paired with neutral churidars. On the other hand the churidars are reversing roles with embroidered or printed look against a minimalistic sherwani top.

The silhouettes of modern sherwanis are also getting edgier with elaborate layers. The grooms are opting for regal looks by highlighting their sherwanis with exquisite brooches and tiered necklaces or going for a sleek contemporary look. Many Indian grooms are also coordinating the embroidery or colour of their attire with their bride’s outfit.

Different Sherwanis for Indian groom | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Jodhpuri Bandhgalas

Jodhpuri bandhgalas can be called as the shorter variations of sherwani. The bandhgala ends near the hips and gives a more contemporary look when paired with trousers. The bandhgala suit is like the Indian version of western suit.

This outfit is becoming a favoured look for the modern Indian groom. It is not a surprise, as it can be paired with various options like trousers, Jodhpur pants and dhotis resulting in very attractive looks.

Bandhgalas for Indian groom | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

The Kurta Pyjama

The kurta pyjama can range from simple whites for traditional home events to highly decorated sets suitable for lavish Indian weddings.

A kurta pyjama set like the collared light blue linen kurta shown below can become a great choice for pre-wedding celebrations like Haldi and Mehendi. The kurta can be dressed up further with a waistcoat for a suave look.

Kurta Pyjama for Indian groom | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

The Urbane Dhoti

The crude villager dhoti is receiving a high end treatment by the fashion designers of India. Their ideas have transformed into mesmerising dhoti outfits. A dhoti incorporated look for men has become an uber style statement just like its feminine version, the dhoti saree.

Dhoti attires for Indian groom | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Anarkali Silhouette for Men

If you think Anarkalis are purely for women, the pictures of the anarkali inspired groom’s outfits will change your mind. The fluid effect of anarkali is controlled by structured layers for men. Anarkalis have an inherent regal Mughal charm and an anarkali donning Indian groom radiates the same aura.

Anarkali silhouette attires for Indian grooms | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Printed Waistcoats, Shirts and Safas

Printed waistcoats and safas are pleasant surprises in men’s ensembles these days. It breaks the monotony of menswear and adds interesting details to the groom’s attire. Mismatch is the flavour of the season; printed shirts with a tuxedo or a patterned waistcoat in a three piece suit set are becoming fashion forward choices.

Printed and fun Indian groom's attires | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Floral Safa for Indian grooms | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Floral print safas are also taking Indian grooms’ fashion by a storm. They add a delicate touch to the masculinity of a groom’s outfit.

The Velvet Touch

The soft fabric is making a great presence in grooms wear. Grooms wear is moving away from highly formal structures. Attires with casual attitude like rolled sleeves, perky colours and velvets are riding high as groom’s style trends.

Velvet appliqués on jackets, velvet waistcoats and velvet vests are making their presence felt in the options available for an Indian groom. The velvet fabric offers the desired structure and a rich look that is apt for Indian grooms wear.

Velvet Jackets for Indian grooms | Style Trends for the Indian Groom


Western Wonder

With all the variations and edgy treatments the western classic three piece suit is still a popular choice with the Indian grooms especially for the reception party. However they are no longer the boring black and whites. Colours are getting embraced in the classic attire and Indian treatments of embroidery and accents have made the three piece suit an exciting choice for Indian weddings.

Western Suits for Indian grooms | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Indian Jutis

Contemporary leather or embellished Jodhpur jutis, chosen on the basis of ethnicity of the overall look, make a huge difference in the groom’s outfit. Simple leather moccasins look great with sleek bandhgalas whereas the glamour of heavily embellished sherwani is enhanced by ethnic mojaris.

Indian Shoes | Style Trends for the Indian Groom

Indian groom’s outfit options are increasing day by day indicating that the new man is equally conscious of his looks for his big day. Whether you prefer timeless attires or outfits with an element of surprise the modern style trends are catering to all sensibilities. It is all about coordinating and contrasting, and bringing out the man in you for a memorable beginning.

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